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    Picked up Ichiban a bit early this month.

    The chapter carries on with X's battle against the Team Flare Grunt who snatched both the Kanghaskhanite and Manectite. Manectric hits Tyrunt with Wild Charge but gets recoil damage. The Reshiram statue collapses from the impact as well, but the Grunt moves out before being crushed. The Grunt thinks back on how hard to worked to earn the entrance fee to Team Flare, and wishes he was smart enough to steal the expensive statues and sell them back then. He is upset that wealth is so unevenly distributed and once again goes on with the 'Take' and 'Give' ideal.

    Manectric in truth fails to do much damage to Tyrunt due to the type difference and soon gets thrown back into the Pokeball statue. The Grunt mocks at X and Manectric's futile attempt, but this infuriates Trevor, who believes the bond between a trainer and Pokemon is much more than mechanics. Tyrunt attack Trevor, but Flabebe shields him. X then tells Trevor not to worry as Flabebe will be their saviour of the day.

    Meanwhile, Y, Tierno and Shauna are having trouble battling the 4 Espurrs (Y was technically more focused on questioning Clemont about her mother's whereabouts). Cassius appears, and manages to hold down the Espurrs with his Gourgeist. He binds three of them (one was left confused by Confuse Ray), but then Clemont tries to peek under Espurrs' ears (something which he always was curious about). Cassius tries to stop him but it's too late. The 3 Espurrs end up firing off a powerful wave of psychic energy which throws Clemont into the sky and away.

    Back on X's side, Tyrunt hits Manectric with an Earthquake and it goes down. However, when the Grunt tries to leave, Manectric bites him on the leg and starts dragging him around. The Grunt discovers that Flabebe weakened the Earthquake with its Grassy Terrain, but when he tries to seize it, Flabebe has snuck into his pocket and took back the two Mega stones. Flabebe gives Manectric its Manectite, and X mega evolves it. Mega Manectric fires a barrage of thunderbolts to fry the Grunt, and the Grunt has no choice but to flee. X and Trevor also discover a note held by the Grunt which lists out all the known Mega stones (all XY ones, no ORAS ones).

    Later, the group ends up at Cassius's place, and Trevor (who commented on the garbage-filled house) was shocked to learn of Clemont's 'blasting away'. Apparently the 3 Espurrs vanished (?by teleport) afterwards, but the confused Espurr remained. It was seen with Emma at the end of the chapter.


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    I look forward to Marisso, Salamč, and Kerokero can evolve in this year. And I think Ramos will debut in this year. Grant still needs more scenes.

    By the way, Cassius's fellows have also appear?

    And who's appearance at the end, Emma or Essentia?
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