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    Oh, hi. I see you've decided to read my Fan Fiction, so thanks. I would like to say a few things before we get started. Number 1 would have to be my language. I won't say fu**, we can get that out of the way. There may be a damn or piss, but they won't be overly used or randomly thrown in there, so if that offends, back the piss up and outta here. Also, number 2 might be the fact that there might be some excessive violence. No blood, just kinda brutal, but not to brutal. Oh yeah, there will be no SEX!!!! Okay then, read on.
    Some things you need to know:
    - The region this is made in is made up.
    - The champion of said region is our main character.
    - The champion's name is John.
    Okay, I will post Chapter 1 later, and also, pleae put a preview buzz. See ya later!
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    Please read the Fan Fiction Rules before posting. Your first post must contain the first part of your story. Second, we have a rating system in the Rules thread you can use to indicate the amount and level of swearing, violence and sexual themes that will be present, so just use that. Third, you won't create a "buzz" if you don't actually post any content, though generally fics don't get a reputation that quickly anyway. That's kinf of the whole point of posting a prologue, anyway.

    Anyhow, please don't post again until you've read and shown you can follow the forum rules.


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