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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosBlizzard View Post

    Thems is fightin' words, son. Don't make me send Cheren's Aerodactyl to your house...
    Don't worry, I've got an Aerodactyl too, I know how to defend my house with ice types. I'm not a Beatles fan either. Decent music, not my cup of coffee. (Because in America, we don't drink tea. :P) I prefer Aerosmith's version of "Come Together" for example.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosBlizzard View Post

    Um... sure? Not sure what you're referring to.
    Spellign and grammar is yur friend. CAUSE IT AIN'T MINE! What I'mreferring to is how Arceus/God has us do these little side trips for something much bigger.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosBlizzard View Post
    What? That scene comes from the movie Risky Business. Not sure again what you mean by the Hanes commercial...
    Hanes did (I believe for their socks) A series of commercials of people sliding out on a hardwood floor on their sock feet dancing to Seger's Old Time Rock and Roll. And I've never seen Risky Business

    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosBlizzard View Post

    I considered putting these links in the Author's Comments, but I had hoped that on a Pokemon forum people would know "F*** Yeah, Seaking!"

    Ah, there's the problem. I don't pay attention to, nor do I follow crowdsthat use memes.


    I never got much of an apologetic vibe from Munchlax far as blowing everyone off goes. Appreciation, yes. And maybe one for getting them in trouble, but for thibngs like his comments about Christian and Gloria's story, nope. And not for rather eating then helping them.
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        Spoiler:- Breeding stuff:

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