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    Default Harvest Moon Club!

    .:Welcome to the Harvest Moon Club!:.

    For people who don't know the Harvest Moon Series, they are a series of games about your life in either a town or an island as a farmer, befriending your fellow villagers, wooing your potential marriage candidate, and even have a baby!

    Here, you can discuss anything related to the Harvest Moon games here. Which games are you playing? For how long have you played? Which game is your favourite? Which character is your favourite? Are there any shippings that you support? Feel free to talk about anything you like!

    In addition, the starting topics will be the questions on the above paragraph.

    Also, please feel free to submit any Harvest Moon fanfics and fanart so that everyone can see your pieces of work!

    Flame Mistress

    .:Fan Fiction:.

    .:Fan Art:.

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