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Thread: Return of FR/LG & R/S mains?

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    Default Return of FR/LG & R/S mains?

    Don't want to sound/look stupid. Right now I'm still on HG SS arch so I just wanna throw this question out there. Is it plausible that we'll see some more of the original mains in the future like red or blue. Or even Ruby/Sapphire cus of Omega ruby and alpha sapphire?? idk lol what do you think
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    Please don't use that word. It's highly offensive and other words can be used its place that aren't as offensive.

    Second, we don't know.

    It's highly unlikely to see the old Pokedex holders outside of flashbacks unless they really need to.

    And the ORAS chapter already started, last week.

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    the kanto quartet might return in XY given the mega forms of the kanto starters. But even that is unlikely

    The only define way we would see them again is if the gen 1 games get a remake

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