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    Default Worst of Both Worlds

    Rated PG for normal Pokemon violence and such.

    This started as an idea I had for a sequel to the Hoenn games, but one of my friends told me it sounded more like a fanfic. A few ideas later, I came up with this.

    A few things important things before I start, this fic will borrow from both the anime and the games, along with a few minor details of my own thrown in. This said, this begins about 6 years after RBY/RSE, 3 years after GSC/DPPt, and roughly the same time as BW. Without any further ado, The Worst of Both Worlds!

    Chapter One

    Professor Birch smiled at the three children who stood waiting in his lab. It was that time of year, when the ten year olds of Hoenn were allowed to run free in the world of Pokémon, assuming their parents gave them permission. This year, only three had made the journey to his lab in Littleroot Town, a tall, strong lad with shaggy brown hair that the professor knew to be Christopher. He could see the gleam in his eye, the excitement of a child eager to get his first Pokémon. A few feet from him, two girls were talking, Ellie, a brunette from nearby Oldale Town, and a girl with long blonde hair, whom he had never met. The blonde girl stopped talking as she realized the Professor had arrived, and Ellie nervously pulled at her hair.

    “Hello, children. As you may know, I am Professor Birch, here to assist you in the beginning of your own Pokémon journey. I’m going to cut to the chase since I know you don’t want to hear a boring lecture.” he chuckled, throwing three PokéBalls from his pockets.

    The first PokéBall landed by Ellie’s feet. In a burst of light, a green lizard-like Pokémon materialized. She marveled at the Pokémon, who stood on its hind legs, reaching almost two feet in height. It opened its large yellow eyes, causing the blonde girl to shriek in fear. “Treecko?” Ellie marveled at the little green Pokémon. It was so calm and cool, everything she wished she could be.

    Next to Chris, a small orange Pokémon with a tuft of yellow feathers appeared. It looked at Chris and managed a grin through its beak. Chris smirked at the Chick Pokémon. He had made sure to research the starters before coming here, and he knew the power stored inside the little Pokémon.

    In front of the blonde girl landed a strange blue Pokémon with two orange circles with three spikes that may have been gills. It was nearly as tall as the orange one beside it, despite standing on four legs. She smiled at the cute blue and orange Pokémon, who happily cried “Mudkip!”

    “When you decide which you prefer-” the Professor began.

    “I want Treecko.” Ellie blurted.

    “Torchic’s mine!” Chris declared.

    “I like Mudkip.” the blonde girl smiled.

    Professor Birch chuckled. It was rare a new Trainer picked their starter so quickly, and unheard of that fights did not arise over who got which Pokémon. He turned back to his desk and grabbed PokéBalls and PokéDexes, and then handed them out to the new Trainers.

    “Take these with you. As a Trainer, these are your most important tools.” Chris shoved the balls and PokéDex into his shorts pockets and raced for the door, Torchic hot on his heels. Ellie thanked the Professor and carefully packed the balls in her backpack, then picked up her Treecko before heading for the exit. The last girl dumped her things into her bag and picked up Mudkip.

    “Hiya buddy!” Mudkip smiled at its Trainer’s big green eyes. “I’m Emma, your new trainer!” “Mudkip!” it shouted happily.

    The Professor smiled as the girl ran for the door, calling for her new friends to wait up. He knew these kids would go far. He heard the familiar sound of a videophone. Ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, phone call, phone call! He sat down in front of the phone and lifted the receiver, then grinned at the face on the screen.

    “Ah, Professor Oak. How go things in Kanto?”

    “Just fine, if you don’t count the Tauros stampedes…what have I got myself into…Anyway, I know today some lucky youngsters became Trainers! How did it go?”

    “Quite well, actually. First time in years there hasn’t been a fight over the starters. In fact, it’s the first time since Brendan and Norman’s kid got theirs. I wonder if it means anything,” he pondered.

    “Well, we’ll just have to see what the future holds. By the way, I finally found an Eevee for you. I apologize for the wait, but as you know they don’t just romp freely throughout Kanto.”

    “I know Professor, don’t worry about it.” he said, shaking his hand.

    “I’ll send it through the PC system then, farewell, Professor.” he smiled, and then the screen went blank.

    Professor Birch heard a knock at the door and ran over, wondering who it could be. His aide was across the region…had one of the children returned already? He opened the door and looked around. There didn’t seem to be anyone out here. Just as he was about to accept someone had tried to prank him, he heard a cough below him and looked down, finally seeing the short boy who had knocked. He kneeled down to look at the boy’s face, who then ran his hand through his short blonde hair.

    “I-I’m here f-for the P-Pokémon.” he mumbled, looking up to the Professor. Birch looked into the boy’s fearful blue eyes, not having the heart to tell him he had none left to give. Farther in the lab, a machine beeped, indicating the Eevee had arrived from Professor Oak. Maybe he did have a starter for the boy…after all, he’d learn more about the strange Pokémon if it was in the hands of a Trainer than he could in the lab.

    “You’re in luck!” he said, jumping up. “I happen to have one left!” He ran up to the machine and grabbed the PokéBall, then let the Pokémon loose near the boy. A small, brown fox-like Pokémon materialized and cheered, then ran towards the boy. “It’s called Eevee. It’s very rare, and is likely the only one in all of Hoenn.” The boy held out his hand to the Eevee, who sniffed at it before licking his hand. The boy smiled, and Birch knew they were a perfect match. He found five more PokéBalls, and, after some rummaging, a new PokéDex, and handed them to the boy.

    “Thank you, Professor!” the boy exclaimed, shoving the gifts in his shorts pockets. “C’mon Eevee! Let’s go!” he said confidently, racing off on his new adventure.

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    Hm. I like this so far. I don't know if it's just me, but I honestly didn't see that coming, the fourth trainer coming in and walking out with Eevee. I'd like to see more of this.

    The Hoenn of Hoenness- Chapter 6 up now!
    404 Error 2: File Not Found- Chapter 14 up now!
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    Glad you like it. As for not seeing it coming, then good, every story needs some unpredictability or else it...becomes...predictable. That sounded better in my head.
    Hopefully it was because I put the words better in this chapter...

    Chapter Two

    Chris followed his Torchic down the route to Oldale Town, down the only way out of Littleroot. He had passed it before, but he had been so excited about getting his first Pokémon, he had ran the whole way, and had not watched the trail in his haste. Now, he wished he had paid attention. There was a path that was easy enough to follow, but it was surrounded with tall grass that Pokémon liked to hide in. Even now, the grass was rustling, and he knew a Pokémon was about to come out. Torchic stood ready to attack and Chris slipped his PokéDex out of his pocket. The rustling continued until a gray wolf-like Pokémon appeared.

    “Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon,” his PokéDex began. “This Pokémon has a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.”

    “Sounds perfect.” he grinned, then pulled a PokéBall out of his pocket and enlarged it. “PokéBall, go!” he cried, throwing the ball at Poochyena. The ball opened after it hit the Pokémon, reducing it to red energy, and then sucked it into the ball. “Alright!” Chris yelled, before he noticed the PokéBall had shaken violently. Chris ducked as the PokéBall exploded, revealing a now mad Poochyena. It craned its neck and howled, then growled at Chris, who took a step back. “Not good.”
    Emma’s Mudkip sat on her head and smiled at the world around it, while Ellie’s Treecko skulked by her side, obviously unhappy with its Trainer.

    “I’ve had enough.” Emma pouted.

    “What do you mean?”

    “We’ve been walking for five minutes and we haven’t seen a single Pokémon!” she cried. Ellie looked at Treecko nervously, but it was more interested in a nearby stone than its Trainer’s problems.

    “I know, we can have a battle to pass the time!” Ellie suggested, trying to get her Pokémon’s attention. Treecko waved its hand at Ellie and proceeded to lounge on a tree trunk, and made a noise not unlike snoring.

    “Okay!” Emma said happily, carefully picking Mudkip of her head, then setting it on the worn path. “Mudkip, use Tackle on Treecko!” Mudkip cheered and charged at the dozing Treecko, who didn’t move.

    “Come on, Treecko, wake up and use Tail Whip!” Treecko continued to sleep, and Mudkip plowed right into the green Pokémon. That did manage to get its attention, and it leapt up from its rest. “Alright Treecko, now use Tail Whip!” Treecko grinned at its Trainer, then turned and punched the shorter blue Pokémon.

    “Hey!” Emma cried. “Mudkip, use Tackle again!”

    “Muuuudkip!” it yelled, charging Treecko once more.

    “Treecko, dodge it and use Pound!” Again, Treecko disobeyed Ellie, instead using its massive tail to trip and then batter Mudkip.

    “Mudkip, use Growl!” Emma roared.

    “Muuudkiiip!” it cried pathetically, causing Treecko to hesitate. Mudkip used the opening to roll away from Treecko, and then tackle it again. Treecko was down.

    “Good job, Mudkip!” Emma squealed as it ran back to her side. However, Treecko wasn’t done yet. It bent its legs and used its tail to help it spring back up, landing squarely on its feet.

    “Treecko.” it breathed, then ran towards the tree it had been sleeping on. It started climbing up the side of the tree, finally crawling down a branch that overlooked their battlefield.

    “No!” Ellie cried as the Wood Gecko Pokémon jumped from the branch towards Mudkip. Before Emma could order an attack, Mudkip opened its mouth and a torrent of water shot from it, striking Treecko and throwing it back into the tree. Ellie ran to her Pokémon and knew with one glance that it couldn’t battle any longer. “Treecko, return.” she said, holding up its PokéBall, which reduced Treecko to red energy and withdrew it into the ball.

    “Well, that as fun!” Emma said, her face bright with delight. “And I think my Mudkip learned Water Gun!” She gasped as she heard howls not far from them. “But that sounds bad.” She picked Mudkip up and started to run. “Let’s get out of here!”
    Eevee was trying to crawl onto its Trainers head when he heard the rustling of a Pokémon in the grass. He dug his PokéDex out of his pocket and set Eevee on the ground, ready to battle. The rustling got louder until a spiky brown and white Pokémon walked into view.

    “Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon,” his PokéDex began. Zigzagoon screamed as it heard the voice and tried to flee.

    “No, wait!” the boy called, anxiously shoving the PokéDex back in his pocket. “Um, Eevee, use Quick Attack!” Eevee growled and sped after the Raccoon Pokémon, striking it hard enough to knock it on its side. “PokéBall, go!” he cried, throwing a small PokéBall at the Pokémon trying to right itself, then realized he made a mistake.

    “Zigzag!” it cried as a small PokéBall hit its head. It turned to run, but Eevee growled at it and blocked its escape. Zigzagoon let out a whimper. The boy dug another PokéBall from his dusty shorts, this time remembering to enlarge it before throwing it at the Zigzagoon. The ball opened, turning the Pokémon into red energy and bringing it inside. The ball wiggled, and then shook again, then barely wobbled. The red light on the PokéBall’s button went out.

    “Alright!” the boy yelled, then picked up the two PokéBalls he had thrown. “Come on out, Zigzagoon!” A flash of white light shot from the ball, revealing the Zigzagoon. The Pokémon took one look at the boy’s gray shirt and his Eevee and turned to run. Eevee jumped in front of the Zigzagoon and the boy attempted to pick it up, although he underestimated its weight and let it sit. He kneeled down to look at it. “Its okay, buddy. You’re with me now,” he smiled. Zigzagoon smiled back, and then tackled Eevee and tried to run away. The boy picked up its PokéBall from the grass and recalled it, shrugging. “Well, Eevee, we’ll just have to try again later.”
    “Let’s make this quick, Torchic, use Flamethrower!” Torchic squawked at Chris’ command. “What? Okay, what about Ember?” Torchic looked at the ground. Chris frantically pulled out his PokéDex to find Torchic’s attacks. “Uh, use Scratch attack!”

    “Torchic!” it yelled, then ran up to the howling Poochyena and raked its talons across the Bite Pokémon’s eye. Poochyena howled again, this time in pain rather than anger. “Tor, tor!” Torchic called, scratching Poochyena’s head again. Chris pulled out another PokéBall and lobbed it at the Poochyena, once again reducing it to red energy. This time, the PokéBall faced less resistance, and Poochyena was caught. Chris cheered and held the PokéBall up, then heard the howls of an approaching Poochyena pack. He quickly recalled Torchic and starting running for Oldale Town.
    “Wait, what’s that?”

    “It doesn’t matter, didn’t you hear those mad Pokémon?”

    “They haven’t howled in a while. I should have time to battle this.” Ellie said, inching closer to the long Pokémon. It was red and spiny on top, tan with many white legs on bottom, and sported three nasty looking yellow spikes. She aimed her PokéDex at the bug.

    “Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. Wurmple lives among the tall grass and in forests. It repels attacks by raising the spikes on its rear.”

    “I’m going to catch it.” she grinned, enlarging a PokéBall. “Treecko, go!” In a burst of light, the green Pokémon appeared, still fazed somewhat from its last battle. “Treecko, use Pound!” Treecko waved her off and sat on the soft grass. “Come on, Treecko, if we’re going to be partners, you have to help me sometimes.” Treecko looked to her face and smiled. Ellie smiled too, until Treecko jumped at her and crawled to her backpack.

    “Treecko, what are you, whoa!” She tripped trying to get Treecko of her, causing her things to tumble from her backpack. Treecko picked up one of the tiny PokéBalls and pushed the button, enlarging it. It held the larger PokéBall in both hands and heaved it at the Wurmple, which had been curiously watching the previous events. Ellie collected her things and packed them back in her bag, looking up as the PokéBall shook for the third time, causing the red light to go dim. “Um, thanks, Treecko.” she said, recalling it. “Not what I had in mind, but whatever.” The Poochyena pack howled again, causing Emma to sprint off. “Hey wait!” Ellie called, grabbing her new Pokémon.
    ~The Worst of Both Worlds~

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    if you plan to have one could you add me to the pm list please?
    so will this fic switch between all of them? who''s the 5th gym leader? i'll watch this!

    don't click this link...

        Spoiler:- Credit:

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    I'm glad you like it. Sure I can add you.

    Yes, for the most part it will be following all four at their different points in Hoenn, except for rare spots where I don't want you to know exactly what they're doing.

    As for the fifth depends. The four badge requirement at Petalburg was only for May/Brendan, so these characters could battle him the first time they see him. Also, the Vendanturf tunnel would be complete, so the ferry wouldn't be used at all, which also makes Dewford a rather remote town. Unless the Gym moved...
    ~The Worst of Both Worlds~

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    Chapter Three

    Nurse Joy sighed after reading the last page of her book. Nothing ever happened here in Oldale. The city wasn’t large, and there were no Gyms or Contest halls. There was almost no reason for a Trainer to come to Oldale, unless they were blowing in from Littleroot, and even then, many of them were drawn to just heading straight for Petalburg or camping. She adjusted her hat and tried to think of something productive she could do to pass the time. When she had narrowed it down to check on the Chansey or play a computer game, the doors of the Pokeomn Center were thrown open, revealing a boy Nurse Joy guessed to be sixteen. He ran like all the Poochyena in Hoenn were after him, which wasn’t far from the truth. His plain blue shirt was plastered to his body with sweat, and Nurse Joy knew what must be the problem.

    “Chansey! Bring me a stretcher, quick! You! Let out your Pokémon!” she yelled determinedly. The boy’s steps slowed and he bent over, gasping for breath. “Quickly! If your Pokémon is injured we need to care for it immediately!” she called, less sure of herself.

    “Not. Pokémon.” Chris panted, but he pulled out two PokéBalls anyway. Nurse Joy grabbed them and released the Pokémon, finding a healthy Torchic and a scratched up Poochyena. She and Chansey lifted the injured Pokémon on the stretcher, and two more Chansey took the stretcher down a hallway. Nurse Joy pointed down another hallway.

    “Down there are rooms you and your Torchic can use. I’ll get you when your Pokémon is better.” she ran after the Chansey, grabbing a bottle off her desk on the way.
    Emma and Ellie slowed, their ragged breath drowning out the world around them. While they hadn’t seen the Poochyena pack, they had seen a lone one the last time they stopped, prompting both of them to take off running.

    “Who knew being a Trainer was this dangerous?” Ellie said between breaths. “And to think people let their children wander this place unsupervised. It should be a crime.” She looked to Emma for support, only to find she wasn’t there. Her heart skipped a beat until she realized she had only moved to examine a tree.

    “What do you think caused this?” she asked, pointing at a thin gash in the trunk. Ellie turned, and saw other nearby trees had slash marks too.

    “A really strong Pokémon?” Ellie suggested, moving from the tree. She felt something brush her foot, and then heard a metallic ting. She looked down to her white sneakers she had never cared for, and noticed a shard of red next to a rock. She picked up the small metal shard, then pulled a PokéBall off of her belt. “An exploded PokéBall?”

    “Hey, I think I can see buildings!” Emma called. “We can’t be far now.” Ellie absentmindedly slipped the shard in her pants pocket as she ran after her friend.
    The sun was sinking in the sky, and the boy looked unconvincingly at his PokéBall.

    “Are you ready, Eevee?” Eevee smiled in response, and he dropped the PokéBall, unleashing Zigzagoon in a flash of white. “Okay, Zigzagoon, don’t run away. We can be friends, right?” Zigzagoon ambled away and Eevee leapt in front of it. Zigzagoon cowered from the smaller Pokémon, knowing it was stronger. The grass began to rustle and the boy’s eyes lit up.

    “Okay, Zigzagoon, let’s go!” Zigzagoon wandered over to its Trainer, looking for an escape route that his Eevee couldn’t follow. The grass shook louder until finally a gray and black Pokémon ran through it. Zigzagoon screeched, but this only got the Pokémon’s attention.

    “Zigzagoon, Tackle!” Zigzagoon stepped back, but the wolf-life Pokémon charged, howling all the while. “Come on, Zigzagoon!” The gray Pokémon overran Zigzagoon, and then howled again. The boy screamed when the howl was answered. The pack was nearby.

    “Everybody run!” he yelled, and his two Pokémon gladly complied. Eevee charged straight ahead determinately, while Zigzagoon darted on both sides of the path. The pack began to speed up; them smell of their prey driving them on. “Zigzagoon, Sand Attack!” the boy cried, sadly noticing nothing happened. Either it didn’t know the move, or it was too scared to use it. The Zigzagoon kept darting back and forth, its instinctive curiosity prevailing even above the fear. But as fast as Zigzagoon are, their constant darting slows them down. A Poochyena closed in and nipped at its tail.

    “Hey!” he yelled, trying to kick the Pokémon biting at Zigzagoon, but this mostly served to make them angrier. Another idea hit him. “Zigzagoon, return!” he called, holding out its PokéBall. A Poochyena jumped and connected with the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon before it was recalled, and he worried that it was hurt. He crammed the ball in his pocket and reached for another one, recalling Eevee. Now his Pokémon were safe, but he was the only target. He imagined the hot breath on the back of his legs and heard the Pokémon yap and found new vigor. He just hoped it would get him to Oldale.
    A girl in a cute yellow t-shirt burst through the Pokémon Center doors, followed by a girl with long blonde hair in a loose emerald shirt and skirt. Both were wheezing and sweating, but Nurse Joy could tell these two girls and their Pokémon weren’t in serious danger. She happily accepted their PokéBalls and directed them to the guest rooms. As she carried their PokéBalls back to the infirmary, she heard the howling of many Poochyena and shuddered. Tonight was going to be more eventful than she thought.
    One of them swiped at his leg, but he kept running, trying to shove the pain out of his mind. He had to get to Oldale before night fell, but his chances were falling with the sun. Ahead, he saw a fallen branch. Without missing a beat, he snatched the branch off the ground, spun on his toes and cracked a Pokémon on the head, then finished the spin and kept running, dropping the stick as he went. The Pokémon wailed in pain, but he didn’t care, he just wanted to get out of there.

    Soon, he came to a hill and could see a town at the bottom of it. His sore legs kept pounding. One of the Pokémon behind him yelped in pain as something sharp dug into its paw. He ignored the cry of pain, but couldn’t help uttering one of his own. His foot struck a stone and he tumbled down the hill, collapsing in a heap at the bottom. He ripped himself from the ground and kept running through town, his legs protesting the whole way. He never looked back, and never saw the pack retreat into the grass.
    Nurse Joy was walking from the infirmary when a short blonde boy threw the doors open wide and collapsed. She called for Chansey, and the two of them rolled him on the stretcher. Chris ran in from the visitors’ rooms to see what the noise was, and helped the struggling Chansey to lift the stretcher. When they laid him down on one of the bigger beds, Nurse Joy spotted something red in his fist. She pried it open, revealing two minimized PokéBalls. She wished it was a boring day again.
    ~The Worst of Both Worlds~

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    Chapter Four

    Chris stood with the Pokémon Center to his back, Torchic and Poochyena standing on either side of him. He had studied the Pokémon Center’s map last night and learned the way north was blocked by water, while the path west led to Petalburg, and its Gym. Poochyena no longer seemed to want to hurt him, whether it was because it was beginning to like him, it was daytime, or the PokéBall had some effect on it, he didn’t know, but he wasn’t about to question a good thing.

    “Come on!” he shouted, then ran for the western route. Within a few minutes, the familiar long grass appeared. “Someone should cut that.” Chris muttered, but he walked into the brush anyway, recalling Torchic and Poochyena so they wouldn’t get lost in the tangle. After running for a few seconds, the grass ended, and Chris started scratching at his legs. That grass was itchier than it looked. He heard someone in front of him and looked up to see a boy about his age in a weird straw hat.

    “We’ve met eyes! We’re destined to meet!” he shrieked. Chris stared blankly at him. “Go, Wurmple!” Chris chuckled at the fool and threw a PokéBall of his own. White light flew from the PokéBall and took the form of a chicken before revealing Torchic. The bug catcher marveled at the Pokémon, and Chris realized his PokéDex was droning on about Wurmple. Oh, well, he thought, it’s just a bug.

    “Alright, Torchic, gut this bug with Scratch!” Chris ordered. Torchic cheered and ran at the spiny worm.

    “Don’t worry, Wurmple, trip it with String Shot!” A gray web shot from the Wurmple’s mouth and wound around Torchic’s legs, at it ate the dust.

    “Work that string off of you.” Chris growled. Torchic tried to rip its legs apart, desperate to free itself.

    “Finish this with Poison Sting.” The bug catcher grinned as Torchic tried to peck at the web. The yellow spikes on Wurmple started to glow, and the Worm Pokémon charged.

    “Use it, Torchic!” Chris blurted, trying to find the words he wanted. Torchic understood, and kicked its legs up to Wurmple’s glowing spike, using the Poison Sting to disintegrate the web. In a flash, Wurmple spun, causing Torchic to fall on its back two spines and cry in pain. “Scratch!” Chris yelled at the weary Pokémon. Torchic spread its talons and shot them down the exposed worm. The bug catcher withdrew his motionless Wurmple, then reached for a second PokéBall. Chris recalled Torchic, then threw out Poochyena.

    “Yeah, cool, but look what I got!” the bug catcher gloated, releasing some white ball like thing with a number of spikes sticking from it, and two eerie red blotches. He thought he heard his PokéDex say Silcoon, but he wasn’t paying much attention. He was watching, waiting for the Pokémon’s first move. “Silcoon, Harden.” The red blotch Chris now recognized as an eye closed, then opened again.

    “Uh, okay. Poochyena, Tackle.” Poochyena growled and ran at the Cocoon Pokémon, that responded by blinking again. Poochyena jumped and threw Silcoon back, to which it countered by blinking again. “So does your worthless Pokémon do anything? Tackle!” Chris taunted.

    “Stop it!” the bug catcher groaned as Poochyena slammed into his precious Silcoon. “Come on Silcoon, show him what you got!” The Silcoon closed its eyes and began to glow. Both Trainers held their breath, until a thin gray web shot from the cocoon. Poochyena easily dodged it, then ran up to Silcoon and jumped on top of it. The bug catcher sighed and recalled the cocoon, then dug into his pockets and pulled out a sheet of paper. Chris stared at him quizzically.

    “Whenever a Trainer defeats you, you’re supposed to pay them. I wish I hadn’t battled you, I don’t know if I can afford lunch now.” A smile split Chris’ face as he took the bill.

    “Thanks.” he said, recalling Poochyena. Before the bug catcher could respond, he sprinted away.
    Ellie looked around the path Emma had chosen. Yes, the trees were neat, and yes, the water was pretty, but there was nowhere to go. The path was a dead end, unless you wanted to swim across, and who knows how far the water went.

    “Tch, tch, tch, come here, come here.” Emma cooed to a white bird, holding out a piece of food. The bird jumped closer, turned its head at Emma, then snagged the food. “Tackle.” she called. Mudkip jumped from the bushes and landed on the Wingull before it could flee. Emma pulled out a PokéBall from her bag and tossed it at the Pokémon. The ball wobbled a few times, and then clicked.

    “Nice one, Emma. Went a lot better than mine.” Ellie said, grumbling the end. She heard a rustling behind her, and turned to see what was coming. A happy brown face broke through the grass. Ellie flicked out her PokéDex.

    “Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon. Zigzagoon gets interested in everything, which is why it zigs and zags. It is good at finding items.”

    “Cool. Go Wurmple!” she said, throwing a PokéBall. The rumpled red worm materialized and cheered. “Okay, Wurmple, String Shot on Zigzagoon!” A silver web shot from Wurmple’s mouth and coated the Zigzagoon’s face. The Pokémon cried and ran from the grass towards Wurmple.

    “Uh, quick, String Shot again.” Ellie panicked. Wurmple lowered its head and its spikes began to glow. When the Zigzagoon came near, Wurmple headbutted the raccoon. The Zigzagoon flipped and started crying louder, then rolled over and ran to the grass, shrieking every other step.

    “I think it’s poisoned.” Emma gasped. “Hey, are you okay?” she called into the grass. Her answer was three white Pokémon with a brown stripe running down their backs and two more by their eyes.

    “Linoone, the Rushing Pokémon, and the evolved form of Zigzagoon. When running in a straight line, Linoone can easily top 60 miles an hour. It has a tough time with curved roads.”

    “They don’t look happy...Mudkip return.”

    “Wurmple, come back!” Ellie said, and then tore off, Emma hot on her heels. “I knew we shouldn’t have come this way!” She yelled as a Linoone headbutted her. She tried to sprint ahead, but Linoone are as fast as they say, and it managed to catch up and headbutt her again, this time knocking her down.

    Emma was luckier, as she was only being chased by one, and it wasn’t attacking yet. She saw the other two Linoone beating up on Ellie and turned quickly. The Linoone behind her couldn’t turn, only stopping when it plowed into a tree.

    “Mudkip, Wingull, help Ellie!” she said, throwing her two PokéBalls. The two Pokémon aimed a Water Gun at a Linoone, knocking them back. Emma helped Ellie to her feet, then all four of them turned tail and sprinted or flew towards Oldale.
    Nurse Joy smiled when the boy groaned. She grabbed his things from the counter and ran over to him.

    “Hello there!” she said cheerily. “How are we today?” He groaned again and Nurse Joy handed him a silvery gray shirt. “I washed this for you. It was quite muddy.” He accepted his shirt and slipped it on, then tried to get up. Pain shot up his leg.

    “Nasty scratch you got there.” Nurse Joy said, trying not to wince at the boy’s pain. “I bound it up, but you’ll want to stay off of it for a while.”

    “Zigzag…”he muttered after a few seconds. Nurse Joy looked at the two PokéBalls she was holding, and then dropped one of them. He heard a Pokémon being released, and Nurse Joy heaved the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon onto his bed.

    “This little guy was chewed up too. But Pokémon are strong, after a bit of medicine and some rest, it’s as good as new.” The boy smiled and ran his fingers through the Pokémon’s spiky fur. Nurse Joy released Eevee, and it jumped up on the bed and started yelling at the boy. He smiled at his two Pokémon, then stood up, pushing the minor pains from his mind. If Zigzagoon could do it, so could he.

    “Come on, Petalburg’s not far!” he said to his Pokémon. Nurse Joy looked up from the PokéBall she was holding.

    “I wouldn’t do that, Adam.” He turned to look at her. He hadn’t told her his name, had he? “This PokéBall is registered to someone named Adam. You, I take it?” He nodded, astounded the little ball knew him at all.

    “Zigzagoon got it worse than me. If it can go, I can go.” he said determinedly. Nurse Joy shrugged, and handed him his bag and PokéBalls.

    “Just don’t blame me when you can’t walk anymore.” she shouted as he followed his Pokémon out of the room.
    Chris snickered as another Trainer forked over money for losing. There were quite a few eager Trainers between Oldale and Petalburg, but most of them had crushed spirits after Chris tore through. He smiled at the road ahead; from here he could see the Petalburg Pokémon Center. Soon he would conquer the Gym Leader and be on his way to-

    His train of thought was cut short when he tripped over something white. He flipped out his PokéDex as he stood up.

    “Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon. The horns on its head provide a strong power that enables it to sense people’s emotions.”

    “Sounds cool.” Chris said through a grin. “PokéBall, go!” he lobbed a PokéBall at the Ralts, but it stopped short and fell to the ground. He groaned and picked up the PokéBall, then dropped it above the Ralts’ head. The PokéBall swerved before it could touch its red horn, and plunked on the ground.

    “Fine. Go, Poochyena!” In a flash of white, Poochyena landed before the Feeling Pokémon and barked. Ralts shrank in fear. “Poochyena, Bite!” Chris ordered. Poochyena lunged for the tiny Pokémon and sunk its teeth into it, causing it to cry out in pain. Chris tried to use the PokéBall again, but the Ralts still stopped the ball. “Sand Attack.” he grumbled. Poochyena kicked at the ground, shooting dirt and leaves into Ralts’ mouth and eyes. Chris recalled Poochyena and headed for Petalburg, leaving the Ralts crying for help.
    “Do you hear that?” Emma whispered. Ellie strained her ears and heard a faint cry. Emma started running, and the cry got louder. The two girls looked around in the sea of grass, but couldn’t find whatever was making the increasingly loud screech.

    “Look!” Ellie shouted, pointing to a moving green blob. She ran to the green thing and noticed its white body and red horns. “It doesn’t look good.” she whispered as Emma came near.

    “Wait, I know!” she said, dumping out her backpack. Clothes, PokéBalls, a PokéDex, and various other items tumbled from the bag. Emma rummaged through the pile and pulled out a purple spray bottle, and squirted it on the Pokémon. After she had gathered her things back up, the Pokémon stood itself up. Emma bent down to talk to the short Pokémon.

    “There, is that better?” The Ralts cried happily. “I thought so.” she beamed. “Well, seeya then.” she said standing up.

    “Ralts!” it cried, then began focusing. Emma’s backpack opened and a PokéBall levitated out of it, then threw itself at the Ralts. Emma gasped as the Ralts was drawn into the PokéBall. The ball didn’t move, and, after a few seconds, the light dimmed.

    “I guess…Ralts wants to go with you.” Ellie said slowly.
    “Cool. Come out everyone!” she called, dropping three PokéBalls. Mudkip ran over to Ralts and started talking, while Wingull preferred to fly. Ellie smiled at the Pokémon and wished her own were happy. Treecko obviously didn’t like her, and Wurmple had disobeyed her, which had gotten them tangled with those Linoone. She doubted whether she could even be a Trainer.

    Emma picked up Ralts and Mudkip, Mudkip climbing up to her hair, Ralts content in her hands. Wingull swooped down to try to land on her shoulder, but Mudkip growled at it, and it kept to the skies.
    “Alright, Zigzagoon, now use Tackle!” Adam shouted. The tiny raccoon ran up to a bigger Zigzagoon and rammed into it. The wild Pokémon smacked Zigzagoon with its tail. Zigzagoon barked and rammed into the bigger Zigzagoon again, hard. The Zigzagoon rolled into the grass and stayed there.

    “Good one!” Adam cheered, hoping Zigzagoon wouldn’t try to run off again. None of the trainers along the route would battle him, so he had to train with wild Pokémon, but they weren’t quite as good as trained Pokémon. Plus, sometimes they would scare his Pokémon. He looked on down the path and could make out the Petalburg Pokémon Center. He knew he was getting close and charged off, then nearly collapsed when the pain in his leg registered. Okay, just slow up, he thought. Zigzagoon kept going, seemingly mocking him.

    “If Zigzagoon can do it, so I can I!” he yelled at the raccoon before running after it.
    ~The Worst of Both Worlds~

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    Chapter Five

    Chris stood before the Petalburg Gym, a tinge of doubt nagging at him. Word at the Pokémon Center was Norman, the Gym Leader, was a tough opponent, and his Slaking was near impossible to beat. He looked down at Torchic and Poochyena, fresh from the Pokémon Center.

    “Poochyena, yena pooch.” it growled.

    “Tor!” Torchic yelled.

    “Yeah.” Chris grinned. He threw open the Gym doors and ran inside. “I’m here to challenge the Gym Leader!” he announced. Behind him the doors fell shut, and he realized he was in total darkness. Poochyena whined slightly, but otherwise it was silent.

    After a few seconds of wondering what to do, the lights flashed on, nearly blinding Chris. Poochyena howled at the sudden light, and Torchic scratched at the wooden floor. Chris looked around the windowless room and saw a kid not much older than him, with glasses and jet black hair. Chris refused to believe a strong Gym leader would wear such a ridiculous green shirt and shorts.

    “You’re here for a Gym battle?” the newcomer said unimpressed, looking at Chris’ Pokémon.

    “Who are you? You don’t look anything like this Norman I’ve heard of.” Chris demanded.

    “The name’s Max. And I’m holding down the fort while Norman’s away on important business. I can see you’re a new Trainer, so I’ll take it easy on you, just a simple two on two. Sound good?” Chris nodded impassively, then saw a man he hadn’t noticed before.

    “This will be a two on two battle between Christopher of Slateport City and Max of Petalburg City. Begin!” the referee announced to the otherwise empty Gym.

    “Do I know you?” Chris asked, wondering how the referee would have known anything about him. He dismissed the thought as Max threw a PokéBall. After a flash of white light, a green and white humanoid Pokémon emerged. Chris looked at the Pokémon’s red horns and figured Ralts must evolve into that. He pulled his PokéDex out of his pocket.

    “Kirlia, the Emotion Pokémon, and the evolved form of Ralts. Kirlia has a psychic power that enables it to distort the space around it and see into the future.”

    “Quite a girly Pokémon there.” Chris sneered. “Torchic, show this wimp a real Pokémon!” Torchic ran up to Kirlia, onto the dusty arena floor. Max took a few steps back off the rocky square to give his Pokémon room.

    “Confusion.” Max said calmly. Kirlia closed its eyes and a faint blue aura surrounded it. Torchic collapsed on the ground and started crying.

    “What are you doing?” Chris yelled. “Torchic, get up, fight through it!” Torchic stood up and tried to walk, only to trip over itself. Max smirked at the confused chick. “Torchic!” Chris called. Torchic slowed down and listened to its Trainers call, then focused on the Pokémon before it. “Good! Now use Ember!”

    “Kirlia, Light Screen!” Kirlia spread its arms wide, creating a pale yellow wall. Balls of fire flew from Torchic’s beak and were absorbed by the Light Screen, which fell apart. Kirlia spun and started to glow again.

    “Quick, Torchic, Scratch!” Torchic charged the Emotion Pokémon, that quickly turned its psychic power to create a light purple wall to block Torchic. Torchic fell back and struggled to get back up.

    “Kirlia, Psychic.” Max ordered.

    “Torchic, Scratch again!” Chris blurted.

    “I see you haven’t learned. Block it with Reflect.” Max smiled. Torchic ran up to the purple wall, hoping its Trainer was smarter than he seemed.

    “Now use Ember!” Chris screamed. Balls of fire erupted from Torchic’s beak and cut through Kirlia’s purple wall. Kirlia moaned as the fire seared it, then cried in pain as Torchic’s talons raked across its burned skin. “Again!” Chris cried, seeing he had take the advantage.” Fire shot from its beak again, and Kirlia stopped moving.

    “Kirlia is unable to battle. Torchic wins!” the referee announced.

    “Very good. Very sneaky, but very good. It seems I may have underestimated you.” Max said, withdrawing Kirlia. “But this isn’t over yet.” he said smugly, drawing another PokéBall. “Go, Sableye!”

    A short, dark purple Pokémon appeared on the Gym floor. Instead of eyes, it had two clear diamonds, and a red crystal on its chest. It grinned at Torchic, revealing dozens of razor sharp teeth.

    “Sableye, the Darkness Pokémon. Sableye dwells in the darkness of caves. It uses its sharp claws to dig up gems to nourish itself.”

    “Hey, I thought Norman used Normal type Pokémon.” Chris wondered aloud.

    “Yes. And he is usually defeated by muscleheads bringing in Fighting types. I like to construct my team to destroy those expecting Norman.” Max smirked.

    “Whatever. Torchic, Scratch!” he called. Torchic ran up to the purple Pokémon and raked out its claws, but the attack passed through the Darkness Pokémon. Chris roared in frustration.

    “Maybe I didn’t underestimate you. Ghost types take no damage from normal attacks.” Max said smugly. “Sableye, Night Shade!”

    Sableye grinned at Torchic, then its eyes began to glow an eerie red. Two black beams shot from the gems and plowed into Torchic. Chris groaned when Torchic collapsed.

    “Torchic is unable to battle. Sableye wins!” Chris sneered and recalled Torchic.

    “Avenge it, Poochyena.” Max face showed a sign of disgust, but it was gone in an instant.

    “Sableye, Fury Swipes!” he yelled.

    “Poochyena, stop it with Sand Attack!” Poochyena kicked at the floor, sending rocks and shards of the Gym floor into Sableye’s eyes. Sableye scratched at it’s eyes, which became severely scratched to the combined Sand Attack and Fury Swipes.

    “Sableye! Are you alright?” Max cried. Sableye screamed again and tried to rub its eyes.

    “Finish this Poochyena, Bite!” Poochyena lunged, and chomped down hard on Sableye. The Darkness Pokémon fell to the floor and twitched.

    “Sableye is unable to battle. Christopher wins!” Max groaned and recalled Sableye.

    “As much as I hate to admit it, you have defeated me. I am required to give you this Balance Badge, even if your victory was, shall we say, underhanded. I would not keep that attitude if I where you though. It can only get you so far.” Chris snatched up the badge.

    “What do you know?”

    “I know plenty. Trust me, I’ve been in your position before.” Chris shrugged him off and headed for the exit.
    Ellie pulled on the Gym doors, but they didn’t budge. She shoved them, but they were still stuck.

    “The Gym is closed.” A voice said behind her. “The Gym Leader suffered a loss that did quite a number on his Pokémon and he is accepting no more challenges today.” Ellie turned to the referee and sighed. She might be willing to stick around, but Emma wasn’t. She sulked back to the Pokémon Center where Emma was playing with her Pokémon.

    “The Gym’s closed today.” she sighed. “So we can go on ahead, to the woods and then Rustboro, or we can stay here for a while.”

    “I say we go on. We’ve already explored all the wonders of Petalburg. It was always made out to be a large sprawling city, but its not so big after all. We can always come back for a battle, but we can’t regain an adventure lost.”

    Ellie stared dumbly at Emma. Sometimes she was a ditzy blonde, and other times she was an adventurous athlete. But she had a point, the Gym would always be here, but the wonders ahead might not be.

    “Alright then. Are you ready to go?” Mudkip crawled up on Emma’s head, and Ralts stayed where in was in Emma’s hands. Wingull cried and hopped to the floor.

    “Looks like it.” she said happily. Ellie pulled out two PokéBalls to see if her Pokémon wanted to follow her. In twin flashes of light, Treecko and Wurmple materialized on the floor. The rumpled worm looked around the Pokémon Center, and then looked to Ellie before crawling to its PokéBall and pressing the button. Ellie looked hopefully at Treecko, who crossed its arms and gave Ellie a bored look.

    A few minutes later, Wingull was soaring through the sky, calling at Emma to follow it. Emma laughed and ran after it, careful not to lose Mudkip as she ran. Ellie urged Treecko along, wishing the Pokémon would be less resentful.

    “Hey, Treecko, what’s the matter? Why don’t you like me?” she asked the Pokémon. Treecko uncrossed its arms and ran ahead on all fours, seeming to ignore Ellie, into the surfeit of tall grass up ahead. “Treecko?” Ellie called, worried. A blue spherical object flew from the grass and landed in front of Ellie. Treecko jumped from the grass and stood behind the thing, then looked up to Ellie. She pulled out her PokéDex.

    “Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon and the evolved form of Azurill. The oil-filled end of its tail floats on water. It keeps Marill from drowning even in a strong current.”

    Ellie looked down at the blue blob and noticed its erratic tail. The Marill groaned and stood itself up, looking straight at Ellie. The blue Pokémon smiled at Ellie, and then flew into her. Ellie caught the light Pokémon and looked at Treecko. The green light around its tail faded, and it looked around guiltily. Ellie looked down at the Aqua Mouse Pokémon, who smiled at her again.

    “You’re an odd little Pokémon, you know that?”

    “Marill!” it smiled. Ellie reached back into her bag and slipped out a PokéBall, then pressed it against the blue Pokémon. The ball in her hand twitched a few times, and then made the tell tale click. She dropped the PokéBall, letting the happy Pokémon free. It cheered at the world, and Ellie felt weird. Marill was almost too happy. It smiled at Treecko, who just walked away.

    “Come on buddy, let’s get Emma!”
    Chris looked around the creepy forest. Almost no light penetrated the thick trees, and Pokémon hid among the trees and the shadows. Poochyena stood two paces ahead of him, while Torchic was resting in its PokéBall. A Pokémon cried, and Chris quickened his pace.

    “Help!” Chris stopped and looked around. “Help someone!” Chris tore on down the path to see who was yelling.

    “Shut up! Just give me the goods and I’ll leave.” Chris heard someone growl. He turned a corner and saw two men, one dressed in a casual suit and carrying a briefcase, the other wore a striped t-shirt, long blue pants, and a ridiculous blue bandana.

    “Who are you?” Chris demanded. The two men turned to face him and the one in blue groaned.

    “That doesn’t matter to you, child. Let the grown ups settle this business.” Chris growled at the man in blue.

    “What kind of idiot wears that hideous striped shirt?” he snapped.

    “Right! I’ve had enough! Go, Wurmple!” He yelled, throwing a PokéBall. Light exploded from the sphere and took the shape of a worm. When the light faded, a purplish Wurmple stood before him. Chris did a double take at the strange Wurmple. “You like it? Its quite rare.”

    “Its still just a stupid bug.” Chris snorted. “Poochyena, Bite.” Poochyena charged the little bug and chomped down on its head. The odd Wurmple fell over motionless, and the Trainer dressed like a pirate recalled his worm and threw another PokéBall. White light sprang from the PokéBall, revealing a blue and purple Pokémon that resembled a bat. Chris pulled his PokéDex out from his pocket.

    “Zubat, the Bat Pokémon. Capable of flying safely in dark places, Zubat emits ultrasonic cries to check for any obstacles.”

    Chris looked at the strange eyeless bat. “Poochyena, take it down with Sand Attack.” Poochyena kicked at the ground, sending rocks and twigs at Zubat’s wings. The Zubat screeched in pain, then dove for Poochyena, biting at its neck. “Hey!” Chris shouted. “Poochyena, bite it!” Poochyena snapped at the bat, then stumbled in pain. Zubat fluttered up and bit Poochyena again, seeming to gain strength after the attack. Poochyena slumped over and stopped moving. Chris groaned and recalled the wolf.

    “I told you not to poke your nose where it didn’t belong, kid.” the pirate chuckled.

    “I need you, Torchic.” Chris muttered to a PokéBall. He threw the PokéBall, releasing the fire chick. “Torchic, Ember!”

    “Torchic tor!” it screamed, releasing balls of fire from its beak. The embers plowed into the Zubat, burning its wings and ears. The bat plummeted, and a slight crunch could be heard when it hit the ground. The man winced and recalled Zubat.

    “The bosses won’t be happy about this.” he muttered before taking off.

    “Thanks, kid.” the other man said. “I never was much of a battler. Here, I’ll give you a token of my gratitude.” He dug into his briefcase and pulled out what looked like a PokéBall, but instead of red and white, it was solid green. “It’s a new PokéBall we’re working on in the Devon Corporation. I came here to test it when that blue guy jumped me. I don’t know how he would have found out about it though.” The man ran off and Chris looked at the green PokéBall, wondering why it was special. He minimized it and dropped it in his pocket, then recalled Torchic. He ran off to Rustboro, hoping he could make it there before dark.
    Adam pushed open the door of the Petalburg Gym. Yesterday the Gym had been closed, but the Gym Leader was supposedly back already. “Hello?” he asked the dark room. All the lights in the room flashed on, revealing the large Gym arena, surrounded by a wood floor. At the far end of the room stood a person that couldn’t have been much older than he was, with thick glasses and dark hair.

    “I am Max, temporary Leader of the Petalburg Gym. I take it you wish to challenge me?” Adam nodded, still somewhat blinded by the sudden light. “Then we will do a two on two battle. Hopefully I can redeem myself from yesterday’s loss.” he said, throwing a PokéBall. A white flash exploded from the PokéBall, revealing a green and white Pokémon about three feet tall, with two red horns on its head. His PokéDex buzzed and told him the Pokémon was named Kirlia.

    “Eevee, go!” Adam yelled, throwing a PokéBall onto the arena. The brown fox sprang from the PokéBall and looked around at the odd terrain it found itself in.

    “My assistant is not here today, so I we will have no, quote, official, referee here, but I am good enough. Kirlia, start this off with Confusion!”

    The Emotion Pokémon closed its eyes and began to glow blue, and Eevee began to rise in the air. The fox struggled in midair, but it couldn’t break free. Kirlia cut the psychic power, causing Eevee to plummet to the ground. It started to glow blue again.

    “Eevee, Quick Attack!” Eevee ran towards the Psychic Pokémon, who couldn’t keep track of its target. It plowed into the Pokémon, who seemed to dance to stay upright. “Again, Eevee!”

    “Kirlia, Reflect!” A purple wall of energy materialized in front of Kirlia, and Eevee ran right into the psychic barrier. “Now, finish this rookie with Psychic.”

    “Eevee, distract it!”

    “Eevee!” it growled. Kirlia closed its eyes and began to glow purple. Eevee jumped at the Kirlia, kicking dirt and rocks from the arena at Kirlia. The Sand Attack broke its concentration, and the Psychic was disrupted.

    “Now, Quick Attack!”

    “Kirlia, Reflect!” Max countered.

    “Jump around it!” Adam blurted. A faint purple wall materialized around Kirlia, and Eevee charged at the Emotion Pokémon, then jumped to the right, then back left, plowing into Kirlia’s exposed back. “Once more!” he cheered. Eevee plowed into the struggling Pokémon. Kirlia fell over, and ceased to move. Max sighed and recalled his Pokémon.

    “A strategy quite fitting of an Eevee. Quickly adapt and exploit holes in defense. But it won’t work forever, Sableye, let’s show this Trainer a battle!” he commented, dropping a PokéBall. A short purple Pokémon that looked like a goblin popped from Max’s PokéBall and onto the battlefield.

    “Eevee, take a break. Zigzagoon, you take this one.” he said, throwing a PokéBall. The spiky raccoon burst from its PokéBall and smiled. Then the purple ghost smiled at Zigzagoon, revealing its teeth sharp enough to cut diamonds. Zigzagoon winced at the ghost’s teeth, then ran back to Adam. Max chuckled at the frightened Pokémon.

    “Sableye, Double Team.” Sableye cackled, then began creating illusions of itself. Zigzagoon moaned at the dozens of Sableye surrounding it.

    “Ignore it, Zigzagoon, Odor Sleuth!” Adam yelled, reading his PokéDex. Zigzagoon whimpered, but opened its mouth, revealing a blue orb in its mouth. It barked, shooting the orb to the middle of the room, where it exploded. A pulse of blue flew through the room, destroying all the false Sableye. “Now use Headbutt!”

    Max laughed at the boy. “Normal moves have no effect on Sableye, a problem most rookies don’t seem to understand.” he said mockingly. Undeterred, Zigzagoon charged ahead and rammed its head into Sableye, throwing it back. “How?” Max shouted, dumbfounded.

    Adam grinned and called for another Headbutt. “Fury Swipes!” Max ordered. Zigzagoon threw its head into Sableye again, but the ghost was prepared this time and braced itself. In four swift movements, Sableye raked its sharp fingers on Zigzagoon’s face. Zigzagoon jumped back and whined, only to take another Fury Swipes to the face.

    “Pull through it Zigzagoon!” Adam cheered. Sableye scratched at Zigzagoon again.

    “Give up, kid. You can’t win this.” Zigzagoon dropped its head. “Sableye, it’s time to end it.” Sableye raised its hand to attack Zigzagoon. Zigzagoon shook furiously, releasing a blue berry from its fur. It jumped after the berry, avoiding Sableye’s attack, then devoured it. It found new strength and charged at the Sableye, ramming its head into the Darkness Pokémon and throwing it backwards. Sableye lay on its back, unmoving.

    “Congratulations. You have defeated me, despite the odds against you. As proof of your victory, I present you with this Balance Badge. Also, I would like to give you this.” Max said, pulling a blue disc and a badge from a bag. Adam accepted the two, but looked oddly at the blue disc.

    “What is this…thing?” he asked, turning it in his hand.

    “It’s known as a Technical Machine, or TM. It’s a useful device that helps your Pokémon learn moves almost instantly. Here I’ll show you.” he said, holding his hand out. Adam handed him the disc, and Max knelt down to face Adam’s Zigzagoon. “Hey, buddy.” he whispered, holding the disc over Zigzagoon’s head. He broke the flimsy disc, causing a powder or dust of some kind to fall from the hollow interior and onto Zigzagoon’s head. It sneezed as the dust settled.

    “Now, your Zigzagoon should know the move. Make sure your Pokémon can actually learn the move before you use it though, you don’t want to waste a TM.”

    Adam thanked him for the gift and ran for the exit. There was a whole world left to explore.
    Ellie sat by the Rustboro Gym with Treecko. She and Emma had come out of the creepy Petalburg Woods quite late, and decided to camp out on the edge of the forest. When the sun came up, the two of them were off to Rustboro. Emma had stopped by the PokéMart and told her to go meet her at the Gym. Ellie had taken her time alone to try to talk with Treecko, but she had no clue whether any off it was getting through. Inside the Gym she heard giant rocks crashing to the ground and she winced.

    “Hey, you ready?” Emma asked as she ran up.

    “Oh! Um, as ready as I’m going to be I guess. The Gym Leader sounds tough, I can hear a battle going on from out here.” The door of the Gym opened and very loud groaning filled the air. Chris fled the Gym, a mangled Torchic in his arms. Ellie and Emma watched him as he ran, beginning to doubt whether they could beat the Leader.

    “Okay…we might as well try. Who knows, maybe Chris isn’t as good as us.” she said cheerfully. The two girls walked into the Gym, a massive room covered in rocks. At the far end of the room stood a teenage girl with long brown hair in ponytails.

    “Welcome to the Rustboro Gym. I am Roxanne. Many have come to challenge me, but few are able to resist my rock solid techniques. Who wishes to battle me first?” Ellie turned to Emma, who was all too eager to accept. “This will be a two on two battle. Are you ready?”

    “Mudkip, let’s do it!” she answered; bending down so Mudkip could easily jump from its perch on her head. Roxanne threw a PokéBall, revealing what looked like a rock with arms. Ellie pulled her PokéDex out of her backpack.

    “Geodude, the Rock Pokémon. Geodude has incredibly high defensive power, making it virtually resistant to any physical attacks.”

    Ellie groaned at the reading, but Emma either didn’t hear it, or didn’t care.

    “Geodude, Rock Throw!” Roxanne ordered. Geodude used its strong arms to pick a large rock up off the Gym floor and threw it at Mudkip.

    “Stop it with Water Gun!” Emma commanded. Mudkip opened its mouth and shot a torrent of water at the rock, throwing it back at Geodude. The rock cracked at Geodude’s punch and fell apart. “Water Gun again!” she practically sang. Mudkip let another jet of water escape it’s jaw, which crashed into the Rock Pokémon. “Now Mud Slap!” Emma cheered. Mudkip spat out water, making the rocky floor muddy, then jumped into it, sending mud flying in all directions. Mud flew into Geodude’s eyes, blinding it. “End it with Water Gun!” she called. Mudkip cheered and shot one final jet of water at Geodude. The Rock Pokémon fell back, unable to battle.

    “Incredible. Few people can manage to even damage Geodude so quickly. Good try, Geodude. Now, go Nosepass!” She said, dropping a PokéBall. Light shot from the PokéBall, revealing a large rock with a strange nose.

    “Nosepass, the Compass Pokémon. Its nose is a magnet. As a result, this Pokémon always keeps its face pointing north.”

    “Wait, it’s facing south though. How’s that work?”

    “Most of the front wall is composed of magnets so Nosepass has some freedom. Now Nosepass, Rock Tomb!” Nosepass stomped the ground, causing rocks to shoot up around Mudkip, trapping it.

    “Break free Mudkip! Water Gun!” Mudkip struggled in the rocks, then blasted them with water, which did nothing to help it.

    “Rock Throw, be careful not to free it!” Nosepass grabbed a rock from the ground in both arms and hurled it at Mudkip, who cried in pain, but remained trapped.

    “Mudkip!” Emma cried. “Uh…Mudkip, return!” Emma called, holding out its PokéBall. “Go, Ralts!” she threw a PokéBall, releasing the white Pokémon onto the arena.

    “Nosepass, Rock Tomb!”

    “Ralts, get out of the way!” Ralts jumped as Nosepass stomped, missing the rocks that shot up. “Now, Confusion!” Ralts glowed a light blue, and Nosepass hovered in midair. “Now, throw it at the front wall!” Emma called.

    “No!” Roxanne screamed. Nosepass flew from its place to the wall, where it stuck, a few feet above the floor. Emma held out a PokéBall, recalling Ralts.

    “Go, Mudkip! Water Gun!” The Mudfish Pokémon sprang from the ball, and looked around before it spotted Nosepass on the wall and fired. Not even bothering to find out if Nosepass had fainted, Roxanne recalled her Pokémon.

    “I must declare you the winner, as nothing I can do can get Nosepass off the wall. That was brilliant, using my own building against me. As proof of your victory, I give you this Stone Badge. Give me a few moments, and I will return for your battle.” she said, leaving the room.

    Five minutes later, Ellie stood at one end of the field, with Treecko in front of her. Roxanne stood at the other end, with a Geodude sitting in front of her. “Alright Treecko, lets do this! Absorb!” Treecko ran at Geodude, it’s tail taking on a green glow.

    “Stop it, Geodude.” Roxanne said calmly. Geodude drew its arms in close and rolled towards Treecko. The Tree Gecko jumped, but slammed its tail down, striking Geodude. Treecko landed nimbly, but Geodude was less lucky.

    “Tail Whip, Treecko!” Ellie called. Treecko rolled its eyes and its tail began to glow green again. It ran on all fours at Geodude, and then smacked it with its tail. Faster than a blink, Geodude grabbed Treecko’s tail and threw it. Treecko landed easily, but Geodude had already hurled a rock towards it.

    “Break it with Pound!” Treecko turned and lifted its glowing tail to block the rock, but the rock was faster than it expected, and it was crushed by the rock.

    “Now, Rock Tomb.” Roxanne said with unnatural calm. Geodude used its arms to lift itself up and stomp the ground, causing four rocks to shoot up and trap Treecko. Ellie groaned and recalled Treecko.

    “Go, Marill.” she said dispassionately. The blue and white Pokémon exploded from its PokéBall and yelled at Geodude. “Tail Whip.” she said, almost bored. Marill swung its round blue tail, and surprised everyone when smacking Geodude with its bouncy tail threw it back halfway across the field. “Uh, uh, Water Gun!” Ellie blurted, new confidence welling in her. Pure blue water pulsed from Marill’s mouth and smashed into Geodude’s body harder than any of Emma's had. The Rock Pokémon fell back, unconscious.

    “Incredible! A total reversal, you may even be teaching me. However, this battle is far from over.” Roxanne grinned, recalling Geodude and tossing another PokéBall. The light from the PokéBall shot up high, revealing a serpentine Pokémon. As the light faded, Ellie could see the massive Pokémon was made entirely of boulders, the one on its head sporting a large horn.

    “Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon. Onix burrows through the ground at a speed of 50 mph while feeding on large boulders.”

    Ellie looked up at the massive snake and her jaw dropped. It was nearly 30 feet tall, and the horn on its head could probably touch the ceiling if it looked up, even with most of its body on the ground.

    “Onix. Rock Tomb.” Roxanne said complacently. Ellie was speechless, but Marill knew what to do. It jumped up, landing on its tail and bouncing back, evading the prison of stones Onix created by slamming the ground.

    “Marill, Water Gun!” Ellie called worriedly.

    “Onix, Tackle!” Roxanne shouted.

    “Onix!” it roared, then plowed at the Aqua Mouse. Marill opened its mouth, still bouncing on its tail, and fired a torrent of water from its mouth, slowing the giant Pokémon. When the water stopped, Onix was lying down flat, conscious but worn. It roared at Marill.

    “Water Gun!” Ellie yelled at Marill. Understanding, Marill fired, fast and powerful, sending a flood of water into Onix’s open mouth. The Rock Snake reared up, taking the final blast in the chest, spitting out as much water as it could manage.

    “Hang in there, Onix!” Roxanne pleaded. Onix roared at the ceiling and fell, crushing part of the Gym floor in the process. It lay motionless, exhausted from practically drowning. Roxanne recalled the massive Pokémon. “Very well indeed. I admire your battle prowess, and it has surpassed even mine. As such, I give you this Stone Badge. Also, I would like to have the two of you to have these.” she said, pulling out two brown discs. “These are Technical Machines, useful devices that can teach a move almost instantly. This one can teach Dig to a Pokémon capable of learning it.”

    Ellie looked at the disc quizzically, but Emma nudged her. “I’ll show you later.” she whispered.

    Emma and Ellie walked out the Gym doors and heard someone scream. “Hey! Stop! Someone stop her!” The girls turned to see someone run by in a red short sleeve jacket with the hood drawn, a short brown skirt, and something red over her wrists and ankles, carrying a suitcase of some kind. Trying to catch up behind her was a man with brown hair in a suit. He skid to a stop before the two girls.

    “Hey! You two are Trainers, right? Can you help me out? Did you see that strange girl that just ran by? She stole a very important briefcase. If you can help me get it back, I’ll be sure to reward you greatly.” Emma looked to Ellie, who shrugged.

    “You’re going to make me do it anyway, aren’t you?”

    “You know me to well.” Emma said cheerfully, recalling all of her Pokémon and tearing off, Ellie a few steps behind her.
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    Sorry about that obscene delay there...I expected the first few weeks of school would be easy enough to be able to get a chapter a week or so, but in the two weeks I got three research papers. And that was just in one class. So without further ado...

    Chapter Six

    Adam stared up at the massive trees that made up Petalburg Woods. His eyes fell to the small trail that broke through the trees. Discouraging thoughts drifted into his mind. To his left, Eevee yelled at its Trainer. Zigzagoon ran ahead, then looked back and smiled. Adam grinned back and charged it. They were right, after all, what could dare threaten him? He had two Pokémon and a Balance Badge, he was unstoppable.

    His confidence began to fade as they started getting deeper in the forest. Little light pierced the trees that closed in all around. Zigzagoon whimpered at the imposing trees. Adam recalled it so it wouldn’t get lost in the shadows and grass. Eevee continued on, staying just ahead of him, sniffing at the air. Adam walked behind the fox and scanned the area expectantly. The grass rustled and Eevee’s ears darted. The grass rustled again, closer this time. A Pokémon ran from the grass, right at Eevee. Eevee jumped, its tail just missing the two yellow spikes on the thing’s rear. The Pokémon, a rumpled red worm with big yellow eyes and a spike on its head, turned the best it could. Eevee spun around with more grace and growled at the Worm Pokemon.

    “Tackle it.” Adam grunted, trying to fish his PokéDex out of his pocket. Eevee ran at the worm, still growling. The worm responded by shooting a white string from its mouth at Eevee’s legs. Eevee tripped and did a front flip, landing on the worm in its struggle. It rolled off; landing on its back, then started flailing its legs, trying to get the sticky substance out of its fur. Adam ran over and picked up his struggling Pokémon. He picked most the web from its paws and set it back down, ready to battle. He groaned, the Pokémon was nowhere to be seen.

    “Oh, man. Oh well, there’s plenty more where that came from, right?”

    Emma and Ellie ran from Rustboro, trying to catch up with the red clad girl that had run by. Ahead, a patch of trees split the path.

    “You go left, I’ll head right!” Emma yelled cheerfully, picking up her pace. Ellie followed her lead and ran down the left side, narrowing jumping over some ugly bug Pokémon. A kid in a blue hat asked for a battle, but she was gone before she could have answered. She dodged a weird pink Pokémon that jumped from the grass and winced as it screamed. She tried to stop, but instead tripped over that same ugly bug, which didn’t seem to notice the girl and started digging. Ellie jumped up and looked back, but the pink Pokémon was nowhere to be seen. She continued on past the last tree and saw what was likely a cave up ahead. She looked back and saw something familiar.

    “Emma!” she called. The blonde girl whipped he head at the voice and, remembering her job, picked up Mudkip and ran from a pink cat-like Pokémon. She gave Ellie a nervous chuckle as she stopped. The two girls looked around the area.

    “I guess she’s in the cave,” Ellie said nervously. Emma walked up to the cave’s rough entrance. Four or five short pink Pokémon fled the cave as she approached, and she could hear someone groan.

    “And I thought the fog back home was bad.” came a voice. Emma motioned for Ellie to follow and crept into the cave. Inside the cave wasn’t as dark as one might imagine. Light filtered in from its entrances, but a strange mist or fog of some sort filled the cave to the point where it was difficult to see more than a few feet. The same voice groaned in pain, then a red figure came into view.

    “Gah!” she screamed. “You two! You two…who are you?”

    “The two people who are taking that suitcase back!” Ellie yelled with as much confidence as she could muster in the creepy cave.

    “Oh, some goody two shoes twerps? I’ll show you, go, Wurmple!” she sneered, dropping a PokéBall. A quite familiar red worm materialized but could barely be seen in the misty cave. Emma set Mudkip on the rocky floor.

    “Water Gun!” Emma ordered, the call echoing down the cave. Mudkip fired uncertainly, but only achieved in getting the red trainer soaked.

    “Wurpmle, Poison Sting.” she growled. Wurmple’s spikes faintly glowed, giving Mudkip a clearer target. Water exploded from its mouth, throwing the unready bug into its Trainer’s legs. She grunted, but the brunt of the attack was taken by the red things wrapped around her ankles. “Stupid bug.” she grumbled, recalling it. “Go, Stunky.” she said, throwing a second PokéBall.

    Emma stared at the strange purple Pokémon the woman had released. Thanks to her mother, she had seen a lot of the Pokémon that lived in Hoenn, but she had never seen this one before.

    “Uh, Mudkip, return.”

    “What are you doing?” Ellie whispered.

    “Trust me. Go, Ralts!” she cried, throwing its PokéBall. The woman chuckled.

    “Stunky, Fury Swipes.”

    “Ralts, Confusion!” A faint blue aura surrounded Ralts, but nothing else happened. The skunk Pokémon hopped closer and stood on its hind legs, then quickly scratched at the Feeling Pokémon. Emma shrieked in fear and recalled her Pokémon.

    “Stupid starting Trainers shouldn’t stick their noses where they don’t belong.” the woman taunted.

    “Shut up!” Ellie snapped. “Marill, Tail Whip!” she yelled, throwing a PokéBall in the air.

    “Tail Whip?” the woman laughed. “Seriously?” The blue mouse Pokémon materialized and got its bearings. It charged the skunk Pokémon, who’s Trainer was still laughing at Ellie’s choice. Marill swung its tail, the bouncy ball slamming into the skunk and throwing it into the cave wall.

    “Now, Water Gun!” Ellie cheered. Water flew from Marill’s mouth and pounded into the dazed skunk. When the torrent ended, Stunky lay motionless on the ground.

    “Fine.” she said, recalling her skunk. “Take the dumb case, I didn’t want it anyway.” she said, and then ran between the two of them to the entrance.

    “Awesome!” Emma said, picking up the discarded suitcase. Ellie recalled Marill and both girls ran to the exit.
    “Wurmple, Tackle!”

    “Quick Attack, dodge it!” Eevee jumped up in a blink and cut around the red worm, then turned and rammed into its back. “Tail Whip!” Adam called. Eevee spun, its fluffy tail rolling Wurmple on its back. The fox jumped on the worm and growled. The bug catcher quickly recalled his Pokémon, afraid what the other might do.

    “Go, Wurmple!”

    “Eevee, Tackle.” he whispered. “Seriously? How many of these dumb bugs do you have?”

    “They’re not dumb!” the bug catcher blurted. “And I only have five! Wurmple, Poison-“ He stared at his last Pokémon. The worm looked stunned after taking two unexpected hits. With one swipe of the paw, Eevee knocked the will to fight out of the Wurmple and its Trainer.

    “Ah, well, we did our best.” he said sadly. He recalled Wurmple, then pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.

    “Uh, thanks?” Adam said as he handed him the bill.

    “Well, I gotta train, seeya!” the bug catcher said, tearing off. Adam looked down to Eevee and Zigzagoon, then to the paper, finally stuffing it in his pocket. He glanced at the thinning trees around him. He was nearly at the end of the forest, but he hadn’t managed to catch even one Pokémon. He sighed as he walked to a break in the trees.

    “Zigzag! Zigzag!” it called to Adam. He turned to the raccoon, who motioned to the grass. The thick grass shook.

    “Ha! Zigzagoon, Headbutt!” Zigzagoon looked at the rustling grass awkwardly. The shaking paused, and a red and yellow head poked out of the grass. Zigzagoon now saw its target and started running, throwing its head into the worm, sending it flying.

    “Eevee, Tail Whip!” Eevee yelled at its Trainer’s call and sprinted to the worm, then launched itself at the Pokémon, using its fluffy tail to send it to the ground. Eevee landed nimbly and growled at the crumpled worm. Adam grinned, and drew a PokéBall from his pocket, enlarging it. “PokéBall, go!”
    “Poochyena, Bite!” Poochyena growled and leapt at the dark blue bird, chomping down on its fragile wing. The bird cried and swerved, crashing into a tree trunk. Chris snorted at the bird, but threw a PokéBall anyway.

    “It won’t be much help against Roxanne, but it might be helpful later.” he muttered. He looked around the grass hidden not far from Petalburg Woods. Someone in the Pokémon Center had told him he could find a decent Water type out here, but all he’d found was that Taillow and some worthless bugs. He sighed, ready to give up.

    “Gull, wing. Wingull, wing!” came a screech from above. Chris and Poochyena’s heads jerked up to see three white birds flying around them.

    “Wingull, the Seagull Pokémon. Wingull will fly through the sky as though surfing waves. It normally carries food and other valuable items, and then hides them randomly.”

    “All right, we found them! Poochyena, Sand Attack!” Poochyena howled and slammed its paw into the ground, shooting a spiral of sand less than two feet high. Chris groaned at the failed attack, then heard what was undeniably a snicker from the three flying Pokémon.

    “Rrrrg, Torchic, go!” he yelled, hurling a PokéBall. White light sprang from the ball, revealing a small orange chick. “Use Ember on these fools!” he shouted, pointing at the flapping birds. Fire flew from Torchic’s beak towards the birds, who laughed and easily moved out of the way.

    “Come on, focus!” Torchic closed its eyes and seemed to concentrate, then shot flames into the air rapidly, directly hitting two of the birds. The two birds fell and Chris hurled an empty PokéBall, barely aware the third Wingull was flying off. The ball opened and sucked one of the Wingull in, then snapped shut before landing with little grace. The second bird tried to fly, but one wing was badly burned, and it only served to send the injured gull towards the surrounding trees. The PokéBall shook a few times in the grass, then made the telltale click.

    “Now to train you.” he grinned, picking up the ball. Beside the ball, half buried in mud and grass, was a patch of purple. He reached down and picked up the discarded Potion, then grinned at his luck. If this kept up, Roxanne would be a snap.
    A smile split the man’s face as Ellie and Emma came into view. Emma handed him the case, which he quickly flipped open and rummaged through. He pulled out two small green balls, handing each of them one.

    “This is my most recent project, a PokéBall that makes the Pokémon within them grow closer to you, so much so as to make the Luxury and so-called Friend Balls a thing of the past!” The man said happily. “I’m giving my presentation today. If all goes well, these things will find their way into PokéMarts before long.” he said, radiating energy, then he walked off to the large building tucked in the corner of Rustboro. The two turned and found themselves face to face with an older man, whose white hair was beginning to thin, and wearing a suit that had seen better days.

    “That hooligan that ran by here earlier, did you see what she wore?”

    “Uh, kind of red hooded jacket, with black things on top.” Ellie said uncertainly. “And something red on her legs.”

    “Was there a mark on the sweater? A sort of symbol like a mountain?” Ellie looked to Emma, who cautiously shook her head. “Hmppf. Probably just some inconsiderate child trying to feed off the reputation of the long-fallen team. Nothing to get excited over. Good day to you.” he said to the confused faces of Emma and Ellie.

    “Okay…” Emma said slowly. “Anyway, I checked with the Pokémon Center this time, to the north is nothing, not even Pokémon. So we go the way we were, back to the cave, then, eventually, we’ll hit another town.”

    “Awesome. But what about what that old guy said?” Ellie asked nervously.

    “You heard him, it was nothing to worry about. Some Trainer trying to look tough.” she said confidently, letting loose her Pokémon. Ellie tried to release her Pokémon too, but Wurmple still refused to stay out of its PokéBall. Treecko was happy outside, but ran on all fours to get some distance on Ellie. She sighed, and then smiled at Marill’s cheery face. At least one of her Pokémon liked her.

    “Get back here, Treecko!” she yelled, chasing after it. Marill rolled behind her and Emma followed behind it, laughing at the chase.
    ~The Worst of Both Worlds~

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