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Thread: Evan's Little Shop of Flawless Shinies (Re-opened!!)

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    Default Evan's Little Shop of Flawless Shinies (Re-opened!!)

    Greetings all fellow Serebii friends, I am Evan and welcome to my shop! Elfuun say hi also :P

    First of all I have to thank Ella (White Mokona) for the cute banner she has done for me, I just love it to bits XD

    Shop Status: OPEN

    Now to the rules, come on people it's not that long......

    1. Standard forum rules apply of course.
    2. No hacks please, just like any other shop owner if I trade u a hacked poke accidently please provide me with evidence and I will do full refund immediately. RNG and Clones are fine, most of the pokes in this thread are.
    3. When offering pokes please provide as much info about it as possible, eg. IVs, EVs (if any), gender, nature, egg moves, ability... This would save us both alot of time.
    4. I cannot clone myself, so some trades may take time, I apologize for this in advance. If you can provide clone backs it would make things much easier
    5. Please don't PM/VM me about trades, it gets really confusing.... Please Post here
    6. Redistribution:
    Fully-Redis = Anyone can trade this Pokemon
    Semi-Redis = You can trade the pokemon after we trade, but no one else apart from you
    Non-Redis = You keep the pokemon I trade to you and cannot trade it to anyone else
    - If I catch you not following the redistribution rules, I'll KEEL you! Or more likely report you to the official Trade Forum Blacklist, add you to my personal Blacklist and never trade with you again...
    7. I can only trade on 5th gen and using Wi-Fi
    8. The thread has changed alot recently. It is now spread out onto 11 posts. Please take the time to look at it again closely, especially the wants lists on post 11 and see if you can help me :3
    9. Don't hate me if I turn down your trade proposal :P

    My Info:

    Pokemon Black
    OT: Evan~
    ID: 41429

    - I do not RNG myself, but have had generous help from many RNGers I know. Especially, PokemonTrader, Winter02, Dewey911p, Iron Tyrant, Cannibaleyes, Kaiser, Decadencia, Dressa, Empyrea, AromaFlora and Amerifunk. This thread would not be possible without all your help!


    THIS POST: Rules, information, recomended trade threads and pokemon from Kanto.
    POST 2: Pokemon from Johto
    POST 3: Pokemon from Hoenn
    POST 4: Pokemon from Sinnoh
    POST 5: Pokemon from Unova, part 1
    POST 6: Pokemon from Unova, part 2
    POST 7: Pokemon from Unova, part 3
    POST 8: Dream World Pokemon, part 1
    POST 9: Dream World Pokemon, part 2
    POST 10: XD Gale of Darkness Resets Pokemons
    POST 11: Wants lists, pending trades lists, good and bad people lists.

    Other Trade Threads You Should Check Out!:
    I visit these guys and girls regularly, so it is also convenient for me to have links to their thread here also
    Kaiser's Dunder Mifflin Pokemon Company, Inc
    Benefactor's RNG Garage
    Craig87's The Market Place
    AromaFlora's Blossom Field
    Dewey911p's Halcyon Day's forever more!!!
    Dressa's ♥The Purring Cat♥


    Nature: ? | Gender: ? | Ability: ?
    OT: ? | ID: ?
    IVs: HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe
    EVs: HP/Atk/Def/SpA/SpD/Spe OR UT (Lv. ?)
    Current Moves: Attack 1 | Attack 2 | Attack 3 | Attack 4
    Redistribution Policy
    ★= Shiny

        Spoiler:- Kanto :

    Countinues onto next post...
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