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Thread: Evan's Little Shop of Flawless Shinies (Re-opened!!)

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    hey i was wondering if you could trade me your shiny shaymin. i have lots of flawless shinys including frillish, drillbur, ferroseed, tepig and a shiny flawless phione
    i also have many shiny legendarys so pm me if you are interested
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    Interested in johnny18's Shiny Ghastly, Hozu's Mewtwo, and either of the Shiny Shaymin have Kabuto, Magby, Vulpix, Eevee, Latias, Dialga, Palkia, Minun, Paras, Gible, Tangela, Bagon, Staryu and Litwick all Flawless Shinies and a nearly Flawless Latios. PM and hopefully we can work something out
    Shinies/Flawless Shinies
    Relicanth, Kabuto, Magby, Vulpix, Eevee, Latias, Dialga, Palkia, Minun, Paras, Gible, Tangela, Bagon, Staryu, Bagon, Scyther, Minun, Croagunk, Flygon, Rilou, Burmy, Slowking, Uxie, Reggenrola, Skarmory, Spearow, Larvesta, Pichu, Solosis, Terrakion and Litwick
    Nearly Flawless Shiny
    Latios, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres
    Flawless Regular
    Regular Shiny
    Rayquaza, Squirtle, Virizion
    ALAMOS Darkrai, Movie 11 Zekrom, Movie 11 Shiny Hydreigon, GMESTP Shiny raikou, 2008 WCS Lucario, Phione, SMR2010 Jirachi Careful, TRU Arceus, Serious JP Mew 07, Flying Pikachu, TOYSRUS Regigigas, Shinjoh Giratina,2008 WCS Shiny Milotic, Pokemon Center Audino
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    Hi would you be willing to trade your shiny flawless Adamant scizor for my shiny flawless Adamant level 100 ev trained flygon?
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    check my shop and see if anything interests you i also have a shiny flawless unown
    pokedex complete to 646 looking for shiny flawless pokemon currently have over 50+ shiny flawless pokemon pm me to inquire about them fc white 2967-1563-6822

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    Evan0913 has not posted in this thread since November. Why can't people look at this stuff before they got topping these old shops?
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    Hey Evan, I'm quite interested with the flawless dieno that can be fully distributed I can trade anything at your request please PM me if interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evan0913 View Post
    Hozu's Mewtwo

    Nature: Timid | Gender: N/A | Ability: Pressure
    OT: Hozu | ID: 21399
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: UT (Lv. 70)
    Current Moves: Trick | Amnesia | Magic Coat | Skill Swap
    I would prefer that you would remove my Mewtwo from your shop because anyone can get it for free. There are plenty of other things that should be removed because they're also free. It's not cool to rip people off. Note that "► GTS Metadata Owned by the registered original trainer of this Pokémon." means that the original person who caught uploaded it themselves and made it freely available. Not just some random dude that happened to get it. I would like it if you told anyone you traded it to to remove it from their shop as well.
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    Hozu this thread is dead anyway lol.

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    What is an HP ice virzion and whatever other pokemon you said that has a type in the name?
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    I am always interested in trading shinys. I have lots of shinys and legendaries on offer. I am currently looking for a shiny with a modest nature preferably lv. 30 or below, a shiny and a shiny .

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    Hello, I'm interested in these Shiny flawless pokemon
    Kaiser's growlithe
    Winter's cubone
    GunblazeGriffin's moltres
    Hozu's mewtwo
    Baku's shaymin
    Dewey's zorua
    Iron Tyrant's volcarona
    ???'s adamant terrakion
    Pokemontrader's DW eevee
    Hozu's TTar I
    HP electric Suicune
    AromaFlora's ludicolo
    Kaaphotics's Thundurus

    I can offer:
    Flawless DW starters (UT):
    Adamant torchic
    Modest HP fire bulbasaur
    Modest HP electric Charmander

    Flawless events (competitively useful, all UT):
    Timid And Jolly V-create Rayquaza
    Jolly nobunaga's rayquaza (shiny c
    Timid manaphy ( from the ranger egg, has tail glow)
    Timid TRU shaymin
    Adamant Movie14 victini (I know you have one, but this one's in english)
    Naive gamestp Deoxys-A
    Adamant TRU regigigas (31/31/31/27/27/27)
    Timid Sinjoh ruins TRIO
    Timid VGC09 Milotic

    Shiny flawless pokemon:
    Adamant Magikarp
    Timid zapdos with heat wave (unsure of HP) this one is REDIS, and yours are all non-redis

    Adamant DUNSPARCE (GROVEL NOW! lol)
    Jolly smeargle NOT dw, SO USABLE (moody clause)

    Adamant Aron
    Careful Jirachi W/ stealth rocks, Tpunch, iron head
    Adamant Bagon W/ hydro pump and DDance
    Jolly Treecko w/ grasswhistle
    Sassy Mudkip w/ yawn curse and superpower

    Naive Chimchar W/ HP ice, Fake out
    Timid Cresselia
    Timid Darkrai
    Modest Shellos
    Jolly Darumaka (With future sheer force)
    Bold Happiny
    Jolly croagunk w/ Tpunch, Ice punch, cross chop and wuper fang

    Jolly Darumaka
    Adamant Snivy w/ Iron tail
    Sassy Ferroseed

    Sorry for the loong post, but please take a look at it, It took quite a while to look through your pokemon and make sure you have none of these...
    I know It's a ton of trades... but you've only just reopened, but what's better to get business started than a massive batch trade?


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    Too bad this topic has been inactive for awhile, he has a lot of really good stuff :/

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    Wow, this is a very nice shop. Love your organization, it's quite well done.


    I'm a custom RNGer, and I quite enjoy what I do, but there are some things that I don't really feel like RNGing that I need for my team, so I was wondering if the two of us could make an arrangement where you could help me flesh out my team and I could cross a number of wants off your list. My girlfriend also has a few pokemon she wants because she thinks they are cute. If this sounds like a good arrangement, hit me up with a pm and we will work out the details.

    All pokemon from me will have OT: Arkayna, HARU, or MICHAEL, with more details upon making a deal. I can do pretty much any IV spread on any pokemon, so let me know, I'd love to have you onboard.

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    Default Please read

    Can you please trade me event celebi and movie victini?
    The pokemons im willing to trade. mew, sh skeptile lv 100, sh chandelue lv 100 hardy nature max ev, sh dusknoir, sh latios, second chance event keldeo. Please pick what you want(please PM me or message me here asap)

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    I saw your looking for pokemon in apricorn balls. I offer this one (it's not shiny but...)

    Larvitar (IN HEAVY BALL)

    Nature: Jolly | Gender: Female | Ability: Guts
    OT: Andrew | ID: 34250
    IVs: 31/31/31/30/31/31
    EVs: Untoutched
    Current Moves: Stealth Rocks | Pusuit | Dragon Dance | Outrage
    Free Distribution

    I really liked this litwick in your shop:


    Nature: Timid | Gender: Female | Ability: Flash Fire
    OT: White | ID: 23743
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    EVs: UT (Lv.1)
    Current Moves: Ember | Astonish | Heat Wave

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