Welcome to the GE4C club
(gym, elite4, champion, club
Why are we here?
We are here to not only support the gym leaders, Elite four
and Champion but to also help you defeat them. So if you are
stuck on a pokemon game were you have to defeat either one of them then
heres the place to go! We also love to see fanart of the GE4C. Not only that but we also hold contests and freebies for you to enjoy! So get on over and join!

What will will expect?
- Contests of all kinds
-Freebies and requests
-Help for your pokemon games
-brilliant fanart
-and a featured GE4C with a dosen more info about them

Could we see some examples of your freebies?
Not yet, I need to make them first! But they will be done fairly quickly

Featured GE4C member


PIDGEY: LV.9(sshg) LV.7 (gs)
moves: Tackle/Sand Attack (sshg)
Tackle/Mud slap (gs)
PIDGEOTTO: LV.13 (sshg) LV.9 (gs)
moves: Tackle/Roost/Gust (sshg)
Tackle/Mud slap/Gust (gs)

Falkner, overall should be an easy wipeout. Contain a thunder type for the most damage, but watch out for roost! Keep alot of potions in this battle.
Cool Facts
Falkner's Pokémon are the lowest level of any Gym Leader. His level 7 and 9 (9 and 13 in Generation IV) Pokémon include an underleveled Pidgeotto
Falkner is the only male Gym Leader that specializes in Flying-type Pokémon.
Falkner is the only Gym Leader from either Kanto or Johto to only use Pokémon of his Gym's specialty type, even in the Pokémon Stadium series.

-More information will be provided for more of the leaders after this club has been accepted