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So it was confirmed we are getting the FRLG arc?
Not exactly. Though it could be if VIZ decides to after the RS arc is done which is in the same volume that FRLG ends.

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IIRC the first BW volume is out 6 or so months after the Japanese one. So we should be about half a year behind Japan with some gaps in Gen III and IV. It's not too bad considering how long Viz waited to start translating the manga.
Yeah, That plus the fact they've gotten out about 19 volumes that weren't published here before plus the reprints of the first 7 that were released first here back when Pokémon first came here in just the span of just roughly 4 1/2 years. So that's roughly 26 volumes that they have released here since they restarted back in June of 2009.

Besides, I kinda wouldn't mind if VIZ (quite possibly the Shonnen Jump division) picks up to start releasing Reburst here. Though I'm happy right now with the outpour of PokeSpecial currently from Viz.