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    Default Magnum Thunderforge Graphics

    Welcome to Magnum Thunderforge Graphics!

    This shop consists of both Neo Pikachu and Novan Hero. Both of us cover everything from banners in Photoshop and GIMP, Userbars, Wallpapers, Sprites, and loads of other things.


    Flame Mistress (ON HOLD)



    1. Make sure you follow all of Serebii's forum rules. Obviously what goes on in here is no exception.
    2. You're free to make requests if the shop is open. My last post in the thread will indicate the shop's status, whether it's open or locked. If it's open, you're free to make a request, provided you're not on the waiting list already. But, if it's locked, you've got to wait. Locks are only temporary, and are really just there to give us time to catch up.
    3. Please download and upload your requests once they're completed. I may delete it off of my Ultradyne Photobucket account at any time. Although I do have a Pro account and bandwidth and storage space aren't issues anymore, it's already overflowing with stuff at the moment.
    4. If you want pictures and/or backgrounds in your request, you need to provide them. Also, note that tiny images can't be scaled up, as that only makes them blurry and ugly. Images you provide will only be that same size or smaller in the final piece. If we find an image is too hard to work with, we may have you get another one, or we'll try to find a suitable replacement on our own. The bigger they are, the easier it is for us to work with and the less of a chance there is of this complication happening. Bigger images will also make for better looking banners.
    5. Yes, either of us reserve the right to turn down any request, but this will only happen if there's a good reason for it. If things also get too dicey with school and/or work for either of us, we may need to close the shop up for a while. Also, if you're using other people's images, make sure you have permission to do so. Yeah, sorry, but neither of us is responsible if someone comes after you with fists swinging if you had us make a request with their artwork in it.

    • Avatars
    • Graphic Art Banners (Many types and themes, see below)
    • Userbars/Icons/Buttons
    • Wallpapers (Make sure you have REALLY big images for this if you plan on requesting one)
    • Sprites
    • Animated GIFs

        Spoiler:- Avatars:

    I use loads of different styles for my banners, so check them out and see which one you'd like to request. Note that this also works the same for avatars and wall papers.

        Spoiler:- Fragmentation Banners:

        Spoiler:- Dark Banners:

        Spoiler:- Graffiti Banners:

        Spoiler:- Post-Apocalyptic Banners:

        Spoiler:- Surreal Banners:

        Spoiler:- Tech Banners:

        Spoiler:- Animated Banners:

    On the smaller side...

        Spoiler:- User Bars/Icons/Buttons:

    Looking to revamp your desktop or just want something on the big side? I can do that!

        Spoiler:- Wallpapers:

    Heyo! I'm Novan_Hero and this is my section of the Magnum Thunderforge. I specialize in Userbars and in Animation so yeah. Also, please read the Important Notices, as they are Important Notices.

    »»Request Limits««
    You are Allowed a Max of these Per Request, After every Request you must wait 24 hours until your next one.
    Banners: 2
    Team Pose: 4
    Userbars: 4
    Battle Scenes 4
    »»Novan_Hero's Artistic Abilities««
        Spoiler:- Banners::

        Spoiler:- Team Pose:

        Spoiler:- Userbars::

        Spoiler:- Battle Scenes:

        Spoiler:- Xat Chats:

        Spoiler:- Accessorized Pokemon:

        Spoiler:- Important Notices:
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