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    So many games, so comparably few manga. And the ones that exist don't always cover what we'd want them to! So what gave you a letdown?

    I always felt like it's a huge missed opportunity that neither DPA nor Special never gave us the old man on route 228. Considering what those titles did with Cyrus, it would have been an interesting take. And on Galactic, nothing covered the Rotom diaries either!
    (...Charon was in Pocket Monsters though, wasn't he? Because I can't find that volume and it would be interesting to know if that aspect was brought up then)

    A short My Pokémon Ranch manga would be nice. Himeno would have been great for it! At least a few pages showing how Hayley got Mew.

    Some HGSS manga that covered the story of the game. I mean we had Special, but it had already done that, and we had Jou's Big Adventure but that was like Abridged Series: The Series. Even for a single volume work it was incredibly undetailed!

    Of course there's the matter of Golden Boys being unfinished and that could also be remedied. They could do it at any time, too.

    Contests never really got the focus they could have. Even characters like Ruby and Mitsumi didn't give them the screen time the games seemed to wanted them to have). How is it we never got a comic just about a coordinator?

    Something going further in-depth about the weirder elements like the Entree and the version differences would be awesome.

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