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    Cool 2rsa's boutique of unique pokemon

    Welcome to my trade shop^-^

    Shop Status:OPEN

    I do clone, so if you don't want a clone, don't go any farther.


    1. All Sppf rules apply.
    2. No Flaming, trolling, or Spamming.
    3. No means No.
    4. No hacks (This is expected)
    5. Please Read Trade Code before making your offers/requests.
    6. Keep all offers in the shop unless specified by me.
    7. If i trade you a hack or you trade me a hack, a trade back is required expected immediately.
    8. This is a Gen V Trade Shop all trades will be in gen V Games.
    9. Don't offer anything that isn't shiny unless it is an event.
    10.Be nice to others and enjoy your visit:3

    Trade Code:

    My Shiny for your shiny/event/flawless/ two DW Females
    My DW female for DW Female
    My Flawless shiny for 2 shinies/shiny flawless/ 2 flawlesses
    My Shiny Legendary for your shiny legendary/ 2 shinies/ 2 flawlesses
    My Shiny Flawless Legendary for your Shiny flawless Legendary/ 3 shinies/ 2 flawless shinies/ 2 shiny legendaries/ Flawless DW Shiny
    My DW Shiny for your flawless shiny/ shiny legendary/ 2 shinies
    My shiny flawless DW Pokemon for your Flawless DW shiny/ Shiny flawless legendary/ 3 shinies/ 2 DW Shinies/ 3 flawlesses/ 2 shiny legenaries
    Don't be shy and make an offer.everybody gets a fair chance:3

    Give aways:None at the moment.

    Black list:None at the moment.(Let's keep it that way)

    White list:

    Check out my friends shop here------------>

    Let's start the good part^-^


    -*****Shiny Flawless pokemon.*****
    Right now i only accept shiny flawless pokemons and some events.
    Top want:Other natures of Home plus darkrai.
    Shiny flawless Zangoose!

    PLZ don't offer any dex fillers-egg move pokemons or normal dream world pokemon.(I might accept flawless DW pokemon)

    *All the pokemons are UT onless mentioned.
    *All pokemon are ENG onless mentioned.
    *Red pokemons are newly added.

    Flawless/Near flawless shinies:

        Spoiler:- Flawless/Near flawless shinies:


        Spoiler:- Events::

    Shiny Legends:

        Spoiler:- shiny legends:


    None shiny ev ed legends:
    Flawless Modest Reshiram Ev ed in Sp.A/Spe with blue flare-fusion flare-dragon pulse-draco meteor Item:choice band.
    Flawless Adamant Zekrom Ev ed in At/Spe with outrage-dragon claw-fusion bolt-bolt strike Item:Choice band.
    Flawless Adamant Groudon Ev ed in At/Hp/Spe with EQ-dragon claw-stone edge-rock polish Item:life orb


    -Earasing EV's
    -Checking IV's
    -Deleting Pokecheck Ribbons (This is only possible with AR or Pokegen so if you don't like it don't consider it)

    Thanks for visiting my shop ;3
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