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Thread: Members Shoutouts 2.0

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    Default Members Shoutouts 2.0

    This is a remake of the previous shoutout thread back in 2014. In this thread, you may post shoutout(s) to members who you personally think deserve an applause along with a reason to go with it. It can be any user from someone now inactive to your best friends on SPPf!

    No negative shoutouts are allowed and no complaining here on not getting a shoutout yourself by another member.

    With that said, I’ll do my shoutouts first!.

        Spoiler:- long list that I somehow came up with:

    I had a lot more but I'll probably update it with some honorable mentions. later~

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    So, uh, I have a list.

        Spoiler:- the list, I guess:

    So yeah! If I feel I've missed someone out I'll edit later, but these are the people who I think deserve to be shouted out!
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    BCVM22 for putting up with me.

    Dragalge for being a good friend.

    Excitable Boy for keeping the humor alive.

    Psynergy for being a very helpful and engaging moderator.

    Oarfish for being a good buddy of mine.

    I may add more, but I'll start with a base.

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    Hey, the share your favorite users thread that I've been wanting!

    Alright let's see: Shoutouts to the boys back home!

    Nerdy McNerdface: Thanks for the shoutout even though you used my old username lol. It's really nice having another Alan fan join this site back when I was one of the few people fighting for his honor and getting hate for it at the same time. We share a bunch of opinions but you bring up good points when it comes to debating and I love how you try seeing the bright side of things. I enjoyed reading your posts back when you were fangirling over Champion Steven Stone and writing about the personal issues you were facing at the time.

    Satomine Night: I like on how you keep your composure and try not to lose your mind when it comes to frustrating users and adding up on what you're saying in quite a sophisticated manner. Your posts are formatted to sound intelligent and clear, making it hard for users you're debating with hard to twist your words and if they do, it makes them sound less convincing. You're also really fun to talk to both on our thoughts on an episode/topic and on a personal level. It's also pretty cool and quite the unexpected surprise when I got the first message (I can remember) from you when you asked how did I become a certified Alan Apologist and where can you get it?! I also love how you try to contribute to the whole site, taking time off from your busy schedule to make banners and avatars for our fellow small community here. You're also one of the main people who helped me get over my anxiety for a few things I said in the past like learning the mechanisms and issues of using a car.

    Daniel31: I really liked reading your love posts to Serena and how your views changed my perspective on her. You're also a really cool and humorous person to talk with. It's fun when we're exchanging stories and you crack the best jokes! It's also really nice when I need advice or wisdom from someone who experienced wayyy more than me. I always thank the people older than me who warn me on certain things so that I won't stumbled on those bad habits and to be cautious. The GIFs and images you send me when you're giving your reaction to something is great like that one where Eevee is hiding behind Serena frightened. That one was really adorable!! Thank you for being so supportive of not just what I'm doing and my views about choosing happiness over money but standing against what the majority at the time believed that you thought were wrong.

    Janovy: I'm sure I said this before but you were one of the veteran users I really admired back when I was a new user myself. It made me happier than it should of when you sent me a Friend Request (I was fangirling at that moment. ) Whenever you're triggered by a comment, it can be really entertaining in a way even though you were really mad. I really liked that we shared the same views on underrated things like BW, Iris, & SM. The way you respond to people and your use of sarcasm did influence me and encouraged me at the same time on how to deal with aggravating users. It also helped me in showing off my passion for certain topics instead of concealing it or trying to be neutral when you feel differently.

    Frozocrone: Your posts always make me laugh when you're obviously making a joke while also proving your point like when you said, "Heaven forbid I stay on topic" when you had a controversial opinion. I also agree with a lot of the posts you make and I always look forward to reading them. You seem like such a creative person, and definitely engaging person to be debating with!

    Maldread: Another veteran user I admired. Your posts are always on point. You have the perfect mix of serious, bright examples and thoughts while also cracking clever wits you have up your sleeve. Your predictions and reviews are always a delight. Definitely one of the best people here on these forums!

    Soniman: Even though I don't agree with everything you say, you give out insightful posts that help me understand a clear perspective that isn't like some users who's trying to say the same point but end up rambling and making themselves not be taken seriously. I appreciate that you don't verbally attack others and try to keep yourself from going on a rage.... but your arguments with Janovy are expected and welcomed! Your explanations are straight to the point, I always read your points just to hear your opinions since I value them.

    PokegirlFan~: I always love talking to you!!! You're such a kind and fun person. You're so friendly to mostly everyone and you try to keep the topics going. I also enjoyed seeing you get a new avatar with the tagline complimenting it. Your posts are pretty entertaining and it's just great talking to you about various topics. Definitely a user I recommend talking to!!

    AuraChannelerChris: Your wonderful use of sarcasm is so excessive that I surprise myself when I know you're serious and when you're joking. You sure do know how to make ingenious jokes.

    345ash-greninja: Even though I highly disagree with your thoughts and I really don't appreciate you attacking my posts constantly, without your posts, I wouldn't get my daily laughs or sweet debating.

    Sushi: Keep throwing that shade girl. I love it when you post, your snark keeps people in check but you're also very professional and firm about it.
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