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    Battle Style:Wifi and PO
    FC(s):in my sig black version
    PO Name:Eeveelover824
    Referral: TEG leader

    Gym Leader/Elite 4:Elite Four
    FC:in my sig lol
    PO Name:Eeveelover824
    What division(PO or 5th Gen):both
    Type: grass
    What Pokemon Badge You Want( From NL ): well not sure if i need a badge lol...anyway shaymin

    hey skam i hope i did everything correct this is my first league lol...thanks alot sweetie for the clan
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    Looking for dedicated gym leaders for my league if your interested visit the TEF League!
    Psychic,flying,fire,and ice gym are available as well one spot for e6 member if you are intreasted!
    If you like my animation banner visit my art shop for other various banners in the fan art shop section
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