Ok Dawn its not so much her I don't like it's more that she isn't dressed that dress is really just tank top. Also when something clicked I was really more fustrated by what they did to her because ultimately all they did was make her a adhd twist of character I really like she is younger version of Daisy without siblings with adhd and it bugs me for no real reason. She is definitelynot only 1 in show with adhd but at least most of them have their own character. And absolutely nothing wrong with adhd. Barry he makes me need a nap when I 1st saw him I wondered if he had energizer bunny batteries. He is just to much. Cilian what dose food and scent have to do with Pokemon battle yes Brock and Tracey kften rambled nonscenscly during battle but their wascq point they were trying to be helpful I'm sure cilian is also but constant talking about scents and savours make a character annoying. And did they have to give him drew color hair which raise many questions in my head.