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Thread: Trainer or Pokemon...

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    Hi guys!

    I joined the Serebiiforums today! so hi everyone ^-^
    I'm a massive Pokemon fan... and one question that always seems to come up with me and my friends is: If you could, would you rather be a Trainer or a Pokemon? and why? ^-^ and also, If you could be a specific trainer from the TV series who would you be? and if you could be a specific Pokemon, what would you be?

    I think both have good and bad parts- I think being an actual Pokemon would be amazing to experience however I think I would prefer to be a Trainer... having actual Pokemon as your friends and travelling with them sounds AMAZING to me. When it comes to BEING a trainer from the TV series... I love Brock so much :3 As for Pokemon... it would be really hard to choose! I have a few favourites!

    What about you guys?
    Be Younique

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    You should read up on forum descriptions before posting (also probably run a search before remaking your topic there to make sure it doesn't exist). Miscellaneous discussion is for non Pokemon topics.
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