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    Default Within My Own Nightmares

    Hey guys, Dawn_Hero here! For close to three or four years now, I've played with the idea of this fic, but I never really tried it out. It wasn't until back in July I posted it for the first time as "Pokémon Silver Chronicles," but my schedule got in the way of my updating things and I realized I needed to re-do several parts of my fic, so I decided to end it. I re-started yet again with the new title "Within My Own Nightmares," but I had rushed so much that I'd left out crucial details and I really didn't give it my all. Now, I know you all must hate me by now for it, but this is it: my final hurrah. There's no more re-do's, no more make-ups, just this final version of my fic. Characters are being re-hauled, there's now a new prologue, and there will be many more differences to come. Hopefully you'll stick with it, because I guarantee it'll be something worth reading!

    I know my chapters are long, but hopefully the story itself isn't TOO boring. I've got tons of plans in store for this fic, so let's see just how well this works out hahah. This fic will consist of three "books," each one's name being directly linked to the part of the story that specific book holds within it. The books will contain around 20 or so chapters each, and just because I love music so much the first chapter of each book will have a verse from a song that I feel will be relatively appropriate. Hopefully it doesn't detract too much from the experience for those of you who dislike that type of thing.

    I encourage anyone who reads this to post with opinions, constructive criticism, etc. I love to hear what anybody thinks whether it's good, bad, or ugly, so don't be shy about posting or PMing me regarding the story. It doesn't have to be reviews, just thoughts on different chapters or whatever else. I love finding out what you guys think of my work, no matter how nice or horrid those thoughts are. :3

    Oh! And I almost forgot. This fic is rated PG-13, for anyone who cares about that sort of thing.

    Well then... Shall we begin?

    ~Trailer For This Fic~

    And if I die before I wake...
    I pray the lord my soul to take.

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    ===Table of Contents===

        Spoiler:- The Book of Greed:

    Within My Own Nightmares

    The Book of Greed

    Sweet dreams are made of this.
    Who am I to disagree?
    Travel the world and the seven seas -
    Everybody is looking for something.

    Some of them want to
    use you.
    Some of them want to
    get used by you.
    Some of them want to
    abuse you.
    Some of them want to be abused.

    ~Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

    Note: The Prologue is a different style than most of this fic. For the true experience of how this story will be, please continue to chapter one.

    Prologue: The Flames Of War

    September 10th, 2000 A.D.
    Cinnabar Island; 8:35 P.M.

    The ocean waves churned, crashing against the shore of the barren island of Cinnabar and shaking the worn boats at the dock as two women faced each other in the night. A single breeze rolled across the sand and played with their hair, making the differences between the two obvious from even a distance. The woman on the right, young and vibrant, wiped away her sleek blond hair from her bright grey eyes, whereas the woman on the left, although of the same age, seemed tired and nearly decrepit after months of war. Her curly, shoulder-length brunette hair blew into her face, hiding her brown eyes and the frown plastered beneath them.

    "You've done well to get this far, Patricia," the woman on the right said, her weary Garchomp eying Patricia's battered Gengar with apparent bloodlust. "But let's end this fighting once and for all. We don't need to continue on this way any longer - we both know that. Surrender, and we can finally end this war so you can return home to your husband and baby boy."

    Patricia bit her lip, unsure of whether she should trust her enemy or not. She'd never lost a battle in her life, and if she could defeat her this war would surely be over...

    But her mind drifted to the region of Johto, slandered and beaten by the war at hand. The friends she had made so long ago when she began her travels were now dead, and it wouldn't be long before the entire country would collapse. This woman - this monster - gave an ultimatum far too late in this fight for her to ever consider taking it. Her eyes drifted back to the limp body of a man yards away, bruised and unconscious.

    Jeff... It's alright. I'll get you out of here. Just trust me.

    The woman's thoughts were interrupted by a sweet, apparently understanding voice. "You care for him deeply, don't you? Just think of what would happen to your son if this war were to continue on... You don't want him without a father, do you? This needs to end."

    Tears began to well up in Patricia's eyes as she thought of her little boy at home, only six years old and already asking to join a trainer school so he can be like Mommy and Daddy.

    But Mommy and Daddy won't back down and let their country be taken over. Not ever. She'd die before she lets that happen. Zach needs to be taught what true trainers are all about.

    "You can ask to end this all you want, but it's you that started this conflict. Don't blame us for defending our homes!"

    The blonde-haired woman closed her eyes and sighed, running a hand through her hair.

    "We're each down to our last Pokemon... This really is the end of the line. I was hoping you would listen to reason, but if you truly won't, good luck."

    Patricia exhaled, gazing at the Gengar in front of her. "Good luck."

    Nearly instantly the opposing trainer burst into action. "Garchomp, hit it with a dragon claw!"

    Patricia was prepared. "Gengar, quickly - dodge it and counter with a shadow ball!"

    The two Pokemon leapt into action, performing the age-old dance of death. The bulking blue dragon, its dorsal fin cutting through the air, shot towards the purple ghost as the creature slid to the right and narrowly avoided the dragon's vicious claws. The beast roared defiantly and spun to the right, only to be struck with a purple ball of energy. It shrieked in agony, skidding backwards.

    "Perfect," Patricia whispered. "We've got them on the run, Gengar -use hypnosis!"

    The creature locked eyes with the bulky dragon, but the land shark dashed forwards and raked its claws through the creature's torso. Gengar spun and fell to the ground, gasping for air, as the blonde-haired woman let out an appreciative cheer.

    "You've got it now, Garchomp!"

    The ghost let loose another shot of energy, slamming into the dragon's stomach and knocking the breath out of it. Garchomp stood there stunned momentarily before falling to one knee and letting loose a deafening roar.

    Both women glared at each other across the deserted island. Patricia could see why her opponent had been praised so highly in her home country, and from the look on the woman's face, she was thinking the same of Patricia. They both knew the obvious, however; one heavy-hitting attack would decide the fate of two regions and all the people affected by this war of misunderstanding. Two champions would decide the fate of the world. There was no time to spare.

    "Hurry, Gengar - Focus Blast!"

    "Garchomp, give us your most powerful Earthquake!"

    An orange ball of energy began to slowly appear between Gengar's hands as the ghost let out a sinister cackle, the dragon staring it down with a sense of hatred as the entire island began to shake. The waves splashed against the shores and the buildings in the distance began to rattle, windows breaking and walls beginning to crack.

    The two creatures stared each other down as crackling and an eerie orange glow signified the readiness of Gengar's last attack. Finally, Patricia thought to herself as she fell to her knees from the overwhelming shaking of the Earth. The war's over. Earthquake can't do any damage to my Gengar since it levitates.

    The opposing woman looked on, smiling, as the purple ghost cackled maniacally and shot forth the ball of energy. As Patricia watched, however, every hope of winning seemed to drain from her body. The ghost itself was shaken at the last second by the overwhelming move, and its focus blast missed Garchomp's head by mere inches. She slammed her fist into the ground, cursing loudly into the night air, until it suddenly hit her; Earthquake still won't hit her Pokemon.

    "Gengar, hurry! Prepare another focus blast while Garchomp is preoccupied! We've got this!"

    The blond-haired woman continued to stare at her opponent with a determined look on her face. A look that, from any other contestant, wouldn't have bothered her at all... But there was something behind those grey eyes...


    It suddenly hit Patti harder than anything she'd ever experienced before. The ground itself began to churn and crack, and large waves smashed against the rocks at the beach, dragging them back with them into the ocean. A deep rumbling arose from within the Earth as the dragon snarled and sputtered, its eyes squinted with concentration.

    Why would she use Earthquake on my Pokemon when she knows that it won't do any damage? None of it made sense. None of it could make sense. Unless...

    "No!" Patricia screamed, trying in vain to get to her feet but falling back down to the ground. Had she been too late?! Had she really been that oblivious to everything that was going through her opponent's head?!

    Gengar's focus blast began to crackle and spark, nearly ready to be sent flying towards the opposing creature, but something else was now on Patricia's mind. "Don't do this!" she shrieked. "Fight fairly!"

    "This is fair!" the woman yelled back, her high-heeled boots quivering but still planted firmly on the ground. "I'm sorry it's come to this... But there's no other options!"

    The ground itself began to split and crack as an unbearable heat began to fill the air. The rumbling itself seemed to become a thing, seemed to come alive, as a mansion towards the north of the island began to split and crack. Then, in one sudden movement, it shattered into pieces as rocks and ash began to fly through the air.

    "No!" Patricia screamed, trying in vain to crawl towards the wreckage in hopes of stopping what was to come, but to no avail. The pieces flew through the air as lava began to pour from the crater that was once a Pokemon mansion, creeping across the mile-long island and towards the scene of the battle.

    "Garchomp, you've done enough - now finish them off with a single crunch while they're sufficiently distracted!"

    Patricia's eyes widened as she noticed the large chunk of rock flying through the air towards their position. She let out a shriek as she turned to see its impact site - the unconscious body of the man she'd loved for well over a decade, Jeffrey Romeike.

    "Jeff!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Jeff, wake up!" Garchomp sped across the land, narrowing the gap towards Gengar with an impeccable speed as lava shot through the air and slowly consumed building after building on the other side of the island as it made its way towards the battle site.

    As the focus blast finally was ready to fire, Patricia knew what had to be done. "Gengar, quickly! Hit it now!" She pointed her finger in the air at the boulder speeding towards Jeff's location, and the ghost, eying the dragon nervously, obeyed. She felt as if she could feel the grasp of her first loss choking her as the orange ball of energy shot towards the rock with precision, cutting through it and blowing it to pieces as the dragon's teeth sank into Gengar and made it pass out from the intense pain.

    Patricia gazed at the shower of rocks that slammed into Jeff, battering him to pieces as she screamed out his name and crawled over to him. Across the island the blonde-haired woman looked at the scene, shocked, as she recalled her prized creature that had won her so many battles before. After winning this once and for all, it was time for her to become a leader once again. Trying her hardest to feign interest, she did the best she could do in order to keep up appearances.

    "Hurry, Patti - the boats at the dock! We can still make it out of here!"

    The lava crept towards the location, but Patricia no longer cared what the other woman had to say; that's what she had already intended to do. She picked Jeff up and recalled her Gengar, limping towards the boats docked less than thirty yards away. Everything seemed to be in slow motion to her now - the panicked look on her enemy's face as she raced towards the docks, the burning buildings of Cinnabar, and the clouds of ash now hovering over what used to be a city. She felt like she was in a dream - a nightmare - one that she would wake up from any second. A rock smashed into the ground next to her as she continued her journey, turning back only to see the sign that had originally said "Welcome to Cinnabar - the fiery town of burning desire" catch fire and burn before her eyes.

    The woman ran towards the boats and jumped into the one nearest her, untying it and kicking away from the deserted island that was now the site of her latest victory. She grabbed the oars in the boat and began to row frantically as Patricia slumped her husband into a worn metallic rowboat nearby, quickly doing the same.

    The two watched as the lava overtook the island and began to meet the waves that now roared all around them.

    Cinnabar had fallen.

    Kanto had fallen.

    Johto had fallen.

    All that was left was death and the bitter sting of the first loss that she had ever had. Now sufficiently far enough away from what had once been Cinnabar - now only a churning mass of lava covered with clouds of ash - she looked down at her husband and huddled up next to him as water sprayed against her face.

    Blood trickled from his forehead and cheeks as he breathed slowly, painfully. The rocks, even after Gengar's focus blast, had been far too big. Tears began to run down her cheeks as she stared at Jeff, wishing that, for one last time, he could open his beautiful blue eyes - the ones that she was so thankful her son had inherited from him - and tell her he loved her one last time. Would he know she tried to save him? Would he remember how much she cared...?

    She curled against him and, for the final time, held her husband. She felt his pokeballs against her waist, felt the waves which sprayed water into her face as they were crashing against their boat, and heard a rather cold woman's voice off in the distance yell across the waves, "Patti, it's over. You can go home now."

    She had failed her mission... The war was over now, they were overrun. Johto had fallen to Sinnoh for Arceus knows what reason. And now, curled up at the bottom of a boat next to the only man she'd ever truly loved, all she had was a little boy at home who wanted to be the one thing that had killed her husband in front of her very own eyes.

    A Pokemon Champion.
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