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Thread: Official Favorite "Series" Thread 2.0

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    Default Official Favorite "Series" Thread 2.0

    Now that Unova is coming to a close fairly soon, it's a good time to reopen this topic and allow CIVIL conversation about which "series" is your favorite, why you think so, and how the Pokemon anime is doing overall.

    Now I say "series" with quotation marks, because although Pokemon is distinctly broken down into a few series, they are not commonly recognized by most of the community. The poll above is our best attempt at making this fair, by providing all of the major sequences of the anime, with the option for you to choose "Another Specific Arc" if you must be specific.

    If you need it, it is broken down as the following:
    Kanto (includes Indigo League and Orange Islands)
    Johto (includes Johto League and Whirl Cup arc)
    Hoenn (includes Hoenn League and Battle Frontier)
    Sinnoh (includes Sinnoh League)
    Unova (includes BW, BW2, Episode N, and DA!)

    Now, just like the last thread, this will be the ONLY place to discuss the show as a whole and which "series" is better than the other. Although massive arguments like this have decreased since this thread first opened, it still happens.

    Here's an FAQ for your convenience:

    Q: So...what's this thread for?
    A: Pay attention. This thread is for you to voice your opinion about the show and tell us which "series" is your favorite. You can use whichever style you like (OS vs post-OS, by region, by group, etc.) to describe it for us.

    Q: Okay, I like Hoenn.
    A: Well, you also need to give us an explanation for why you like Hoenn over the others. If you don not give a reason outside of "I just liked it" you'll get a spamming infraction. We have a poll if you don't want to share your reasoning.

    Q: Fine...I like Hoenn because Kanto was boring and Unova just sucked! A LOT!
    A: Okay, well, bashing is not allowed in here, just like in the rest of the forum. You can have negative OPINIONS about other sequences of the anime, but not ATTACKS. Bashing any series, character, event, etc. will get you an infraction just like in any other part of the forum.

    Q: Can I debate with people in here like in the last thread?
    A: Yes, but it must be done civilly. Attacking a person directly, bashing, spamming, or simply saying that "it's just a matter of taste" is not debating, and all but the latter will get you an infraction.

    Q: So-and-so is an idiot. Thunder armor was NOT a good idea at all - it was ridiculous at best! How are people so stupid?
    A: Yeah, this is not allowed. Flaming other people is not allowed. Respect other's opinions and do not discuss members of the forum.

    Q: The poll sucks! Why is it wrong?
    A: Not everyone follows the same pattern and so this poll is reflecting certain "sequences" of the anime that can be recognized by anyone. If you want to be specific in how you recognize the structure of the series, be my guest. However, DO NOT complain about the poll. It is there simply for convenience for everyone, and it is not the topic of this thread.

    Basically, the rules of this thread are the same rules applied everywhere on this board. Enjoy yourselves.
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    Without a doubt, it's the Sinnoh Saga for me. I won't be talking about the positives and negatives, but I would simply say it hit the spot for me. I loved each an every second of it. Ash actually making strategies, having some strategic talk, a powerful rival that pushed him to the extremes, the wonderful team etc. And of course, a league where he uses reserves is always good. I didn't really care much for Dawn back then, her contests were good to watch, but I mostly loved the spinning technique she developed, which Ash proceeded to develop in many ways.

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    All of Kanto and the Battle Frontier for me. Kanto because it was all new and BF because it was a change of pace.

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    I'm going to go with good old Kanto/Orange Islands here. I will admit that later sagas did things that I liked better than I did in Kanto. The battles got better, the sidekicks were given more to do, Ash confronted the evil team's leaders in later arcs, etc. But what this comes to do for me is the entertainment factor. Kanto is the only season that could really have me laugh, tear-up, smile, etc. It had so many memorable moments for me. I feel like the handling of the characters was great as well.

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    Humana, humana, ha. Hm, I honestly don't know. I mean I love OS since it was the start of things, it had my favorite Pokemon, Misty and whatnot. But, as the show went on things started to improve, like the animations, moves, Pokemon and characters. But, eh, no matter. I pick Kanto, then Unova would probably be next.

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    Sinnoh for being so balanced.

    We got Battles. We got Contests. We got the occasional Brock / Team Rocket episode.

    We got story archs and character development and training just like you guys always wanted.

    The Pokemon were all bursting with personality. There was bound to be someone you actually liked.

    There were flaws but they didn't hinder my enjoyment of the series too much. I didn't have many " Why did this happen " moments. Maybe the Chimchar thing.

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    Kanto and Sinnoh. Anime is something different than games, that's why I prefer gen 1 over gen 4. The reason why I like Kanto saga s because of Ash's Pokemon. They all had unique personalities and stories and the relationship with Ash was much more complex. I will always have love for his original six. Also, there were Brock and Misty, which were the best travelling partners for Ash imo. Furthemore, Kanto is the region where it all started.
    Then there is Sinnoh. I like it because of Pokemon again, but mainly Piplup . Another plus are Paul and... Brock again. I can't think of anything else that would sum it up, I just like these two regions the most.
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    Sinnoh all the way. It was the first time we saw Ash properly grow up somewhat. He'd taken on board things he'd learnt and came up with more unique strategies beforehand instead of constantly thinking outside the box. I loved how they dealt with Team Galactic and then the whole Chimchar saga coming to a climax with his eventual showdown at the league against Paul's Electivire. Also I loved how Ash's journey went side by side alongside Dawn's and how they worked together, it felt more of a team effort all round.

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    It's a Sinnoh vote for me. I'm a big fan of Dawn, and I loved her interactions with Ash like them encouraging one another and utilizing one another's techniques. Aside from that, I think Ash felt the most mature in Sinnoh to me, having strategies and what not. His clash with Paul was interesting to watch, and it made me feel good that Ash beat him in the Sinnoh League. Dawn's contests were pretty amazing, and so are her Pokemon. Her team members are pretty cool choices.

    Next would be AG for me.

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    Although Kanto pokemons are my favorite (especially Kanto starters , I love their personalities), I voted Sinnoh. Ash had an awesome team, Dawn was a great character. They support each other (ice-cream episode, double battles, Dawn waking up at the midnight to help Ash's Gliscor, Dawn giving Ash huge support after heavy defeat against Paul etc.) and their pokemons became a lot stronger at the end of DP. First time ever Ash was really close to win the league. He had a great team, he used strategies like counter shield, ice aqua jet. He didn't make any big mistakes in battles and he did his best. Also Team Galactic episodes were interesting. Paul was a great rival, Ash had to train his pokemons more. I think Brock should have got more screentime. Surely Team Rocket was funny, but I didn't like Team Rocket blast off in "most of episodes". Sinnoh is still the best for me.
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    Either the Battle Frontier or Sinnoh. Both series had great battles and I liked how May and Dawn were handled and the amount of focus both got in each series. Also the rivals in both series were pretty good. Paul, Drew, and Harley were probably the best rivals in the entire series because they were all handled well and were great characters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemaniac24 View Post
    I'm going to go with good old Kanto/Orange Islands here. I will admit that later sagas did things that I liked better than I did in Kanto. The battles got better, the sidekicks were given more to do, Ash confronted the evil team's leaders in later arcs, etc. But what this comes to do for me is the entertainment factor. Kanto is the only season that could really have me laugh, tear-up, smile, etc. It had so many memorable moments for me. I feel like the handling of the characters was great as well.
    I feel excatly the same. I choose kanto for sure, brock misty were my favorite and I know they are not well-developed but they have more personality/ humor etc.. than others. I think thats the defintion of a good anime where you set down, laugh and enjoy and have great battles at the same time with ash having the most focus.
    I liked AG too because I liked may a lot she's my second fav poke girl. everything from her contests, rivals were handeld very well. Also, I liked the way they developed her. It was reasonable amount without being boring.
    dawn was OK, she bores me a little. She got a lot of development more than she deserves which I find it boring and I didn't like her rivals at all, but atleast her contests were fun. What i liked the most in DP is the battle styles and contests appeal ( they were the best in my opinion)
    And ash was strong and mature which is good.
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    I have to pick Kanto for nostalgia purposes and the chemistry between Ash, Brock, and Misty. The emotional episodes were amazing, the references were funny, and the dub theme song was iconic. Sinnoh is probably a close second for Ash's maturity and great battles. Then it would have to be AG, which was kind of limbo for me. AG was kind of the middle ground for the series as a whole. Then it would be Johto, then Unova.
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    For me it has to be Sinnoh. I loved the progression of Ash(& his Pokemon) in this so much. Another thing I really liked was Paul. I feel that he is by far Ash's best rival. I thought they had some great battles and Paul drove Ash to become a better trainer.

    Also, Dawn is my favorite of all of Ash's traveling partners. Oh, and I thought this was the best Brock was in all of the series he was in.

    One more thing, Ash's Sinnoh team was my favorite of his Pokemon teams.
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    I like sinnoh. I enjoy the story and development the show had. I also enjoyed the group and the region itself personally.=3

    Put together by me.

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    I feel like Ash was the best at Battling and the most mature at Gen 4. By far my favorite.
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    A tie between AG and DP for me. There are some elements of AG that I loved and there are elements that it didn't have that DP had which I loved so it's a tie. For AG: I really liked Ash's Hoenn team (especially Sceptile), the fact that the Hoenn team had the league to themselves where each had at least one win if not more, Swellow being the first bird to be used very frequently after its evolution (almost used as much as Sceptile), Phanpy returning and evolving to Donphan, May's contest arc was pretty good, Jessie taking part in contests, Ash being able to go up against/win against legendaries in the BF, and more. The more non-eventful episodes were fun to watch too. I really enjoyed the giant Claydol episode. For some reason, Ash being an eggplant outfit was just hilarious to me.

    For DP: I thought they developed the contest arc more in-depth, more closely tied to the games, Ash vs. Paul is probably the best rivalry ever and lead up to what I thought was the best battle ever in the series with Infernape vs. Electivire at the end, Infernape's storyline and Blaze overall, Sceptile winning against Darkrai, Ash vs. Tobias (even though he lost) showed that Ash probably was the best trainer out of that league besides Tobias, innovations during battles such as counter sheild, Energy Ball absorption, Infernape's Flare Blitz/Dig combo, Ice Aqua Jet, etc.

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    It's the Sinnoh series for me. Ash actually showed his experience in this saga, I liked how he trained hard with Pokémon to become stronger. Also, One of the best things about the Sinnoh series is Ash and Paul's rivalry, I liked how Ash trained Chimchar and later he defeated Paul in the Sinnoh League as an Infernape. This saga also has awesome and strategic battles, the final battle between Ash and Paul is a good example of that. Also, the Sinnoh League is the best Pokémon League I've ever seen, this time Ash actually used his other Pokémon
    instead of using just his Sinnoh team. Also, the battles were awesome! Ash was only one who's able to beat two Legendary Pokémon of Tobias, it just proved who strong he has become since AG.

    I liked the interactions between Ash and Dawn. It's nice of her to support Ash in the gyms, Ash also did the same for her contests.
    The only things I don't like in this saga are the slow pace, Team Rocket's constant interruption and Kenny. Other than that, DP is the best Pokémon saga in my opinion.
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    Sinnoh >>>>

    Ash was in his prime, and his DP team is the best team he's had so far imo.

    Also, most of the characters introduced this saga were handled well.
    Paul was incredible rival to Ash, and I enjoyed almost ever battle they had. I liked Dawn and Zoey's rivalry/friendship too. I'm still a little disappointed that Dawn never beat her but it made it more realistic.

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    First place goes to Original series for me. I manage to receive most fun and entertainment from Kanto,OI and Johto giving me lot of touching moments,smart/ witty dialogue and unique plots accompanied with awkward scenes and natural play of between Ash,Misty and Brock.

    Be it arguing, teasing and moments of care coming from Ash and Misty stubborn attitudes, Brock eccentric , flirty nature balancing things out when conflict and tension would arise or strong unity they produced feeling like friends which understood themselves very well, had fun and liked to joke, bicker and share their past through interchangeable interaction.

    It was nice to see Ash in his starting days as trainer becoming better and more strategic over time learning how to think before reacting, followed with many close moments he established with pokemon like Bulbasaur, Charizard, Lapras or Chikorita showcasing his true trainer qualities and passion he shares for pokemon.

    Rivalry with Gary was pretty sweet too inducing in Ash desire not to give up and try no matter what were the odds resulting in fantastic climax at league.

    Or Misty whose deep passion for water and how to master them growing to understand pokemon and their needs better bonding with Marill and Psyduck which she disliked at first and sad past having to grow up without parents in sisters shadow raised up atmosphere and dynamic of show. I appreciated wide range of emotions and flare she brought into cast, how she developed admiration for her friends becoming better friend and person in general as well being voice of reason in cast and classic heroine in helping to solve many issues by starting initiative through her strong presence.
    Series truly lost some of its charm when she left.

    I dont even have to mention how anime feeled more original to me at that time,with writers being more creative not following games "close to close" as they do now. I enjoyed in unique storylines developed from writer staff like st. Anne , sabrina, Whirl Islands or Articuno erc. Completely anime exclusive region like Orange Islands with gyms and whole league format following different set of rules.
    Including cleverly designed humor and throw away comments containing more mature dialogues and scenes in it with several things passing under radar. More references to Japan culture, romance to shake things up and out of place random features such as use of real guns, bombs, rocket launchers etc.

    Along with anime being more focused on adventure aspect and development of human relationship/personalities rather than on pokemon and marketing to same extent like it was case later on with main cast having genuine spark to their emotions and admiration pervated with close friendship .

    Speaking of Hoenn series they were my second favorite liking group of four with Brock getting little more screentime working well with Max and more or less others aswell.

    May introduced pokemon contests to us having great rivals(ah Harley how could we forgett him or good old Drew), being nice seeing her growth as coordinator and deciding ewhat calling she wants to follow along with collecting several great pokemon(my favorite being Combusken/Blaziken and Eevee(later Glaceon).
    Ash became more mature being capable of taking mentor role toward May starting to develop little different battling style was a good thing too.

    I was contemplating for long time should i put DP or Unova as my third favorite and i came to conclusion how none of them stand out from each other to such extent that i could pull any above each other.

    Unova series while may not been plot and story heavy like Sinnoh had certain innovative and refreshing feel to it experimenting with various new ideas jumping from predictable established .
    And ill readily admit how i liked BW cast dynamc with Iris ad Cilan working out well with Ash feeling like group of friends full of energy and funny quirks their dialogue would produce,. Though not to same extent like OS trio had imo.
    Revival of Giovanni and TR organization with Jessie, James and Meowth being entrusted important missions not being used mainly as comic relief fodder which always gets blasted off was pretty refreshing change as well although i missed their goofiness being glad they became more like their older selves in BW2.

    I guess i liked introduction of Don George tournament too allowing that all main characters remain active, and have outlets through which they can improve not being reserved only on Ash.

    And N arc was for most part enjoyable to me being one of better done things about BW. Especially his fleshed out backstoiy staying faithful to good degree to his past and motive of breaking pokemon free from human influence. N is one of BW series highlights for sure imo.

    Though lack of continuity, Ash reset, terrible league and inconsistent chatracter development took away from lot of appeal and enthusiasm i initially had for BW series.

    Diamond and Pearl:
    It had good characters individually with Dawn being likable character enjoying in her attitude, story arc which resulted with great finish almost winning whole Grand Festival on first attempt and rivals weren't too shabby either(especially Ursula which sadly entered too late leaving more to be desired with her scrimmage with Dawn).

    Ash got some great progress through whole arc,with writers finally giving him proper rivals with Paul playing out well his role with their rivarly having great development and finish at Sinnoh lesague which was surprising and good with return of Ash older pokemon being a plus.

    However chemisty between group was least coherent not having good bonding sending out feel of being like real group of friends travelling together having fun, Brock barely got any screentime, and neglect of some previous characters fom past takes up from it being great.
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    The Indigo League and Orange Islands.

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    overall i enjoyed kanto the most it was funny,sad, and had the best group interactions the battles were good especially considering it was the first season
    battles and character development i will go with DP

    pokemon is a kids anime do not expect an amazing story, if you do not fall into the shows demographic dont complain about it

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    Hoenn/Battle Frontier for me! It had my favorite human character (May) in it for TWO regions which I think is awesome. May had a Squirtle (my favorite Pokemon) and even Ash's Squirtle (my favorite character if you count Pokemon as characters) came back for the final battle. If I explained everything I like about Advanced Generation, it'd take forever, so I won't. But I'll just say Advanced Generation was my favorite, behind it would be Kanto/Season 1.
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    I mean... If we're talking which of the four main series (prior to XY) is my overall favorite, it's gotta be DP. It was far from perfect, of course, but... The quality of the anime was in its prime. Ash learned from his losses and applied some real strategy toward his goal, Dawn was fun and had a really enjoyable story, and Brock wasn't a COMPLETE waste of space. Honestly, I could probably ramble for hours on why DP is my favorite series, but I'm sure many of you already know what I'm talking about. The villains were threatening. The Pokémon were full of life and personality. The rivals were interesting (aside from Kenny). And, above all, the battles were riveting.
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    My personal favorite was Advanced Generation, as I got the most entertainment out of it. Also, it was nice to have Ash mature a lot, and become a mentor figure (when he was a newb student in the OS), and have May's quest be focused on a lot as well. The group had the best chemistry IMO.

    But D/P was probably the best for reasons stated above (Ash was tactical and had a great team, everyone was handled well, and we get to have interesting storylines)

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