Post which characters you found the most irritating/boring/unrealistic/etc. State your reasoning behind your opinion, such as "I didn't like _______'s voice actor, he/she was very _______".

The thread has the approval of Sushi and the other mods, so there's no need to worry about the thread being prematurely closed, assuming people follow the rules.

1. You may mention any anime character, humans as well as Pokémon.
2. Do not critique characters without explaining your reasoning. This thread is intended to be discussive, simply saying you dislike is not enough to justify posting. ABSOLUTELY NO CHARACTER BASHING.
3. Do not reply to someone's post with a simple disagreement/disparagement. In other words: Please let other people have their opinions. If they’re totally mistaken about facts (such as the amount of screentime a character received, etc.), you may correct them, but please don’t nag them.
4. Not exactly a rule, but please note that most characters’ flaws were intentionally created by the writers to avoid making them look perfect. That doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to point out said flaws when criticizing a character, but just keep in mind that every character NEEDS flaws to be somewhat realistic.

General Suggestion:
Examine your opinion before posting it. Assure that your criticism is voiced in a civil/careful manner and doesn’t hurt or provoke others. “_____ sucks”, “______ needs to die”, etc. isn’t tolerated at all and will be infracted, but please avoid using other strong words such as “hate” as well.