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Thread: Ash began to work on the international police?

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    Default Ash began to work on the international police?

    Let - Ash finally won the League and became the champion. What else could he keep from complete withdrawal from the series? For example - to be a companion and a kind of mentor for a new hero / heroes (Brock). And - to work in an international police agent. For example to come to some sort of a new region, under the guise of a celebrity visit to deal with different criminal organizations. And in parallel to help each new hero. Well?

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    If Ash became an officer and finally made his main goal to defeat Giovanni and Team Rocket, I would definitely watch that. Much more interesting and engaging than his badge quest every region. Maybe one day in the far future

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    The writers would find a way to mess it up, but it would be better than seeing Ash and friends not win again.
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    It would be interesting to see Ash working alongside the police or Pokemon G-Men with people like Looker and Lance and him being the one who brings down Giovanni and the real Team Rocket once and for all. I can imagine that sometime in the near future, Team Rocket will be more dangerous than ever and even more so than Teams Galactic and Plasma ever did. Or maybe Arceus will just use Judgement on their base with Giovanni still inside.

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    Idk. Sure, he's good at stopping criminal organizations, but that's mostly just luck. He'd need brains to become a professional. :x

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    ... Ash is 10 years old. What International Agency would willingly entrust their secrets and dangerous missions to a child? Champion or not?

    It seems more likely that Ash would continue to travel even after getting the title of Champion. He seems more interested in going different places, catching different Pokemon, and battling intensely against trainers than about the duties of a Champion or even of the police. Yes, he would stop injustice wherever he goes but he's just doing what any decent human being would do if they had the ability and Plot Armor.

    As much as I'd welcome a change in pace from the ritualistic catching of the Pokemon, taking of the badges, and losing of the Pokemon League we have to remember that advertising is the primary focus of the anime. Whatever Ash does, it has to involve him going to the newest region, meeting relevant people, and capturing relevant Pokemon. The current format is the good way to do that and isn't quite broken for them yet, but not the only way ...

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