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    Chapter 1- A Wonderful Beginning

    Zach sat on a couch in the living room of his Twinleaf Town home, watching a documentary about a red Gyarados at Lake Verity. Suddenly, a large energetic blonde male burst into the room.

    “Zach!” the boy exclaimed. “Guess what?”

    “What is it, Barry?” asked Zach, wondering what his friend wanted this time.

    “Professor Rowan just arrived back from Kanto,” Barry explained. “Let’s see if he’ll give us our first Pokémon, so we can catch that red Gyarados everyone is talking about.”

    Zach stood up and turned off the TV. “Okay, Barry. Let’s go!” he said.

    “Hurry!” yelled Barry. “If you’re late, I’ll fine you!” He ran back outside and closed the front door of Zach's house as he left.

    Zach sighed with a grin. "Same old Barry."

    He went upstairs to get his backpack in his room and Zach already knew what Pokémon he would choose. When he reached the second floor of his house, his mom was there and handed him his backpack.

    "Good luck on your journey, sweetie." She kissed him on the cheek.

    “Hurry, Zach!” Barry shouted from outside Zach's house.

    Zach met up with Barry outside and just as they made it to the outskirts of Twinleaf Town, Barry bumped into an old man in a white overcoat.

    Zach snickered, recognizing that the old man was Professor Rowan.

    “What is the meaning of this?” asked the Professor as he looked down at the two boys.

    “I’m sorry,” Barry apologized as he backed up. “See, my friend, Zach, and I are to get our first Pokémon.”

    Professor Rowan started laughing. “You are one lucky boy. This suitcase I’m carrying has one of each of the Starter Pokémon in it. You each can choose one.”

    Barry looked at Zach and sighed, “Well, buddy, I guess you can pick first.”

    Professor Rowan opened the case, and grabbed three Poke Balls, throwing the half-red, half-white spherical objects into the air. The balls opened up, revealing three different Pokémon. One was a green turtle with a leaf on it’s forehead. Another was a blue penguin with two white ovals on its body and white circles around its eyes. The final one was a red monkey with a flame for a tail.

    “The turtle is Turtwig, the penguin is Piplup, and the monkey is Chimchar,” Professor Rowan explained, pointing to each one that matched the description.

    Zach looked at the three Pokémon for awhile, then picked up Chimchar. “I pick this one,” he said, picking up the little monkey.

    Chimchar’s face lit up. “Chimchar!” it said, as it jumped into Zach's arms.

    Barry smirked and picked Piplup. "I hope now you know why I let you pick first, Zach, because I pick Piplup. Piplup has a type advantage over Chimchar."

    “Good choice,” said Professor Rowan, smiling. “Come with me to my lab, I’d like you to meet my assistant and give you both Poké Balls and a Pokédex.” He began to walk to where Sandgem Town was.

    Zach made one last glance to Twinleaf Town, noticing several black and white colored birds flying around. Those seemed like good Pokémon, but not something Zach would prefer.

    "Come on, Zach!" Barry shouted to Zach as he followed the professor to Sandgem Town.

    They soon came across a big building with a big yard behind it.

    “This is my lab,” Professor Rowan said as he opened the front door. “Dawn, come here. I’d like you to meet some new trainers.”

    Zach noticed a blue haired girl about his age, walking towards them. She had on a white hat and a small pink and black skirt, coupled with black socks and pink boots.

    “I’m here, Professor,” she said, making one small glance at Zach.

    “Excellent,” said Rowan. He walked towards a table, grabbing several Poké Balls and two rectangular objects. “Barry and Zach, these Poké Balls are yours.” Professor Rowan handed the two boys five empty Poke Balls each, for capturing more Pokémon.

    “Thanks!” Zach said, as he took his five Poké Balls.

    Professor Rowan handed Zach a blue square, and Barry a yellow square. “These are your Poke Dexes. You can record data on the Pokémon you come across, so they are very helpful to trainers.”

    Just then a man dressed in a white overcoat, green shirt and tan colored pants ran in. “Professor, there is someone at Lake Verity. I don’t think they are supposed to be there.”

    Professor Rowan nodded and looked at Zach and Dawn. “I’d like you two to go to the lake.”

    “Why not me?” Barry asked, annoyed that he wouldn't be able to get in on some action.

    “I have something different for you.” Professor Rowan replied.

    Dawn nodded. "Zach, let's go!"

    Dawn ran out the lab, with Zach right behind her.
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