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  • shiny flawless modest zorua

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  • shiny calm flawless evd jelliscent

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  • shiny timid flawless joltik

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  • shiny timid flawless volcorona

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  • shiny jolly flawless gible

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Thread: Ice dragon's pokemon shop

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    Talking Ice dragon's pokemon shop

    (Credit to Victini 01)
    Welcome to my new trade shop. Im hitsu1996 and i hope we can work out some trades!

    Rules: read b4 u post!

        Spoiler:- Rules:

        Spoiler:- Punishment system:

        Spoiler:- Offenders"
    [SPOILER="honourable users:

        Spoiler:- Terms:

    NOW Finally my offers:

    [IMG]http://i41.*******.com/260y70j.png[/IMG]- these include flawless!
    (Credit so sarah-1)

        Spoiler:- shinys+shiny flawless Ut pokes:

        Spoiler:- Ev'd/T shinies:

    NOTE: If for some reason the shinies i dont trade u are not flawless like listed then you will get store credit.
    if its: near flawless=1 credit= 1 dw poke (unless the not perfect one is in a useless stat)
    good ivs=2 credits=1 event
    random ivs= 3 credits=1 shiny flawless.
    Also *= needs to be cloned

    (Credit to Victini01)
    For events ask for specific ivs and ill tell you what i have.
        Spoiler:- Events:

    [IMG]http://i44.*******.com/157d4qr.jpg[/IMG]- some flawless, good ivs
    (Credit to Victini 01)
        Spoiler:- Flawless regulars/good ivs :

    [IMG]http://i43.*******.com/14kdz08.jpg[/IMG] (Credit to Victini 01)

        Spoiler:- Dream world:

    [SIZE="4] ITEMS:[/SIZE]
        Spoiler:- items:

        Spoiler:- Services:

    Just some stuff you may wanna see:

    (big offers for torchic as its flawless and adamant.)

    (Big offers, its flawless)!

    (Big offers, timid and flawless)

    (timid and flawless, big offers!)
        Spoiler:- wants:
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    (Credit goes to Keldeo647 for ma user barz)

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