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    League Enchanted Garden

    Welcome to League Enchanted Garden, official league of Team Enchanted Garden,and it's amazing founder... Eeveelover824! Here, you will face many challenges! And they will be fierce battles against strong opponents! But first, let's go over the rules...


    1) No spamming, trolling, or flaming.
    2) No using ubers.
    3) Please don't go crazy after you finish a battle.
    4) No telling people's teams unless it is Gym Leader/Elite 4/Champion talking ONLY. If a challenger is caught telling another team you will be punished by taking one badge away that you have earned as a warning, second a strike, and third warning will be pernamant banned.
    5) Gym Leaders can be challenged in any order(if have wifi and PO you can mix and match badges but ONE type though)
    6) Elite 4 MUST be challenged in order.
    7) If you lose to a Gym Leader, you must wait one day to rechallenge
    8) If you lose to an Elite 4, you must wait two days to rechallenge and start over with Elite 4 #1
    9) All leaders can change a pokemon in their team anytime they want
    10) If you lose to the champion you must rechallenge the Elite 4 again.
    11) If the champion is defeated, the champion must rechallenge EVERYTHING.
    12) Once you finish a league battle, post the score.
    13)When choosing a type as a gym leader/elite four it has to be a type no MISCELLANEOUS its not a type
    14) If the leaders are inactive within two weeks, they will be kick
    15) No Counterteaming
    16) WIFI ONLY: Myself(~Exodus/DrasticPhase) will test battle you if you are qualified enough to be a gym leader.
    16) Failure to follow these rules will result in:

    1st Rulebreak: Warning
    2nd Rulebreak: Day ban
    3rd Rulebreak: Week ban
    4th Rulebreak: Permaban

    Uber List

    Deoxys (Attack Forme)
    Deoxys (Normal Forme)
    Deoxys (Speed Forme)
    Giratina (Altered Forme)
    Giratina (Origin Forme)
    Shaymin (Sky Forme)

        Spoiler:- Registering:

        Spoiler:- Gym Leader/Elite 4 Sign Up:

        Spoiler:- Challengers List:

        Spoiler:- Gym Leaders PO challenge:

        Spoiler:- gym leaders wifi:

        Spoiler:- Elitefour:

        Spoiler:- League Champion:

        Spoiler:- TEG bage case:

        Spoiler:- Rankings:

        Spoiler:- Support:

        Spoiler:- Credits:

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