Baton Pass Venomoth Issues...
Baton Passers probably should stick to Shield Dust primarily, with Wonder Skin for certain Pokemon you want to counter (Hypno-Ray Watchog). Damage with Added Status is slightly more common than straight-up Status Effects. Getting Paralyzed or Burned (or worse, Frozen) will affect your ability to buff and/or pass (your ability to make a second BPass will be hindered by Burns).

Because of moves like Curse, Shift Gear, Coil, and Quiver Dance, Haze is a bit more likely to appear, as are Roar, Whirlwind, Dragon Tail, and Overhead Throw. This means you need to be absolutely sure your allies can or have handled the Pseudo-Hazers, too.

Anything with Gyro Ball (or worse, Curse+Gyro Ball) can rip into a Quiver Dance buffed Pokemon, be it Venomoth or its BPass recipient. Weezing, Steelix, Forretress, Torkoal, Bronzong, Lickilicky, and Ferrothorn are prime Gyro Ball users.

Getting a passable Status Effect like Perish Song also shuts you down.