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Thread: Oh My, The Forums are still alive?

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    Default Oh My, The Forums are still alive?

    I have been gone from this place for two whole years and idk what really encouraged me to decide to log in but I did it anyways. The forums are still alive? Really? This is awesome. This makes me feel olddddddddd.
    Unfortunately, my appearance today has been clouded by a flurry of speculation that my company is developing a potato which would
    be capable of targeting specific food groups. Are we developing such a vegetable? No we are not. Because we've already developed it. I have sent people to die in your meals. So I feel uniquely qualified to tell you, your meals don't work! Which is why my priorities have changed; from profits to potatoes. Because fruits don't
    know how to solve problems. But I do. So let's be clear. I am here to solve the world's obesity crisis. And I believe the world's problems, begin with fruit."
    -The Lord of Vegetables, Stated on March 67, 2017

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    Well it's certainly more alive than the Nintendo Fan Forums lmao.

    Welcome back.
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    I need a new signature lmao.

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    This isn't the place for whatever this topic is suppose to be. If you'd like to make a proper reintroduction thread, you can do so here.

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