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Thread: Chronicles of Unova (PG-15)

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    This is a bit belated, but I'm glad my entry got such recognition despite failing to make it into the story. If I still possessed the motivation and time for such a commitment, I would certainly take up a writing project involving Rey. I have other projects, school-related and otherwise, that require my attention.

    ChaosBlizzard, if this project is something that you truly enjoy doing, don't stop. I want to see this story completed someday. I can see that you've put a tremendous amount of effort into writing and I would hate to see it go to waste. I rarely visit these forums any more, but hopefully I'll be able to see this story in its entirety eventually.

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    I only read chapter 1 so far but it was so exciting. I couldn't stop reading. I love the detail of your story, and how I can picture it my mind. I pictured the Lugia and Heatran battle very intensely, it felt like I was in the stands watching the battle. I look foreword to reading the rest!
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    Hi ChaosBlizzard, I just wanted to say that I've been reading this story since before I joined Serebii Forums, and I have to say, it's one of my favorite Fan Fictions ever; not just in Pokemon, but of all Fan Fics I've read. It's funny, well paced and suspenseful; I usually loose interest in Trainer Fics after a couple of chapters, but this one made it so I didn't want to stop reading! I really, REALLY hope to see you continue it soon, considering we're at the league now.

    Can't wait to see more, and great job again!

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