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If you feel this is the case raise it with other mods, same if you feel that 'power abuse isn't new' rather than just saying that without actually saying why.

Also make sure that you know for sure that people are favoured by staff, guys - I recall times of people asking why I didn't infract so-and-so when I actually had - thing is infractions are private in the first place and rarely announced publically. Other times things aren't reported and hence not seen, so make use of the report button.

And this isn't the place for complaining about infractions, it's for asking questions about the system. If you want to dispute an infraction take it up with the mod or a higher up, and there's also the staff contact section.

Oh, and as it was asked publically:
This didn't alone result in your ban, but it and the other infractions (about 10 pages worth) added up to a ban limit number. (In other words anything can be bannable with other stuff - so spam isn't getting you a ban by itself but other things with it can if you have enough, for example). In other other words, what fishyfool said. If you keep breaking the same sort of rules then I don't see too much wrong in still being infracted (e.g. your latest one for telling people to 'go to hell' which is hardly necessary). The mod felt it that post was being rude to others and given the track record...
It was 5 points though.... That comment was not worth 5 points, at the most it was a warning,

And i had to say " go to hell " to lex, he insulted may, and i knew i was going to be in trouble for it, but i should not have been given 5 points for that comment, which resulted in the ban.

The mods in the shipping section are biased against new shippers which explains the low post count in that section..