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Thread: Positives and negatives of each saga

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    Default Positives and negatives of each saga

    As the title implies, what's the biggest strengths and, likewise, biggest weaknesses of each saga?

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    Oh count me in, in one of those peep that think critically when it comes to pokespe
    RGB: positive
    • great illustration from mato,it has great battle,it does a good job showing the location and lastly,it has great character moment and fun chapter
    • negatives:
      the pacing is awful,the villain are terrible,the badges quest was poorly done,red and blue don't interact that much, sometimes it feels like red random adventures, and Is very short

    Yellow: positive
    • A likable protagonist,the pacing got a bit better,a streamlined story, villains with actual motivation, and cast feel more alive here than in rgb,amd yellow and pika interaction are endearing
    • Negatives
    • The heroes always wins,the concept of humans and Pokemon can't live wit each other needs some expanding, and the E4 are kinda underwhelming with the expection of Lance

    • Gsc: positive
    • Gold is a great protagonist,the villains are very intimidating, gold team of Pokemon are fun, and the ending was amazing
    • negatives: Crystal is a meh replacement for gold,the mask of ice motivation are underwhelming, sometimes the stories goes all over the place, and lastly gold and silver rivalry felt underdeveloped
    • Rs: positive
    • The pacing is great,the illustration is amazing, the cast of characters is great, and Ruby is one of the best protagonist
    • negatives: Deux ex machina with celebii,the Kyogre figth was way too long and the romance was ehh
    • Flrg: positive
    • The battles are great, Giovanni is an great and unique pokevillain in this Saga,is very emotional, and it has a shocker ending

    • Negative:red devolplement felt rushed, Giovanni got a disease for no reason, and deoxys story is convoluted

    I will tell e,dp,pt,hgss and bw for another day
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