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Thread: What do you LIKE about the XY anime?

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    Default What do you LIKE about the XY anime?

    What do you like about the XY anime so far? What do you like about the way the characters are being written, the Pokémon, the plot as a whole? Share your thoughts here.

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    I cannot believe nobody posted yet.

    Okay, things I like about XY:

    - Bonnie. Bonnie is one of the best XY characters and definitely a character I didn't expect I'd love so much. She's little and yet so sweet and mature, and is not even annoying. I always look forward to her episodes because that's where she shines as a character but sometimes she shines in episodes that aren't completely about her: the most recent example being the Sky Battle episode where Bonnie plays a pivotal role in taking care of Fletchling, supporting it and providing moral boost as well as begging Nami to let Fletchling battle which all leads up to Fletchling's evolution. I also really enjoy the bond she shares with Serena; it truly is a sisterly bond and one of the consistent things writers have done since Serena promised to take care of Bonnie.

    - Clemont. Clemont is the other good character of XY though recently his focus has been fading. I really enjoyed his focus episodes at the beginning of the XY saga and I think he has the potential to be better than Cilan in terms of character development. I simply hope writers do not forget about Clemont and his lack of confidence issue that needs to be worked on.

    - I enjoy Ash's regained competence as well, he's being a trainer he's supposed to be given his amount of experience.

    - The battles in XY also look pretty good and the new backgrounds make the stock footage harder to notice, even if it can still be caught sometimes.

    - Some episodes have had original plots; Mirror World episode? TRio dressing up as Ash and co? Battle Chateau? Evil Malamar? Nice.

    - The gym leaders have been handled very well too. The fact that they got me to like Viola, Grant and Korrina is an impressive feat as I didn't care about them in the games very much, but they managed to give each at least two episodes and flesh them out a bit which was very cool. We also got to witness gym leaders interactions like Viola/Grant which were surprisingly shippable together :P. And Korrina got an entire arc, so the writers are pretty dedicated to the gym leaders this time and that is something I really like.

    - The potential. Yes, the potential of XY anime and its characters and plot is another thing I really like because we have Malamar and hints of an evil plan to change the world (most likely Team Flare) and we have confirmed Team Flare with Lysandre making his intro at the end of Act I. Additionally, the series might easily cross over with the Mega Evolution special as the two take place in one universe. I really enjoy that type of storytelling as it allows the writers to expand the universe beyond what we know when we follow our main characters and Alan and Manon are certainly characters worth following. Additionally, Serena has so much potential to become SOMETHING, something but I don't know what.

    ... that's it so far. I'll come back if I have more, haha.

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    I enjoy the duo of Clemont and Bonnie. Another good Brock replacement (which really proves Brock should have been axed years ago), and Bonnie is a cute, fun character. I like the idea of a 4-person group again in theory.

    Serena's sisterly moments with Bonnie are cute, which is about one of the few things about Serena that's enjoyable so far. As for the Pokemon I like that Ash's team is following the AG and DP route instead of what BW did.

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    Finally a thread where we can be positive for once.


    - The animation, such an improvement in every possible way with the battles looking more realistic, the characters looking a bit more older, etc.

    - Ash in XY, wow I'm seriously enjoying him. His personality seems to be returning in some episodes which is great. And his battling skills are so awesome, I mean he fought TR with a BLINDED Pikachu, and still won!

    - Serena is a very interesting character, with lots of potential as well.

    - Clemont is also pretty good himself, entertaining too.

    - Gym leaders are being handled very well this series, no longer are they just strong trainers waiting to be beaten in a battle and never show up again. Now they've got personalities, interesting cast dynamics, etc.

    - The potential of the series is very high. The Mega Evolution specials, being linked to the main series is a very cool idea IMO. I really hope we can see Ash and co, team up with Alain and Marin to take down TF, maybe.

    That wraps up my thoughts right now.

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    -A couple of COTDs.
    -The animation is pretty good.
    -We have an eyecatch, though I wish there was more variety in the quizzes.
    -The endings of XY019 and XY037.
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    The animation is a step up. It really makes a difference to the series.
    The filler episodes are actually enjoyable for the most part.
    All three travelling companions are interesting, different and fun.
    Ash actually training again. Everyone's Pokemon are awesome so far, neat personalities and the birdie gets time to shine.
    The gym leaders are well written, a whole lot better than what the games gave us.
    Whilst there are a lack of competitive rivals (until the Summer camp at least) it hasn't brought it down.
    The backdrops and scenery is very nice, lots of detail and unique settings we don't see too often.
    I like how the characters mesh well together, there's a lot of potential for the bond between Clemont and Serena; and Bonnie and Ash.
    I really like how Clemont is going on a journey to boost his courage, it's new.
    Serena breaking out of her current lifestyle to search for something new is pretty cool too.
    Just Bonnie in general.
    The Special Strongest Mega Evo is also great, it really expands the "Pokemon world".
    Like people said, lots and lots of potential.
    It's pretty good for a kids show. IMO.

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    Bonnie, she has been exactly what I've expected and she's probably the best character in XY imo.
    The battles and animation are really good.
    Some of the fillers, particularly the Bonnie focused episodes, are pretty interesting.
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    et's see.

    -Satoshi, Satoshi and Satoshi. I'm impressed how competent Ash is sin this series. He has more competence now than in the Unova League, which is impressive. In XY, it gives the sensation that unless they create another Takuto'like rival at the end of the saga.

    -Eureka. Kawaii. even though is a little child, Eureka has a lot of interest of pokemon, to the point that she calls almost all pokemon (including things like Yonoir) and to the point that she is displeased if she can't have something with Pokemon because it's too young. Also, Eureka's plot tends to be very mature, specially episodes 14 and 27, who deal with death and serious disease, respectively.

    -Citron. He has become more in the background but it's understandable because Citron (with her Eureka) was getting a lot of episodes during the first 20 episodes. Also, he does well the support role of a sidekick character. And is used as a partner for Satosh's training, like in tomorrow's episode.

    -Corni: Even though I admit that having 5 episodes only devoted to her is too much, Corni's arc is one of the most interesting arcs of X/Y. Corni has a great active personality, we learn a lot how handling Mega Evolution in the anime is not as easy as the games make out to be, we saw Corni struggling to find a Lucarionite and later, we saw that having a Mega Evolution doesn't make you invincible.

    -Rocket Dan (only in Japan): In this saga, they aren't serious anymore, which I found out of character for them. In this saga, they have returned to be funny and having an actual personality... However, they aren't idiots like in the DP series where they were defeated easily without effort and they were doing ridiculous things to appear in some episodes without a true purpose. And they are able to keep a fight even though in the end, they will lose (because they are villains in a children show).

    Satoshi's team. Pikachu, Keromatsu, Hinoyakoma and Luchabull are a very competent team and none of them appear to be treated to be used as a gag. And this saga, even early, Pikachu is an absolute beast. (It took a Shadow Ball from Carne's Sirknight.

    -Carne. In one pisode, we show more characteristic of their goal as an actress than in the entire plot of the games, where is rather boruing and even disliked.

    -Battle Chateau. The ambition that satoshi wants to defeat Zakuro in the Battle Chateau gives the hint that Satoshi si going to complete the Battle's Chateau challenge, thing that I never expected to happen. I still think that Battle Chateau won't be recurring because it's too impractical but it's interesting they didn't forget about this bit of continuity.
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    1)Ash,mostly because Ash is as good as his AG self in battling and uses strategies that his DP self would have used
    2)Ash's new Pokemon: Froakie,Hawlucha and Fletchinder are pretty good Pokemon,and in terms of personality they are wonderful.
    3)Pikachu,because he is not as weak as he was in BW,and is pretty competent
    4)Clement and Bonnie,good substitutes for Brock
    5)Animation,the best yet
    6)The battles,which are absolutely amazing
    7)Gym Leaders,are well written and pretty good(especially Korrina)

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    I'm so proud, a positive thread!

    As others have said. I love Ash's team, each member seems to be competent, have a fresh and interesting personality.

    I like that Ash has matured, in some ways, again.

    I like the dynamic between the 4, the roles are fresh and more original then some in past.

    That's just for starters.

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    wow to some ppl reaction is like everything in XY has been discuss in negative way
    let see
    - Clemont And Bonnie ,i like them even in background they shine
    - the gym leader portray , love how they handle viola , grant and korrina obviously cant wait to see ramos , clemont of course , valerie , olympia and wulfric
    - the animation so fabulous
    - ash skill is back but the character still same as he in bw
    - pikachu , he show more personality and i love all his battle so far
    - the pokemon battle
    - the pokemon in XY , they have been shown with interesting personality
    - some filler have been so fun even some time it miss

    that so far
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    This is all I could think of at the moment:

    • The 1st episode
    • The Pancham episode
    • The Madame X episode
    • Meyer's dilfiness and Mega Blaziken
    • James's Inkay's personality
    • Ash's "ear hair"/design in general
    • AmourShipping

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    If there is one thing i appreciate and like about XY putting main cast aside is sense of world building, beautifully created landscape, architecture and references to Paris or France in general. Through Prism tower resembling Eiffel tower or aquarium in Ambrette town resembling famous ocean aquarium in La Rochelle for example.

    Whole culture, way of life and drive toward fashion, beauty and culture is quite well transfered to pokemon anime. Building on realism.

    I also genuinely enjoy more faithful portrayal of gym leaders in games on big screen. Giving them arcs to be properly fleshed out, get to know more about their past, personality, interests, flaws, possible struggles and hobbies. Such as Korrina and fantastic mini arc comprised of her journey to build on bond with Lucario, trying to unlock secrets of mega evolution and dealing with her own problems and disharmony in mutual understandng between trainer and pokemon. Which is crucial in being able to work as team.

    Or in giving more background to Viola for example, letting viewers know of her relationship with Alexa, showingt how her life looks like beside being at gym battling challengers through participation in Battle Chateau or photography. Revealing how there is more to her life than just gym, or how aside from friendly cheerful facade she is also big enthusiast for battling, traveling and has certain witty, smartass side in her sporting very good friendship with Grant.

    There is also main cast and while im not overly too crazy about every of this individuals i have to say that Clemont, Bonnie and Ash are making this group function for me. Thats not to say how Serena dont have interesting traits and qualities, it just happens i prefer those 3 currently somewhat more.

    Ash is still character i like and enjoy into. Having imo nice balance between his mature, more wise side mixed with his childish, naive and at times impatient demeanor. I am impressed with his streamline of thinking in Kalos series acting at times like protector and mentor of his new friends.

    His more selfcritic apprpach losing fsith in himdself when things dont go well as planned out like when losing against Viola, not being too prideful and unreasonable to ask for help and seek for advice with Clemont and other friends involvement helping him win in rematch. How he blamed himself for Froakie lose with too much pride clouding his judgment and fact that his pokemon lacked enough speed and agility to match Frogadier strength. Or in Ash starting to train more actively his pokemon not taking his opponents so lightly.

    His admiration toward Clemont and his inventions showing lot of enthusiasm, willingness to help out his friends and put training in second plan to help them out. Such as when going after them to save them from Dazz. Or in volunteering in helping Serena make pokevision video. Lot of care and selfless attitude in protecting pokemon and those who are in need inspiring others to do same etc.

    Clemont is amazing character imo. I like his pokemon with Bunnelby after way he battled Heliolisk being momernt when it sparked my interest for it. Or his gluttonous Chespin who can be very mischief but also loyal and determined in helping his trainer and other pokemon in group. Working with Clemont in very good synchronization.

    As far as Clemont as character goes i like his insecure and enthusiastic personality having interesting motivations and aims to accomplish. Seeming like he already posses knowledge, intelligence and everything required to be competent trainer. As well being managable and able to create just about any machine which could be of help for current situation(although in most cases they backfire).

    But at same time lacking courage, identity, thrust in his own estimation and abilities as person. Needing someone guidance and help to get pass this flaws which inhibits his actions and ability to properly act in complex situations. This can be noticed in not having enough courage and confidence to get back his gym when Clembot rebelled. In almost leaving his Chespin with old couple. In being almost intimidated of camera and filming as showed when Serena made video not feeling comfortable to be taking picture which was pretty hilarious imo.

    His passion and pride he has for science and technology. Love and care invested into his younger sister Bonnie being protective brother, despite her questionable proposals of finding him wife and at times criticism. Are another enjoyable and fresh qualities he has going for him.

    In essence his voyage only has begun having a lot more to learn before becoming poised, collected and filled with selfesteem individual. Liking his background, desires and personality.

    Bonnie is third character i enjoy a lot into brimming with that kids innocence, enthusiasm and restless energy,. Being engine which brings excitement, drama and lot of life into what i would otherwise find to be somewhat monotone dynamic. She is curious, hyperactive, dislike to be left out actively searching for opportunities and ways to be of help to Ash and others. Such as in being interested in pokemon grooming, wanting to battle with Dedenne, recklessly playing with Espurr in abandoned house. Taking role of director in pokevision video.

    Trying to find berries for cooking competition between Serena and Miette drawing Serena into competition in first place thanks to poster she found out. Encouraging and giving moral boost to Ash Fletching and indirectly helping that he battles Talonflame eventually. Etc, etc.

    Its interesting how much active can character be even if he cant be licensed trainer and own pokemon. With Bonnie presence making things feel much more cohesive and packed with spirit.


    Brock was replaced by Cilan. Not Clemont, since he came after Cilan with logicindicating how Cilan was replaced by him.

    I also fail to understand how Cilan and Clemont treatment proves "how Brock should have been replaced long time ago". Cilan and Clemont treatment only proves how male companions can be given more focus and attention to their storyline breaking down popular belief of third wheel characters "not being able to get that". So in that aspect if Brock stayed or ever returns to main cast again other males treatment indicates how writers could give Brock character new purpose in this show, provode new interesting dimension to his personality refurbishing his appeal. along with taking advantage of his new dictor career taking him forward.

    Not just Brock. Misty, May, Dawn etc. Anyone from past could be written in interesting, eventful way if they come back. In case writers develop passion and desire to do more with this characters.
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    I mostly watch the show for the pokemon. I do like alot of the designs and animation of the pokemon in this series.
    Ash is another reason. Compared to whatever the hell happened to him in Unova, this seems like he just came straight out of DP without any thought. I also like how he's getting the right kind of focus compared to before.

    The relationship of the group is nice in this series. I always felt that something was lacking in alot of the groups in the past, but this one seems to have one thing in common and that is that they each have an admiration for Ash. The others get along very well with each other too.

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    Clemont and Bonnie! How in the world did I ever watch Pokemon without these two? They literally can make the most boring episodes and the most bland people interesting. I wish characters like Clemont came into the show earlier. He's been a blast. Bonnie too. I always liked Max's role in Pokemon, and Bonnie pretty much fills that role too of being someone who wants to be a trainer but isn't old enough yet. The Pokemon world is seen a little differently through her eyes and I greatly appreciate that. It breathes much needed fresh life into the show.

    The Pokemon are another thing good about XY. Chespin has to be my favorite. And this is coming from somebody who didn't like Chespin's species at first. I love it now! Chespin is funny, not in your face, and all around fun. Bunnelby is fun as well when it appears. Froakie's nice as well. Nice Pokemon. Dedenne has surprisingly not gotten on my nerves and I like the thing more then I thought I would. Diva Fennekin has her moments.

    The animation is good and keeps improving over the years. Gym Leaders have been treated nicely. I don't care for the Gym quest, but the Gym Leaders have all been really nice so far. No complaints.

    Creating the Mega Evolution special with new characters. This is something Pokemon should have been doing for years. Creating a new sidestory. Alan and Manon are both cool. Especially Manon. My only complaint is how long of a wait we have to wait to get follow ups to this.

    That's about it for now. Hopefully more things will be allowed to be added to my list. Everything else is the same as every other region.
    Edit: I guess I can say Serena has her moments too, not many, but she has moments. And the main cast, while not perfect are good enough to carry a show as a group most of the time.
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    I like Ash's team the most. When it comes to him, I couldn't care less, but his pokemon are full of excitement and the dynamic between them is interesting to watch. Everyone seems to have a special way to interact with one another and that's always good to watch. Take the disagreements between Hawlucha and Froakie for example, or Fletchling's reaction towards Hawlucha. Those details make you want to know more about them and invest yourself in following their growth.

    Alos, Bonnie and Clemont are unexpectedly brilliant. Everything they do manages to make me smile or simply appreciate how good their chemistry is with Ash and Serena.

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    Well for one the animation is awesome, especially battle scenes, no more of those stripy backgrounds
    Clemont is a good character (and its been a while ever since Rock in DP), it makes the episodes interesting with some of his science failures :P
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    Clemont is one of the best main characters the show has had in a while. He's a joy to watch on-screen and despite being a scientist, he never comes across as an arrogant know-it-all like Brock and Cilan have in the past. His comedy is some of the best the show has seen and is pretty good even by more general standards. He's a very well-balanced character with moments of strength and vulnerability that make him easy to root for as a protagonist.

    The general group dynamic is still pretty good, as it feels like the group is full of friends who have different personalities but gel well-enough together that you buy them as people who generally want to spend time together.

    The battles for the most part have been pretty solid. I like the way the fights are animated as they generally feel fluid and you can track the movement of the Pokemon in the given space. The pacing of the battles has also been pretty solid.

    Some of the individual episodes have been very good examples of how you tell a story over twenty minutes. The Malamar episode, the Team Rocket disguise episode, the Hawlucha capture episode, all of these have been entertaining and well-structured mini-stories that are further strengthened by the strong group dynamic and general charisma of the main characters.

    I like the decision to showcase Mega Evolution in specials so we're not waiting forever for Ash to encounter them. I still have hope that that plotline can be pretty satisfying.
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    Clemont is the greatest male companion ever (not counting Brock). There is no stopping this blonde monster and the writers are truly on to something when they manage to get me to love a character from the games that I thought was the lamest ever

    More at 11

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    1. Bonnie. She has been the surprise bright spot of the anime considering the last fourth wheel character, Max, was an utter disaster.
    2. The animation. The landscapes and battles look amazing.
    3. Clemont. He has been pretty good so far but could become stale with that invention gag of his.
    4. Animating fingernails.
    5. Serena's design and some of her character traits. Because it proves that the writers are well aware that Dawn is the best and most popular female character they ever created and are trying their best to give us something close to what she was. Though in some ways Serena fails at doing so.
    6. Iris' eventual return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalkus View Post
    5. Serena's design and some of her character traits. Because it proves that the writers are well aware that Dawn is the best and most popular female character they ever created and are trying their best to give us something close to what she was. Though in some ways Serena fails at doing so.
    Serena is nothing like Dawn though outside of some similar girly traits. And her design comes from the games, so had Serena's design been reversed with one of the BW heroines, they wouldn't have looked similar. Considering Serena is being handled the exact opposite of the way Dawn was, I don't see where you're making the connection from.
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    I like the way water bottles are animated. (being completely serious here in case anyone thinks I'm joking. I pay attention to stuff like this haha)
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    That's why I said some traits. If Serena's clothing wasn't fashionable, she would not share those girly traits with Dawn. Besides, I am certain that there is some form of collaboration between the producers of the games and anime. For example, I highly doubt that the game producers could create all male protagonists for the games without the consent from the anime producers.

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    Ash's pokemon are tons of fun.

    Serena is slowly growing into my favorite girl.

    Clemont is pretty funny.

    The battles look really good.

    Credit goes to Sworn Metalhead of Dćdric designs.

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    1. ASH IS BACK.
    2. I like Clemont's character, his dynamic with Bonnie is fun, and the presence of their dad on the show is pretty cool.
    3. Gym Battles have been great so far.
    4. Korrina is a goddess.
    5. Mega Evolutions are treated really well in terms of the visuals. I like how all of them wear their stones like some kind of accessory, and how much of their attacks are made to really powerful and over the top.
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