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    Default Zak Attack's Trade Shop.

    Approved by Shuckle
    ~Zak Attack's Trade Shop!~

    Credit to ~rondeau
    Shop Status: OPEN Under Construction, Please bare with us...
    Shop Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours <-Click for Time.
    Shops Schedule: Sun-Thurs @7:30 PM-11:00 PM & Sat. @1:00 PM- 6:00 PM

    I have a few guidelines to follow when considering a trade with me at this shop.
    #1: All SPPF rules and Trade forum rules apply here.
    #2: NO HACKS. I check EVERY poke i'm traded so I will find out if it's hacked.
    #3: Most all of the pokes here are "CLONES". I don't use Pokecheck to clone so none of the Pokes here have the Premier ribbons.
    #4: Most all of the Flawless pokes here are "RNGed" I don't consider RNGed pokes hacks so I will trade for RNGed pokes.
    #5: I ONLY trade on the 5th Gen games.
    #6: I don't trade .PKM Files, I only trade through the Wi-Fi Club.
    #7: I DON"T trade for any Pokemon that are listed as Public Files on However some of the pokes here may be or may one day be listed as public files on If you don't want to trade for pokes that may be a public files you probably should check their site first or don't trade here.

    Trade Ratio:

    1 for 1! Event for Event, Flawless for Flawless.
    I perfer to trade 1 for 1, meaning I don't trade more then one poke for any other one poke and I don't expect you to trade more then one ether.

    * = Shiny.
    ** = Events I obtained myself will have ** at the end of there listings.
    UT = Untrained.
    BT = Barely Trained.
    DW = DreamWorld.
    Flawless = 31/31/31/31/31/31 IV's.
    Near-Flawless = 31/X/31/X/31/31 IV's.
    NFT = Not for trade. These Pokes are only listed so you know not to Offer me the same one.
    EV = Effort Value.
    EV'd = Fully EV Trained.
    IV = Individual Value.
    JPN = Japaneses.
    NN = Nickname.
    RNG = Random Number Generated
    OT: = Original Trainer.
    NoK = Nintendo of Korea

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________
        Spoiler:- Click Here::
    Dreamworld Events:
        Spoiler:- Click Here::
        Spoiler:- Click Here::

    looking 4:
        Spoiler:- :
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________
    Black & White lists:
        Spoiler:- :
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