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    I thinking about the original Fossil Pokemon, Kabuto and Omanyte, and I was wondering what sort of environments they lived in, and what other Pokemon lived at the same time, so I decided that I may as well sprite these Pokemon, as well as re-spriting the originals. If I’m happy with the Pokemon from this era, I’ll work on other time zones, such as the times the other Fossils come from. I’ll also be doing new Dex entries and stuff, I might try to use these in a hack or something at some point.



    The glowing red spots on this Pokemon’s body are not eyes as such, rather heat sensors which can pinpoint the position of prey from 100 metres away. Among the few rational species of Pokemon who have evolved, it has emerged as a powerful predator, second only to its evolution.



    This Pokemon’s shell can come in a huge variety of different colours. When a large group gather in one place, the sea bed resembles a shimmering rainbow. It is in a fierce rivalry with Kabuto to evolve a shell hard enough to protect it from Kabuto’s claws, while its rival does the opposite.



    The vast majority of the individuals in this species are incredibly tiny. If one is large enough to see with the naked eye, it must have already eaten hundreds of its siblings. It is the staple diet of all ‘herbivore’ species currently in existence. A single Omanyte can consume over one thousand in a day.

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    First of all, I love the idea of an Algae Pokemon. I'm one of those people who's of the opinion that there are just too many sparkle-dogs(Yes, I'm talking about Fennekin, Lucario, and Zorua).

    I love your theme of prehistoric Pokemon, and your fluff text adds a lot of flavor to these Pokemon.

    The sprites are all well-done, though that dark portion in the center of Omanyte's shell seems unfitting as a solid color, or at least unfitting as the same color as the "ribs" in the shell(I dunno what else they'd be called?), and Cyalge's fins seem a little too much like the ridges on its back. (Though the latter is more an opinion of design than critique of the sprite itself.)

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