ohhhh.hard qestion...coz johto pokemon are my fauvorite..i think that,they design is so fresh...so i choose : Bayleef(look like freash limone juice and happy face with cute hollow leaf),Ledian(so cute voice and beautiful blue eyes),Crobat(because "whew Ugly golbat can evolve"), Azumarril(cute voice and my fauvorite colors), Hoppip(look like fresh breeze with co cute leaves on head turning left and right), Yanma(awesome voice and nice design(i like dragonflies the most of all bugs)), Steelix(scary giant with trembling cry),Skarmory(steel bird - excellent mix), Suicune(water legendary pokemon with nice voice and can using also airs attacks), Lugia (voice like sad cry and ellegant design) and fav: Umbreon .... my shining in dark cute beast