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I can't say I really like this. At all.
Especially with the lower ban points thing. :/
Why is that, then? You might as well explain why you don't like it. =p Still takes multiple infractions of small stuff (5 or more in fact with cases) to hit the ban limit after all which'd only happen if you ignore the rules/previous infractions.
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Erm... Why exactly did you change the system?
Partly due to people waiting out infractions before hitting bans, adding some more stuff that became more of a frequent issue, or just adding something that was needed (ie the less harsh talking-about-illegal-stuff' infraction instead of everyone getting the providing one), etc, etc. Basically a bunch of reasons.
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... Explain Plagerism... where might it be used exactly in a forum?
People stealing RP stuff, artwork or fanfics/other writing posted on the forums for instance, all of which has happened here and on other forums. Not a frequent thing but certainly something that ought to be regulated.

I'll be damned if I use any of what's on SPPF as research for a term paper. Calls for an immediate "F"
If you give credit/ask for permission it'd be fine I'm sure, depending on what you use. =p