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Thread: Pokemon Centers in the World!

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    Default Pokemon Centers in the World!


    I am always fascinated on the Pokemon Centers around the world, is there a Pokemon Center near you? Please comment down below and I would love to see some images of it!

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    This has got to be the most conveniently timed thread ever. I'm doing an exchange trip in Tokyo right now and have made it my mission to hit as many Pokémon Centers as possible. So far I've seen the two in Tokyo and one in Yokohama; I might be able see the Chiba one before I leave as well. Here's a few of the pictures I took.,jDG4B5O,wnR48zp,5TO0RpG

    First two are from the Mega Pokémon Center in Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Next is the smaller Pokémon store in the mall under Tokyo Station. Lastly is the Pokémon store in the Minatomirai Mall in Yokohama.

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    One day I'll make the trip out to Japan just to visit Poke Centers! I've never been to any before.
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