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Thread: What is Yo-kai Watch (serious question; been out of the loop on animes for so long)?

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    Default What is Yo-kai Watch (serious question; been out of the loop on animes for so long)?

    Since I have gotten back to playing Pokémon main series games recently, I've been hearing about another franchise that's similar to Pokémon called Yo-Kai Watch (this franchise has both an anime and games). I actually first found out about it when I first went into GameStop to inquire about buying Pokémon X/Y and OR/AS.

    So my question is this: what is Yo-kai watch exactly? When did it all start (games and anime)? How similar is it to Pokémon? What is its main concepts overall? I've been told by a GameStop employee that that particular franchise is popular as well (I'm not sure if he meant both the anime and the games but being that we were in a game store, I'm assuming he's speaking more about the franchise's games); why is it popular? What is Yo-kai Watch's appeal?

    I'm so confused about this franchise and I want to have more background on what it's about before I make a decision of adding this franchise as a franchise to follow (to see if it's worth investing time and to see if I think it'll be entertaining to me).

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    Yo-Kai Watch is a franchise created by Level 5 who also made Prof Layton and Inazuma Eleven. It is a monster RPG where you tame monsters called Yo-Kai which are all based on japanese folklore and spirits. Unlike Pokémon, Yo-kai don't live together with humans and can only be seen with the Yo-Kai Watch. The games are apparently more story driven than Pokémon but with less focus on multiplayer. Yo-kai Watch uses a different battle system but I still like Pokémons battle system better.

    The franchise became very popular in Japan in 2014 probably because Yo-kai Watch is more japanese than Pokémon. I also think it's because japanese gamers wanted something new similar to Pokémon. The first game was released in Japan July 2013 before X and Y even came out. The second game actually outsold ORAS and the anime managed to steal ratings from Pokémon. Yo-Kai Watch is still big but it might not be as big as it was in 2014. We'll see if the third game outsells Sun and Moon or not.

    In the west Yo-Kai Watch has only sold modestly so far. (Like half a million) Pokémon is still way more popular in the west. I think because Yo-kai Watch is more japanese than Pokémon, it may be a reason why it's not doing as well in the west though most Level 5 games in general don't really sell amazing in the west. Not to mention in the west there is a fandom rivalry where Yo-kai Watch is considered the Pokémon killer and some Pokémon fans actually hate Yo-Kai Watch because it's stolen thunder from Pokémon in Japan. Though I don't think Yo-Kai Watch will even touch Pokémon in the west the closest franchise to touch it was Digimon and that didn't happen.

    Whether or not you should play Yo-Kai Watch depends on if the game looks interesting to you. If anything I would consider it a companion game to Pokémon. I would try out the demo first.

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    This was something that could've been addressed with a Google or Wikipedia search, and it definitely didn't belong in this section.

    Regardless, you got your answer, so closed.
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