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Thread: help finish up my team please

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    Default help finish up my team please

    hey so me and my friends are had a pokemon draft. We each drafted 4 pokemon and then we each get a starter of whoever we choose and any pokemon whether he has been drafted or not. Also we get a 7th secret pokemon of who has not been drafted which almost seems pointless to me. We are doing this with no legendaries. Pseudo-legendaries are allowed. we're going to level them up to 65 and then battle them. we are playing in gold and silver and u can trade and what not from red and blue.

    i drafted jolteon, espeon, starmie, and nidoking.

    jolteon will have thunder, thunderbolt, bite, and shadow ball.

    espeon will have psychic, shadow ball, bite, possibly dream eater/nightmare

    starmie will have thunderbolt, surf, ice beam, and psychic

    nidoking will have thunderbolt, ice beam, surf, possibly earthquake

    i have been thinking mainly about using typhlosion with flamethrower, earthquake, thunderpunch, and dynamic punch and snorlax with rest, sleep talk, hyper beam and possibly earthquake as well. i have also been looking mainly at tyranitar or dragonite in place of snorlax because they have such great stats.

    the friends that are the most experiencing and that im mainly focusing on creating a team to beat teams look like this im assuming.

    snorlax, kingdra, dragonite/tyranitar, scizor, crobat, and most likely either charizard or possibly typhlosion

    the other team will most likely be tyranitar, dragonite,
    charizard, heracross, poliwrath, maganium

    i'm open for any advice on which starter and which free guy i should take based on these two teams i will be going up against but i would also like advice on move sets and hold items. thank you for your help in advance and sorry there was so much to read

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    Please use the correct format, and you need to post
    EV's and descriptions as well.


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