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    Hey. I was just curious as to what languages everyone speaks here, and to perhaps have this as a thread where we can discuss language/languages as a subject in general, and help other people that are trying to learn a new language if they have questions.

    I only speak my native tongue English, but I've been really trying really hard to learn Spanish. I downloaded duolingo which has been a pretty helpful app, but I'm currently struggling a lot trying to nail down Spanish conjugation. I was told Spanish is supposed to be one of the easier languages to learn, but it definitely doesn't feel like it. I think one of the hardest things to get used to is the fact that you can't just literally translate what you know in your native tongue over to the language you're trying to learn. For example, "Como pan" made absolutely no sense to me because it literally translates to "eat bread" in English. Anyways, I'm mainly interested in Spanish because it has so much practical use. If I can master Spanish, I want to try my hand at a more fun but less useful language, like Hebrew or Gaelic. I also think the bonuses of boosted brain health and a second personality are kind of cool.
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