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Thread: Favorite characters?

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    Default Favorite characters?

    Which characters are your favorite and why?

    My favorite characters are White, Platinum, and N. For N I liked his involvement with Team Plasma in the manga.

    Platinum seems to get into lots of action from what I've heard and she reminds me of Dawn from the anime a little.

    White's character design is my favorite out of everyone and from what I've seen so far, her character seems to be entertaining.

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    red, green, yellow, diamond, pearl, platinum, and white. i like all the pokedex holders, but those are my favorites.

    favorite personality: pearl
    favorite design: white
    favorite group of dex holders: diamond, pearl, platinum
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    I really like all the dexh holder but these are my favorite:
    Favorite personality: Black and X
    Favorite design:Green oak and white
    Favorite group dynamics:The DP trio and the Kalos group.
    My hall of fame team in each game:



    White 2

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    Well here we go. There will only be characters from the RS, DPPt and B2W2 manga here, so bear in mind.

    Steven - anyone who didn't see this coming does not know me well enough. Steven's manga adaption is probably both utterly awesome, but also the most heartbreaking and emotional adaption I've seen of him. He's a competent trainer who can be completely badass in times like with Granite Cave in Volume 16 and saving Wallace in Volume 21, but then from the latter moment on I think my heart just kind of exploded. Firtly one of the cutest bromance scenes ending with Steven giving the champion cape to Wallace takes place (where my shippy side perked up and also began crying at the same time), then Volume 22 happened.

        Spoiler:- Final to the RS arc:

    Wallace - following the last example, you probably know one of the more major reasons as to why I love him. Good god the bromance my emotions ended up in tatters. And

        Spoiler:- Volume 22:

    But yeah, aside from that, Wallace is just the ultimate fabulous guy, what more could I want?

    Riley - underrated character is underrated. Seriously, you know I love aura at this point, and the manga version of it is definitely really cool. I loved the idea of it acting in a similar way to sound waves, and it kinda made the user instantly badass as a result. Aaaaaaand that user was Riley. So yeah! He may not have been a character who got oodles of development, but his more major role in both the DO and Pt manga made me extremely happy.

        Spoiler:- DPPt Volumes 5, 8-11:

    Also, both him and Maylene were the first trainers to advertise Lucario, which is really cool!

    Colress - despite how his personality shifted from how it was in the games, I did really enjoy the shift! He's now more "mad scientist" than "Normal scientist", and I think that it actually worked to make him an awesome character. Also, no hiding about who he's leading now, everyone already knows he's the current Plasma leader!

    I have more, but I'll add them later.
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    Well my single favourite character from the Pokemon Special manga is Red based on his accomplishments as well as his team and personality profile. In terms of group dynamics and chemistry among the characters however, I probably enjoyed Dia, Pearl and Platinum the most cuz they seemed so relatable and fun to watch. :3

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    Most Dexholders I find to be very enjoyable. So there's that.
    My top faves would probably be: Gold, Silver, Crystal, Platinum, Pearl, Dia, Blue (girl), Yellow, and Sapphire.
    My middle faves would probably be: Red, Green (boy), White, Ruby, and Y.
    And bringing up the kinda bottom of the Dexholders faves: Emerald, X, Black. Doesn't mean I don't like them though.

    I haven't seen enough of Lack-Two and Whi-Two yet to place them. From what I've seen they'd probably make middle faves for me.
    Sun and Moon are too new, but they've been outstandingly interesting and fun. If they keep their pace both will make my top fave list. I so want a Moon avatar. Hopefully they'll add one for me

    And as for non Dexholders I have very much enjoyed these characters as faves too: Pretty much every Gym Leader. The Gym Leaders are outstanding characters. Cheren, Bianca, Wally, Shauna, Tierno, Trevor, The Pokeclub presidents, evil teams and their leaders. I just love it all. I'd be struggling to find a character I didn't like XD
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    Yellow was my favorite character because I felt she was underrated throughout the manga, and I have a soft spot for characters like that. She also had an interesting group of Pokemon, which is a plus.

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    Diamond and Emerald are my favorites.

    Diamond's personality really sticks out to me above everyone else. He's just calm and most of the times he is just ridiculous. I like characters with a care-free attitude.

    Emerald makes me laugh at times, but I think how he came off as a jerk in the Emerald chapter. I also like his design...well I like it a lot more when his hair is up.
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