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    ...Why did Ash agree with Cilan's "bad taste" after Purrloin was revealed to be male, when canon indicates that he shouldn't even know what the situation was about? I guess stuff was a little more blatant this time, what with Meowth actually asking Purrloin to go out with him, but to a boy who even misinterpreted the word "couple", it should've still been alien vocabulary.

    Also, no mini-Cilan flashback made me sad. I hope we're going to get one whenever this phobia will be explained.

    Okay, enough complaining. I enjoyed the episode nonetheless. Seeing someone as kind-hearted as Cilan not even bat an eyelid when Purrloin talked about the emergency situation its friends were in was a nice change of pace. Makes me all the more curious what happened to him!

    Finally, there was the great twist at the end of the episode. All inconsistencies aside, it was amusing, especially since I didn't see that coming at all :D
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