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    Post Oh, this has got to be the good life [PG-13]

    Hello, reader!

    Basically, what this is, is a writing exercise for me. But it's a bit bigger than that. I hope it's good enough that it was worth posting this, but meh. We'll see. I doubt I'll get any reviews for the first post, but maybe I will after I start posting the other parts. Maybe. haha

    Anyways, this was inspired by two things;
    1. the movie Eat, Pray, Love (will read the book someday) and
    2. This video project that some guys did. Here's a link to that project:
    Basically, what those guys did was travel all over the world and compacted it into one minute videos based upon three actions; Move, Eat, and Learn.

    This story is more like the second inspiration than the first. I think the phrasing of the first one was its only inspiration. haha. Maybe the poster for the movie too. But the concept of the movie is somewhat similar; my story is like that minus the huge underlying meaning.

    Also, there was a specific song that I listened to while writing this. For those of you have haven't guessed, it is Good Life by OneRepublic, the fourth single from their second studio album Wake Up. It's a nice song to listen to while reading this, but that might just be me. The song's meaning can be applied to the story, although judging from a couple live performances, there's another, totally unrelated meaning to the song.
    But anyways, here's a link for those who might want to try it out:

    So, without further ado, here goes!

    Oh, this has got to be the good life

    Rating: PG-13, mainly for swearing.
    Point of View: First Person
    Summary: The diaries of a young woman, explaining her experiences through out her travels.
    Me. (completed)
    ------------ Experiences. (in the works)
    ------------ Places.
    ------------ People.
    ------------ Food.
    ------------ Sounds.
    ------------ Me.2


    My name is Mica Rae Sanders. Seventeen years old; female; born in Canalave City, Sinnoh; and I currently live everywhere. My trainer classification would be backpacker, since that’s what I do, but in no way do I run around in comfortable tank tops and cargo shorts. I like my pretty, pretty dresses, and dressing up. But I am not a Pokemon Trainer. That’s my boyfriend, Joshua Morgan. I do own pokemon, but I don’t do the whole “Raise ‘em, battle ‘em” thing.

    Now, everywhere. That’s a big term. I don’t actually live ‘everywhere,’ but I don’t really live anywhere either. The world is my home. Traveling, experiencing things, doing new things; that’s my thing. I’ve been almost everywhere. Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh, Hoenn… The only places I haven’t been are Unova and Orre, if we only consider the main bodies of land.

    A little more about me. I like to read, although I don’t read a lot. I read mainly when I’m on a boat and I’m getting ready for bed or something. I don’t really play any instruments, but I do try them out when they’re in front of me. I live simple; if I want to do something, I do it. There’s no reason for me not to try it out. You never know; you may really like it. I also like going out for walks, playing with my pokemon at the park, listening to music, laying in the grass, eating new food, dancing (although I’m in no way a good dancer)

    The important things to me are as follows and are in no particular order. Life and living. The people I care about. My pokemon. Love. Music and the soul. Simple as that.

    I’m also a bit random, but not so much that I hear a simple, random sound and I lose my train of thought. I just do silly things often.

    I have a bit of a potty-mouth too. But I try not to curse.

    I left Canalave City, despite the fact that everyone I loved and cared for was there, because I couldn’t take living in that shell anymore. I left when I was twelve. There was so much out there, so many things that I’d never seen or tried before, and staying in Canalave wasn’t going to help me. I had to get out of the controlled environment and ****in live! So I said goodbye to my family (which consists of my father, my mother, and my little brother who I miss oh-so-much) and kissed my boyfriend and left. I should have explained why I was leaving to him though; he thought he was the reason for the longest time. Thought I wasn’t happy with him anymore, and I just left as a way to “run away.” I laughed at him when I found out.

    Speaking of my boyfriend, he’s a really big part of my life, despite the fact that we’ve been in a long distance relationship for a long time. We started dating in November, on the 17th, way back when I was twelve and he was thirteen. It wasn’t really a serious thing back then, but we could never break-up with each other, despite the distance. Why not travel with him? He wants to train pokemon, collect badges, and partake in the Pokemon League, that kind of thing. I want to sight see. Live my life. Wake up in the morning, get up and walk, not knowing where I’m going. But we always stay in touch. Videophones, Pokegear, webcam, whatever we can do to talk. We stay up until late at night, talking about our days and stuff. I miss him so much. Sometimes, I wish I could just be beside him, and hold him again. But no matter how much I miss him, I can't abandon this lifestyle. Not yet. There's too much to see.

    I really live up to my backpacker classification.

    I have two pokemon; a zigzagoon name John Lennon (a.k.a. JL) and a shiny ponyta named Agnes. I met JL when I first reached the Hoenn region. Josh was getting on my case about me not having a pokemon to protect me, so I went out, tossed my Pokeball at a random bush and viola! John Lennon. I named him John Lennon because at first, I couldn’t come up with a good name for him. Then I played some Beatles songs, and he started to hum along. It was a Lennon song he started humming to (Happiness is a Warm Gun), so that’s his namesake.

    Agnes’ story is actually kind of sweet. I had JL with me, yes, but Josh wasn’t happy with my form of protection. I was, but that’s beside the point. My silly boyfriend decides to go to a breeding center and scout out some pokemon. He actually stays at that breeding center for three weeks before leaving with my new pokemon. He was lucky, he says, because he met someone who was willing to trade his shiny baby ponyta for some berries. Apparently, this breeder really needed these berries.

    But instead of sending it to me immediately, he waited until out monthiversary (people call this monthsary, but for some reason, I can’t say monthsary properly. I stumble with the syllables; and accidentally said ‘monthiversary’ while Josh was trying to teach me. And it stuck). Imagine my surprise when I got on one of the videophones in a local Pokemon Center and he told me to go to the receiving terminal. And then a pink and purple Pokeball materialized. And a ponyta blue flames instead of red and orange burst out of the ball. Imagine my surprise.

    I named her Agnes because she looks like a unicorn, and Agnes loves unicorns.

    Pretty good monthiversary gift, if I do say so myself. Josh doesn’t know how happy I am with her though. He thinks I’m nonchalant about the ponyta, but I’m ****in ecstatic about her! I trained her as best as I could, although I must admit, I’m bad at training.

    Oh. I’m bad at pokemon training. I didn’t pay attention a lot during the annual pokemon weeks while I was still in school. So it’s safe to say that my pokemon and I aren’t really accepting any challenges. We just want to explore and enjoy everything this world has to offer!

    I want to live. I stated this earlier but I want to stress this. I want to live. There is so much that the world has to offer. So many experiences to experience, places to go, people to meet, food to taste, sounds to hear. I’ve sacrificed so much just to do this, but this is what I want to do. This is the path I have chosen. And I’m sticking to it. Who knows what’ll happen to me once I’ve finished this journey of mine. But that’s not a big problem; I’ll find something I’ll love to do one day.

    A good man once said something. He was a teacher of sorts. “Find a job that you love to do, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” And that’s what I’m doing. Today, I love traveling. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe I’ll bake. Maybe there’s a chance for me to become a trainer yet. Who knows?

    And there it is! Expect Experience to come out soon. Thanks for reading!
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    Huge thanks to Sweet May at the Lunar Subterrane Graphics

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