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Thread: Community POTW #36 - Special #2

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    Baton Pass locker.

    Espeon @ Leftovers / Life Orb / Focus Sash
    Trait: Magic Bounce
    Nature: Modest (+SAtk, -Atk) / Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
    4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
    - Stored Power
    - Shadow Ball
    - Hidden Power [Fight]
    - Baton Pass

    The ultimate end result in a Baton Pass chain. Eat as many boosts as possible, pass to Espeon, sweep, then Baton Pass back if you can't kill the opponent for some reason.

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    Here's my 1st ever post here (: and blah blah I will only talk about Jolteon

    Well, Jolteon is my fav Eeveelution (: I have two of it, and I really want one with the DW Ability but I can't u_u anyway x33 since Jolteon has appeared I always say hey this guy is just a beast (: 130 Speed base and 110 Sp Atk Base make Jolteon a really good sweeper (:

    Volt Absorb: All Electric moves that hit on Jolteon would recover a 25% of its Max HP.+
    Quick Feet: Maybe the best Jolteon ability, making a fast sweeper into a more fast sweeper :B if we have some status problem.

    Now I have more Speed
    Jolteon @Toxic Orb / Flame Orb
    Trait: Quick Feet
    Nature: Modest / Timid
    EVs: 6 HP / 252 Sp Atk / 252 Speed
    » Thunder / Thunderbolt
    » Hidden Power (Ice)
    » Shadow Ball
    » Protect.
    ~ Okei I think is a standart set, Thunder or T-Bolt have coverage, Thunder is here to abuse the rain, HP Ice here gives us a Pseudo Bolt-Beam which is always nice, Shadow Ball would take Ghjost and Psychics (: and Protect is just to activate our Orb.

    Which weather did you tell me we are going to have?
    Jolteon @Damp Rock / Heat Rock / Focus Sash
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 116 HP / 142 Sp Atk / 252 Speed
    Nature: Modest / Timid
    » Rain Dance
    » Sunny Day
    » Thunder
    » Volt Switch / Thunderbolt / Hidden Power (Ice or Fire)
    ~ Here come the Permaweather breaker (: before Politoed and Ninetales make the 5th Gen Permaweather appeared I use jolteon to set up Rain or Sun deppending on what i need, but this time, Jolteon makes a good breaker of the permaweather, Thunder is nice on the Rain, Volt Switch to scout out or maybe HP Ice or Fire, Ice to get some coverage or Fire to abuse the Sunny Day, about the Items, the rocks will increase our weather (: but a Sashy Jolty would set up and keep alive to sweep ;D.

    ~ This is my first time here and I hope someone can find useful one of this set >w<

    Pokemon Showdown Nick: Xx_Tyki_xX

    3Ds Code: 5171-9832-9728
    Friend Safari Fire.

    Visist The Black Sheep Ark, I will always do my best.

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    Glaceon is my number one favourite Pokemon, so I have to contribute to this. I haven't made a 'good' Glaceon yet so all of what I'm about to say is just theory, but at least I can throw some ideas out there.

    Firstly, Glaceon somewhat falls in the shadow of the other Eeveelutions in that it has a poor typing and a fairly shallow movepool. Its niche is in Hail teams or against them. Aside from Kyurem it gets the strongest Blizzard in the game. Blizzard is a special move with 120 base power, that gets STAB on Glaceon, backed up by 130 SpAtk, that hits all the opponent Pokemon and cannot miss in Hail. Oh, it has a chance to freeze as well. This is what makes Glaceon awesome (aside from its good looks). Unfortunately, that's really all that makes it awesome...

    Both of Glaceon's abilities activate in hail, Snow Cloak boosting its evasion by 1 and Ice Body letting it recover 1/16 HP per turn, i.e. a second Leftovers. This, combined with the Blizzard factor, means that Glaceon should ALWAYS be used in Hail if at all possible.

    Now for the movesets:

    An Ice wall? Fat chance...
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Ice Body
    Modest Nature; 196 HP/62 Def/252 SpAtk

    This set tries to utilise Glaceon's high defences. Leftovers and Ice Body mean 1/8 of your HP recovers per turn. The HP EVs give 320 HP at lv 100 with max IVs, which is the highest Leftovers number it can reach, if you care about that level of precision. Protect stalls for recovery as well as for Toxic damage. Wish followed by Protect is a great recovery option. Blizzard is there because using Glaceon without Blizzard is a criminal offence. And it stops you being Taunt bait.

    The downside to this set is that other Pokemon can pull off something similar but do it better. Walrein in particular springs to mind for use in Hail teams.

    Wannabe sweeper
    Item: Leftovers/Life Orb/Brightpowder
    Ability: Ice Body/Snow Cloak
    Modest Nature/Quiet Nature; 196 HP/62 Def/252 SpAtk
    Hidden Power Fighting/Electric
    Shadow Ball/Work Up
    Fake Tears/Work Up

    Here's an attempt to fully exploit Glacoen's huge SpAtk. Life Orb can be paired with Ice Body here so the recoil is partially offset. Or you can combine Brightpowder and Snow Cloak if this combination is allowed (it is at least easier to get). Quiet nature is an option for use with Trick Room; base 65 speed is fairly average so it could work.

    Blizzard ruins worlds. Hidden Power Fighting pairs with Shadow Ball for wide coverage or just to counter Steel and Ice; Electric gives you an inferior BoltBeam setup. Work Up is Glaceon's only option to boost its own SpAtk, but considering how high it is anyway it's viable. Fake Tears halves the opponent's SpDef, which will either cause them to switch or be obliterated by whatever you use on them next;used strategically it could work very well.

    The downsides to this set unfortunately severely limit its effectiveness. Glaceon is simply too slow to act as a sweeper, and considering it is also weak to Mach Punch, Vacuum Wave and Bullet Punch, you'll either have to be very lucky or have a very thorough setup to make this work.

    Some other options:
    Choice items are a possibility but Glaceon's offensive movepool is just too shallow... Water Pulse and Signal Beam are pretty much the only other moves it gets, and they don't provide much. Also, base 65 speed isn't really good enough to use Choice Scarf properly, and there is the aforementioned issue of priority moves.

    Synchronoise is a really silly possibility that might find a use if Glaceon ever finds itself against 3 Ice types. But Blizzard will usually be stronger anyway...

    Team of my favourites:

    4th Gen 'Demolition Squad'

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    A few for Jolteon:

    Jolteon @ Choice Specs
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Timid/Modest nature
    EV's: 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe
    Hidden Power [Ice]/[Grass]
    Shadow Ball/Signal Beam
    Volt Switch

    Jolteon has a blistering base 130 speed stat, and an above-average base 125 special attack, so it is an incredible user of choice specs. Thunderbolt is Jolteon's best STAB, unless you're running it in rain, in which case use Thunder. Your choice of hidden power is based on what you want to hit. Ice is generally preferred, letting it murder dragons and Gliscor. The only real advantage to grass is that it lets Jolteon work as a Gastrodon/Quagsire lure. Shadow Ball and Signal Beam depend on what hidden power you use - if you use grass, use Signal Beam so you have a way to hit Grass-Types. Volt Switch is the final move that lets Jolteon work as an excellent momentum gainer. Baton Pass can be considered over Volt Switch if you're worried about ground-types. The EV's are self-explanatory, and the choice between natures only depends on whether you want to tie Aerodactyl and Crobat, and outspeed +natured base 120/125's (Sceptile, Swellow, Weavile, Alakazam) or not. Always use Volt Absorb on Jolteon, since it does not need the extra speed from Quick Feet.

    Sub-Charge Beam Jolteon
    Jolteon @ Leftovers
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Timid/Modest Nature
    EV's: 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe
    Charge Beam
    Hidden Power [Ice]/[Grass]
    Shadow Ball/Signal Beam/Thunder(bolt)/Yawn

    Jolteon's only method of boosting its Special Attack is with Charge beam, and it utilizes it best with a Sub-Charge beam set. Same considerations for moves as the Specs set, only adding Yawn as an option for a chance to let Jolteon set up.

    Life Orb Jolteon
    Jolteon @ Life Orb
    Ability: Volt Absorb
    Timid/Modest Nature
    EV's: 4 HP / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe
    Hidden Power [Ice]/[Grass]
    Shadow Ball/Signal Beam/Substitute/Yawn
    Shadow Ball/Signal Beam/Substitute/Yawn

    Pretty much the same as before, just with a Life Orb to gain power while retaining the ability to switch moves. Sub + Life Orb is usually not recommended because the damage racks up quickly, but Jolteon can't take hits anyway, so it can provide you with a vital opportunity to scout your opponent's move, and with some smart predictions, Jolteon can regain health by switching into an electric move.

    My White team:

    I claimed Plusle. I don't know what claiming it does, but I claimed it.

    A +6 Att 10th round metronome Helping-Hand boosted Max Attack Victini V-Generate vs. a -6 Def Min. Defense min. HP Paras in Sun does 135516-159432 damage, or 75286.7%-88573.3%

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    I've seen an interesting idea for Jolteon somewhere, but I don't remember where. Anyway, here is the moveset.
    Jolteon@Life Orb/Leftovers
    252 Spd/252 SAtk/4HP or 252 Spd/252 HP/4 SAtk
    Ability:Volt Absorb
    Baton Pass
    Charge Beam
    Hidden Power Bug/Ice

    The way the set works is to use substitute when you comein and the opponent switches. You then use Baton Pass to pass the substitute to something that resists the attack from the opponent's pokemon that they just switched in. If your pokemon resists, it lets you get a free turn (due to the substitute surviving the resisted attack) allowing you to set up, or beat the opponent some other way. The attacks from Jolteon are strong enough to beat some threats, and Charge Beam has the extra effect of powering up your Special Attack so you can pass that too.
    Volt absorb heals off damage from the Substitutes. Leftovers does the same. Life orb is there if you really like the odds that your opponent has electric attacks that they are going to use, say for example, if you had Gyarados out.
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    Default Yes, I hopped out of a time machine. Deal with it.

    Okay, Umbreon's best moveset would probably have to be the following...


    Okay, using this set is rather self-explanitory. Curse to boost, Payback to deal damage, Rest to heal and get rid of status' while Sleeptalk keeps you from doing nothing (even though this means trading over an Umbreon from Platinum/HG/SS). Alternatively, you could replace Rest with Moonlight (making Ninetales a viable teammate) and Sleeptalk with Toxic. As for EVs; 252 HP, 252 Attack, 4 SDef. Sassy Nature, Leftovers, Synchronize.

    5th Gen basically messed up the Eeveelutions, but Umbreon got the worst of it. Literally, Umbreon got a measly 3 new toys; Inner Focus (only useful if you plan on using Umbreon to wall Jirachi) Guard Swap (why would Umbreon want to use this?) and Retaliate (useful for a Doubles, not so much for Singles). So, just how good are these toys? The first is very limited in use, the second is pretty much useless, and the third one could be useful, but not with the moveset I gave above. Even Flareon got an ability that's useful (or would be if his movepool was better), while Umbreon's twin sister is now officially the best of the lot. I still remember the first time I saw Umbreon; cool design, first pure Dark type, wicked defenses, how could it not become a favorite? But each new generation just kept trying to leave Umbreon behind. Synchronize sounds cool, but always seems to have problems when I use it. His movepool...he's got some potential as a Special Sweeper (his Base Special Attack is only 5 points lower than his Attack, and Special movepool is somewhat bigger), but with Dark Pulse in the same spot as Sleeptalk (Gen IV only), that idea's dead even without anyone mentioning that Umbreon never could learn Nasty Plot. Now, Umbreon's days as a competitive battler are numbered, soon to join Charizard as a, "popular with fans not with battlers" Pokemon. As I wrote this, I came across a realization; Umbreon may still have use in Doubles, at least until a future generation creates a Fighting type version of Rock Slide. So, using the same EVs, Nature, Item, and Ability with my first moveset, the following moveset suddenly becomes viable;


    (again, don't run without Ninetales; Drought-tales keeps Moonlight working at full, and can take out any Steels who think they can wall Umbreon like they did a generation ago.)

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    Default Eeveeloution Corner

    Eeveeloution Corner

    - Flail
    - Quick Attack/ Bite
    - Bite/ Work Up
    - Substitute/ Endure
    Item Attached: Leichi Berry/ Salac Berry
    Ability: Adaptability
    EVs and Nature:
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
    Jolly (+Spd, -SAtk)/ Adamant (+Atk, -SAtk)

    Another simple FLAIL set; fits perfectly with Adaptability. Use QUICK ATTACK and BITE if you are using Leichi/Jolly combo. Use BITE/WORK UP if you are using Salac/Adamant. SUBSTITUTE is a more reliable way to reduce your HP, but you could try ENDURE.

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    all of them is good
    but i think umbreon is the best
    confuse ray/attract
    faint attack/assurance
    does not have good STAB
    but decent stats and awesome desighn
    strategy is
    confuse ray, then substitude
    now attack

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    Out of the Eeveelutions, Leafeon is my favorite of the bunch.
    Dream World Leafeon is awesome.

    Where are the swords?
    Nature: Adamant/Jolly
    EVs: 252 attack and speed, 4 hp
    @: Life Orb/Muscle Band

    Leaf Blade
    Swords Dance
    Synthesis/Quick Attack/Aerial Ace/Dig

    Synthesis recovers lost hp from Life Orb, Quick Attack is a priority move (albeit a poor one), Aerial Ace can hit those bug types, as well as Virizion. If you have serious guts, Dig is an option. Team Preview can ruin some tactics, but Dig hits Heatrans that love to switch into Leafeon, as well as hitting Volcarona and Ferrothorn for neutral damage. Not only that, Leafeon's high defense and resist to ground makes Earthquake double damage a small factor.
    I claim Buizel.

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    I had a feeling this special would be coming after the last one with Rotom. I'll just throw out a little something for each of the guys.

    Vaporeon in: Be Careful What You Wish For
    Water Absorb
    EVs: 248 HP, 252 Def, 8 SpD
    -Roar/Toxic/Ice Beam

    Even to this day, Vaporeon remains a premier Wish passer in OU. It's useful Water typing and it's high HP allow it to pass extremely high HP Wishes to teammates. Vaporeon's new Scald attack also allows it to threaten countless physical attackers with a burn chance while also offering similar power to Surf last Gen. Protect allows Vaporeon to take advantage of Wish itself, stall for passive damage, all that jazz. Roar is an excellent choice for the last slot, phazing out threatening Pokemon and stacking up entry hazard damage. Toxic allows Vaporeon to wear bulkier Pokemon down and works well with Protect. Ice Beam offers a little extra coverage if need be.

    Espeon in: Stand by Me (I'll Screen You)
    Espeon@Light Clay
    Magic Bounce
    EVs: 252 HP, 4 Def, 252 Spe
    -Light Screen
    -HP Fire/HP Fighting

    Dual Screen Espeon is honestly one of those Pokemon you can just throw on a team of sweepers and win with it. With Magic Bounce knocking your opponent's status moves (and entry hazards) back at them, Espeon is arguably the best choice for a Dual Screener. This little kitty also packs a decent punch, and it's Psychic STAB of choice will allow it to punish the many Fighting types in OU. HP Fighting makes for decent coverage, the best in combination with Psychic out of the two, but HP Fire will give Espeon a good weapon against Scizor, Forretress, Ferrothorn, etc.

    Jolteon in: I'm Bringing Specsy Back
    Jolteon@Choice Specs
    Volt Absorb
    EVs: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -Volt Switch
    -Shadow Ball
    -HP Ice/HP Grass

    Jolteon is a nice choice for a Specs abuser because of it's fantastic speed, allowing it to outpace nearly every common non-boosted Pokemon, as well as several boosted ones. The choice between Thunderbolt and Thunder honestly depends on if you're running this in Rain or not. Volt Switch is a nice new toy that Jolteon picked up that functions like Baton Pass last Gen, but better: scout for moves and do some damage with a Specs-boosted STAB Base 70 power Electric attack. Shadow Ball is honestly Jolteon's most powerful backup move, but it does hit Psychics and Ghosts pretty hard. HP Ice and HP Grass help cover things that resist Jolteon's STAB attacks. HP Ice gets better overall coverage, while HP Grass will handle stuff like Gastrodon, Quagsire, and Swampert.

    Leafeon in: Dancin' on Sunshine
    Leafeon@Life Orb
    EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -Swords Dance
    -Leaf Blade
    -Double Edge/Return

    Leafeon picked up Chlorophyll in Gen 5, which is pretty good. Unfortunately, it's somewhat outclassed by Sawsbuck, who has far better coverage moves in Nature Power and Jump Kick. Leafeon, however, does have more power and physical bulk, giving it an edge. Normal/Grass isn't the best coverage, but it's about all that Leafeon has. Leaf Blade is Leafeon's best STAB move, no contest. Double Edge is powerful and accurate, although Return is nearly as strong and has no recoil. Since this set should always be used on a Sun team, Synthesis offers excellent healing, keeping Leafeon alive longer (which would be useful with the LO and DE recoil). X-Scissor can offer a little extra coverage against Grass types and such, but not much else.

    Umbreon in: I Wish I Were Vaporeon
    EVs: 252 HP, 252 SpD, 4 Def
    -Heal Bell/Toxic

    Someone told me Umbreon was decent in lower tiers, so I'll take their word for it. Anyhow, this is like a poor-man's Vaporeon. Wish and Protect allow Umbreon to heal either itself or its teammates with relative ease. Payback gains STAB, and can actually do acceptable damage to faster and frailer Pokemon. It also prevents Umbreon from being complete Taunt bait. Heal Bell allow Umbreon to further support it's team, while Toxic gives Umbreon extra stalling ability while synergizing with Protect.

    Okay, these next two really suck, so I just made up something for them.

    Glaceon in: Baby It's Cold Outside
    Glaceon@Choice Specs
    Snow Cloak
    EVs: 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -HP Ground
    -Shadow Ball
    -Baton Pass

    I don't know why I bother...Well, Glaceon does have one thing going for it. Ever since the ban of Kyurem, Glaceon is the most powerful Blizzard user in all of UU. Combine a powerful STAB Base 120 power move with perfect accuracy in Hail with the Choice Specs coming off a Base 130 SpA stat...yeah, that's pretty nice. Once the Steel and Fire types on gone, Glaceon can hurt stuff with Blizzard. HP Ground means that Glaceon doesn't have to wait; she can hurt those Pokemon as they switch in. Shadow Ball is just a little extra something to hit a few Pokemon hard, while Baton Pass scouts your opponent's decision and let's Glaceon escape possible death.

    Flareon in: The Underdog
    Flareon@Choice Band
    Flash Fire
    EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
    -Flame Charge/Fire Fang
    -Return/Quick Attack
    -Overheat/HP Grass/something else

    I wish I could make a neat Guts set, but Superpower is illegal with Guts you go. Despite being the underdog (hence the title), Flareon does have some strong physical power. Flame Charge is pretty neat, netting Flareon a speed boost every time it hits. It actually has some decent power too, if you can get a Flash Fire boost. Fire Fang is a little more powerful, but I personally like the speed boost. Superpower is the best coverage Flareon can have, the reason to use Flash Fire over Guts. Return offers a little extra neutral coverage against stuff like Slowbro. Quick Attack may seem weird, but Choice Band Terrakion uses it to great effect in OU, and Flareon's Quick Attack is actually a little bit stronger. The last move...I don't really care what you do. Overheat is a nice special move for catching physical wals on the switch for more damage than Flareon's physical attacks. HP Grass hits incoming bulky Waters hard. Besides, it's not like Flareon has any other good physical moves left.

    Fun Fact:Flareon really needs Flare Blitz. People get excited about Victini's V-Create, and even more powerful, Darmanitan's Sheer Force Flare Blitz. Well, Flareon's Guts boosted Flare Blitz would be even more powerful than that, and would have the potential to do the most damage in the game (Sun vs. Dry Skin Paras, you know the drill). So put that in your pipe and smoke it, you grilled gorilla.

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    Leafeon pretty much has one or two sets. Baton Pass/Cholphyll sweeper. Easy to predict.

    Every espeon is the same. Cosmic Power/Stored Power.

    Umbreon used to be annoying, but now it sucks.

    Glaceon would be good if it had better HP/speed. Hail works wonders, but is outclassed by DW regice.

    Flareon is really not seen much, but it has great tanking potential. You can Trick Room with Curse and max Special Defense (which is high), Toxic, and Superpower for steels. Look out for gengar.

    Vaporeon is probably the best. I don't even have to name a set.

    Jolteon is an underused (and underrated) revenge killer with Charge Beam to finish off foes, and gets the special attack boost. Proceed to sweep.
    Meh. We got dis. Powerful vines and all. We whip 'em. With our vines. Powah Whip. :3
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    Default My sets [Read Note first]

    Note: Because of the size of the message, quote ONLY the parts you have a problem with to avoid size problems later. Also,
    don't judge too harshly; it took me longer than usual and there's not alot there to go with some of them. I'm just setting up each pokemon for the worst.

    Vaporeon Set:
    Water Absorb with Lum Berry/Hydration with Absorb Bulb/Damp Rock
    Hydro Pump/Muddy Water/Waterfall/Scald
    Bite/Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam- for Grass/Dragon-Types
    Dig- for Electric-types
    Partners: Rain Dance-ers like Politoad
    Counters: Pokemon with high Attack & Sp Defence (likely Electric/Grass/Dragon/Water) like Gallade and Tentacruel.
    Pokemon with Water Absorb/Storm Drain/Drought like Maractus, Cradily, and Ninetails.

    Jolteon Set:
    Quick Feet with Cell Battery/Shuca Berry/Air Balloon/Wise Glasses/Life Orb/Damp Rock
    Thunder Fang/Thunder/Thunderbolt
    Shadow Ball/Bite
    Double Kick/Hidden Power [Fire/Fighting]
    Pin Missle/Rain Dance
    Partners: Rain Dance-ers
    Counters: Pokemon with high Attack & Sp Defence (likely Ground/Electric) like Gallade/Claydol.
    Use Trick Room for pokemon like Dusknoir/Bronzong/Claydol/Hypno.
    Pokemon with Lightningrod/Motor Drive/Drought/Limber/Volt Absorb like Marowak, Electvire, Ninetails, and Hitmonlee.

    Flareon Set:
    Guts with Life Orb
    Fire Fang/Flamethrower
    Bite/Shadow Ball
    Facade- It goes well with Guts.
    Hidden Power [Water/Grass/Ground/Fighting]
    Partners: Droughts like Ninetails/Flower Gift
    Counters: Water/Rock/Dragon/Fire-Types with high Attack & Defence like Carracosta, Torkoal, and Cloyster.
    Pokemon with Flash Fire/Drizzle/Flare Boost/Heatproof/Thick Fatlike Politoad, Drifblim, Miltank.

    Espeon Set:
    Synchronize with White Herb
    Shadow Ball/Bite
    Facade/Hidden Power [Fighting/Fire]
    Power Swap
    Partners: Pokemon that can do Reflect.
    Counters: Bug/Dark/Ghost/Psychic-Types with high Attack & Sp Defence like Umbreon.
    Use Trick Room for pokemon like Dusknoir.

    Umbreon Set:
    Synchronize with Leftovers
    Faint Attack/Payback
    Psychic- for Fighting Types
    Dig/Hidden Power [Fighting/Fire]
    Partners: Flying-type and Fire-type pokemon
    Counters: Bug/Fighting/Dark-Types with high Attack & Defence like Mienshao and Pinsir.
    Pokemon with Justified/Rattled like Arcanine and Sudowoodo.

    Leafeon Set:
    Chlorophyll with Lum Berry/Heat Rock
    Leaf Blade/Energy Ball
    Bite/Aerial Ace/Shadow Ball
    Dig/Hidden Power [Fire/Fighting]
    X-scizzor/Sunny Day
    Partners: Drought/Leaf Guard/Chlorophyll pokemon like Ninetails and Tangrowth.
    Counters: Fire/Flying/Bug/Grass/Ice/Dragon-Types with high Sp Attack & Sp Defence like Salamence, Volcanona, Charizard, and Cryogonal.
    Pokemon with Sap Sipper like Bouffalant, Stantler, and Miltank.

    Glaceon Set:
    Ice Body with Icy Rock
    Ice Fang/Ice Beam
    Bite/Shadow Ball
    Dig/Hidden Power [Fire/Fighting]
    Partners: Snow Warning/Ice Body/Snow Cloak pokemon like Abomasnow, Froslass, and Mamoswine.
    Counters: Bug/Fighting/Ice/Water/Steel/Fire/Rock-Types with high Sp Attack & Sp Defence like Mantine and Probopass.
    Pokemon with Cloud Nine/Magma Armor/Overcoat/Thick Fat like Golduck, Lickilicky, Camerupt, Grumpig.
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    Flareon--Complete garbage. Plain and simple. It needs more than Flare Blitz.

    Espeon--Magic Bounce. That's all you really need to know.

    Umbreon--Not much.

    Vaporeon--Powerful Baton Passer, Wish user, stalling, even attacker.

    Jolteon--Speed can only get you so far. Jolteon has little more to offer.

    Glaceon--Flareon with a usable STAB move with stronger attacking stat.

    Leafeon--Swords Dance sweeper under the sun=decent.

    That is my short summary on each Eeveelution.
    I claim Buizel.

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    Here are my sets for each Eeveelution!

    @ Eviolite
    Jolly, Adaptability
    EVs: 60 HP/252 Atk/196 Spe
    - Work Up
    - Retaliate
    - Iron Tail
    - Dig

    Even Eevee is viable in some way. Work Up raises a bit its Attacking stats, Retaliate for good STAB power + Adaptability, Iron Tail and Dig for coverage.

    @ Leftovers
    Bold, Hydration/Water Absorb
    EVs: 74 HP/252 Def/182 SpD
    - Scald
    - Toxic
    - Wish
    - Protect

    Classic staller set. The EVs spread is to make him as bulky as possible.
    Hydration if you use him on a Rain team, otherwise go with Water Absorb.
    Scald to not be Taunted.

    @ Flame Orb
    Modest, Quick Feet
    EVs: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
    - Charge Beam
    - Volt Switch
    - Shadow Ball
    - HP Ice

    Special sweeper set. Charge Beam to power up your Sp. Attack, then you have Volt Switch that hits hard after a CB, and he switches if you're stuck, and Shadow Ball and HP Ice for coverage.

    @ Flame Orb
    Brave, Flash Fire/Guts
    EVs: 128 HP/252 Atk/128 Def
    - Fire Fang
    - Curse
    - Return
    - Superpower/Dig

    Physical Bulk. The EVs spread is to make him more bulkier, but still capable to hit hard.
    Fire Fang is very powerful with Max Attack and Guts boost.
    Curse is to power up you Attack more and more (and Defense), at the cost of Speed, which is good if you use this thing in a Trick Room team. Return gives you some coverage with Slowbro and stuff like that, and Superpower if you use FF, Dig if you go with Guts.

    @ Light Clay
    Modest, Magic Bounce
    EVs: 4 HP/252 SpA/252 Spe
    - Reflect
    - Light Screen
    - Psyshock/Psychic
    - Calm Mind

    Dual Screener and sorta of Special sweeper. First, sets 8-turns screens, then CMs once or twice, then hits with Psychic or Psyshock (recommended for Blissey).

    @ Leftovers
    Adamant, Synchronize
    EVs: 72 Atk/252 Def/184 SpD
    - Curse
    - Toxic
    - Payback
    - Wish

    Great Wall. Similar to Vaporeon and Flareon, sets up with Curse, Toxics the enemy, then attacks with Payback. Wish to recover yourself or for something else and fodder him.

    @ Leftovers
    Adamant, Leaf Guard
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe
    - Swords Dance
    - Leaf Blade
    - Aerial Ace
    - Grasswhistle

    Classic Physical sweeper. SD to power up his insane Attack.
    Leaf Blade as strong STAB that abuses crits, AA for coverage and Grasswhistle to make the enemy sleep.

    @ Leftovers
    Quiet, Ice Body
    EVs: 96 HP/252 SpA/160 SpD
    - Ice Beam/Blizzard
    - Ice Shard
    - Shadow Ball
    - Signal Beam

    Special Bulk. Ice Beam as strong STAB, or Blizzard if you're running an Hail team.
    Ice Shard for priority, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam as coverage.
    Quiet nature to not reduce Attack, and so Ice Shard's power.
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    Leafeon is pretty cool. It has good stats in the right places, and enough of a movepool to work with. Base 95 Speed and Base 110 Attack give it the qualities of a Physical Sweeper, and Swords Dance only improves that further. But a surprisingly large base 130 Defense and a good support movepool make it a decent physical wall as well. That Defense is also good for sweeping sets, as it means Leafeon won't be taken out by most priority moves as long as its healthy.

    Leafeon screams to be used in Sun teams. Both of its abilities (Chlorophyll and Leaf Guard) require Sun to work, and Synthesis heals the most HP when its sunny. Chlorophyll is great for sweeping Leafeon, and Leaf Guard is better for defensive variants, but could be used for any Leafeon set.

    Leafeon has a few downfalls, however. As a sweeper, its movepool is limited (consisting of Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, and Normal type attacks), so it can't do much of anything to Steel types. As a wall, it's HP and Sp. Defense are poor, and it has a whopping five weaknesses. Still, it has enough going for it to earn a spot on some teams.

    Countering Leafeon: Special Attacks, especially supereffective ones. Ice Beam and Flamethrower can easily OHKO. If its Sunny, Fire Attacks are best, preferably the Special ones. Watch out, though, Swords Dance boosted Leaf Blades and Double Edges hurt a LOT.

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    Poor, poor Glaceon... Gamefreak left you in the same bucket as Flareon. Not quite as bad, but still pretty bad.

    The icy Eeveelution has a massive base 130 Sp. Attack, but its so slow, and its movepool is seriously lacking. Ice Beam or Blizzard, Shadow Ball, Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Hidden Power, and Shadow Ball are all it really has to work with. Although STAB Blizzards off a Sp. Attack that high hurt like hell.

    Glaceon performs best in hail. Its two abilities are catered to hail, and its best attack (Blizzard) never misses in hail. Outside... It's not so good. Glaceon does have good base 110 Defense and base 95 Sp. Defense, but its HP is poor and it lacks a reliable recovery move.

    Countering Glaceon: If its Hailing, get rid of it. Glaceon is a lot less scary when its not hailing. If can't do that, just outright attack it. It's slow, even with a Choice Scarf, so its easily revenge killed.

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    Flaming Guts
    Flareon@Toxic Orb
    Jolly nature
    252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP
    ~Flame Charge

    Poor Flareon. Easily the coolest-looking of all the Eeveelutions, and it really got the short end of the stick in the way of stats and moves. Its Attack stat is phenomenal, true enough, but what can it abuse it with? Anyway, this is Flareon's rather sad attempt at a sweeping set, using its hidden ability Guts. Protect guarantees Flareon the ability for its Toxic Orb to work its magic. Facade is the driving force behind this set, powered by the Toxic Orb, and having the full force of Flareon's massive Attack stat behind it. Flame Charge bestows upon Flareon a much needed and appreciated speed boost, and gets STAB. Not its most powerful STAB option, though. But when you consider that its most powerful physical stab is friggin' Fire Fang, Flame Charge suddenly doesn't sound that bad. And you know Flareon's movepool sucks, because it has to resort to Bite for coverage.

    Item is obvious. Ability is obvious.

    Choice Badness
    Flareon@Choice Band
    Adamant nature
    Flash Fire
    252 Atk/252 HP/4 Spd
    ~Fire Fang

    An attempt to make full use of Flareon's considerable Attack stat. Fire Fang, sad as it sounds, is Flareon's strongest physical STAB move. Bite and Superpower have between them nearly flawless coverage. And Double-Edge is for raw power.

    Item is obvious.

    You want Flash Fire because Guts is illegal with Superpower AND Double-Edge. Ideally you'll switch into an oncoming Fire move and gain a bit of extra power for Fire Fang.

    Curse of the Cursed
    Careful nature
    Flash Fire
    252 HP/252 Sp. Def/4 Atk
    ~Fire Fang/Sleep Talk

    An attempt to make use of Flareon's admittedly decent Special Defense (though its pitiful HP dooms this set to hell). Curse boosts Flareon's already nice Attack and its wanting Defense, while lowering the Speed stat it never uses anyway. Bite is resisted by nothing, Rest is for recovery. Fire Fang works for STAB, but Sleep Talk means you're not a sitting Psyduck while Flareon sleeps off the damage.

    Item is obvious. Ability is there to allow Flareon an immunity to Fire moves (IE; a safe switch-in, force Choiced Fire users out). Sleep Talk would be useful with Guts, if it was a legal combination.

    Flaming Specs
    Flareon@Choice Specs
    Modest nature
    Flash Fire
    252 Sp. Atk/252 HP/4 Sp. Def
    ~Heat Wave
    ~Shadow Ball
    ~Hidden Power (Fighting)

    Flareon has a respectable Special Attack stat as well, as well as actually viable STAB in that regard. Heat Wave is more powerful than Flamethrower, but has more accuracy than the decidedly unreliable Fire Blast. Shadow Ball and HP Fighting have perfect coverage. Synchronoise is a filler move. Only works on Fire-types, but the potential to KO an Infernape is tempting, no?

    Item is obvious. Ability is the only one legal with Heat Wave; plus, Guts is kinda useless on a special attacker, amirite?

    Ninetales is a good partner for Flareon. Its physical STAB needs all the help it can get, and reducing damage from Water moves is always good. For the sets that don't mention Flame Charge or run Speed EVs, Trick Room support is an Arceussend.

    Bulky waters spell doom for Flareon. Hell, Water-types in general. You know what? If it runs an at least semi-powerful move that's super-effective on Fire-types, and has the Attack or Special Attack to back it up, it's more or less a good Flareon counter. I'd be wary about using the wall-all Ferrothorn, as coming off THAT Attack stat, with STAB, even a measly Flame Charge or Fire Fang is gonna hurt.

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    I think I'll post some vaporeon sets that DON'T use Hydration. Because I hate that cheap old tactic.

    Towards countering Vaporeon, I'd say all rest sets should beware of Uproar. I don't get why more people don't use Uproar. It'll keep Vaporeon from healing. Of course, my sets won't use Rest, so don't worry about that.

    ADHD Vaporeon
    Vaporeon @ Choice Specs
    Nature: Modest
    Trait: Water Absorb
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 Spe
    - Surf / Hydro Pump
    - Shadow Ball
    - Ice Beam
    - Synchronise

    A Vaporeon that can't sit still long enough to Rest. I've used this set and it suprises ALOT of people. Alot of times, your opponent will switch into a wallbreaker, only to recieve an Ice Beam to the face. See a Haxorus in your opponent's team? Ice Beam him in the face. 75% will ragequit. Yeah, use this set in the rain for more power, and to make your opponent believe you're walling them.

    Surf is manditory. Or you can opt Hydro Pump, but you should usually go for surf; if you miss your suprise attack is gone. Shadow Ball is mainly for coverage, as is Ice Beam. Synchronise will easily stop Water Types, as it opts 140 Base Power, which can also destroy opposing Rain Teams.

    Vaporeon's bulk makes Choice Sets VERY usable. You should probably use this set along with a ground type. If you can get a Fire Type that doesn't need Fire STAB, go for it.

    Vaporeon @ Mental Herb
    Nature: Bold
    Trait: Hydration
    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
    - Baton Pass
    - Wish
    - Cosmic Power
    - Substitute
    Support vaporeon. Spam wish often and Substitute. Behind the sub, wish some more, get in some Cosmic Power. Then, send a huge HP and alot of defense over to another frail pokemon and proceed to sweep. It's really easy to use, just don't get taunted.

    Hydration is used, but this is to prevent you from being poisoned or etc while you work. Again, the opponent will likely bring in a stallbreaker while you sub. It gets rolling from there.

    To the people posting sets for all the eeveelutions, serebii said one evolution per post so, just sayin'.

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    Using Eevee
    Eevee has little going for it on stats. Even with Eviolite, your Defense and Sp.Def do little to bolster your Base 55 HP, but it can help against some weaker attackers.

    With low Speed (again, Base 55) you have some niche usage on a Trick Room team by using Curse. Your Base 55 Attack...popular number here...will also get boosted by Curse, as will your naturally lower Defense.

    Adaptability is the only Ability worth using (Run Away is useless in PvP and Anticipation only lets you know of Fighting Type moves outside of OHKO Moves and Explosion).

    As for Moves, you have access to Normal STAB, Dark, Ground, and Steel on the Physical end (but you only have Steel if you came in from 4th Gen). Special Moves open your options to Hidden Power, Stored Power, Synchronoise, Shadow Ball, Round*, Echo Voice*, Snore*, Swift*, Trump Card*, and Mud-Slap (STAB marked by *).

    You have lots of potential, but, sadly, it's mostly via Evolution...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wunderkind View Post

    If Espeon can do it, I can too!
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Item: Leftovers
    Calm (+SpD, -Atk) EVs:252 Def/252 SpD/4 HP
    -Baton Pass
    -Work Up/Hail
    You know, Espeon could be a good recipient to this set...

    The Baton has been Passed
    Ability: Magic Bounce/Synchronize
    Item: Life Orb
    Modest (+SpA, -Atk) EVs:252 SpA/252 Spd/4 HP
    -Stored Power
    -Calm Mind
    -Morning Sun/Wish
    -Baton Pass

    Glaceon's Defense boosts would be great for Espeon, whose defense is a little awfully horrible. Plus, they add to Stored Power's power. Calm Mind can boost SP's power further, and should be easy to use with it's good special defense and now decent defense. Morning Sun/Wish allows it to heal while boosting and deal with Life Orb's recoil. And if your facing something that SP couldn't beat (Dark-/Steel-types), Baton Pass allows those Boosts not to go to waste.

    And on another note, Serebii said NOT to post movesets for ALL the Eeveelutions in one post ">_< The only reason I have two in this post is because I made them to be used together.
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    A Leafy Tank.

    Leafeon @ Leftovers
    Ability: Leaf Guard/ Chlorophyll
    EVs: 252 HP/ 4 Atk/ 252 Def
    Nature: Impish
    -Leaf Blade
    -Body Slam
    -Swords Dance/ Curse
    -Synthesis/ Wish

    *Leafeon makes a brilliant physical tank despite it's five weaknesses. It can easily switch in on an Earthquake or a Waterfall without being KOed. Leafeon can then use Swords Dance or Curse to make it poweful enough to KO most threats to it. Leaf Blade is Leafeon's main STAB, and it's high critical hit ratio means it can break walls that have already set up. Body Slam is tricky to obtain in-game, but the 30% paralysis gives it the advantage over lots of things, (otherwise, Secret Power works on Wifi). Curse can raise his defense and it's attack so it gets more buff at the cost of speed (this makes Body Slam more useful too), Swords Dance makes it stronger much faster. Synthesis can have it's uses against a Sun Team, but Wish is more reliable. The choice of ability depends on your uses. Leaf Guard is my choice because it can possibly stop burns and poison, but Chlorophyll is also usefull becaus eit can compensate Curse or make Leafeon a nice Sweeper.*
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    Jolteon. My favorite of the Eeveelutions just because of design. This is a weird set for Baton passing in the rain in UU

    252 Def/218 Sp def/40 Spd
    ~Work up
    ~Baton pass
    ~Stored power/Wish

    Since this is in the rain, that means you probably have a water type pokemon. If you fear a electric type attack, switch in to Jolteon (Read:Zapdos). You obviously use Work up to boost your offensive stats to pass, and you can pass to either offensive spectrum. Baton pass is there for obvious reasons. Thunder is 100% Accurate in rain and gets STAB. Stored power is there to take advantage of Work up getting a 240 Base power when Work up is used six times also giving Jolteon a 768 Sp Attk, or you can use Wish, to provide recovery for Jolteon and/or whoever he switches to. But, remember, Zapdos is better in UU as a Immune to Electric, Electric Baton passer. It just doesnt get Stored power or Wish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TimmahX View Post
    Vaporeon Overview

    Well... Vaporeon was already an OU Bulky Water pokemon that walled a nice chunk of the OU tier. Then came 5th Generation... and the addition of it's Dream World Ability, Hydration. In rain, Vaporeon automatically is cured of status conditions. This is great for three reasons. One, Toxic no longer shuts it down. Two, Hydration + Rest is available. Three, Drizzle is in the OU tier now. It does have it's disadvantages though, but I'll get to that later. As far as OU goes though, it's still a fantastic wall, that just happened to get a few new tricks this time around.


    Water Absorb: Replaces Vaporeon's Water Resistance with an Immunity and Healing effect. This gives Vaporeon leeway to make free switch ins. It's a very nice ability, and can be preferable to Hydration in some situations, though it is rare.

    Needless to say, always use Water Absorb if your team lacks rain support. Never count on an opponent using it.

    Hydration: Auto-cures status conditions in the rain. This makes Vaporeon even more bulky thanks to Hydration + Rest. However, one of Vaporeon's main support roles is Wish, and I find using two slots for healing moves to be awkward. If you don't need Wish support, then this is a great option.

    The Power of Vapor
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: 252 Def / 52 SpAtk / 204 HP
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Water Absorb / Hydration
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Toxic
    - Wish / Rest

    I'll start with the basic stuff. Surf is your STAB attack, Ice Beam hits Dragons, Toxic hits other Water types. Your last move depends on your need for Wish support. If you want it, put it in, and choose either ability. If you want the Hydration + Rest combo though... make sure you have Hydration.

    Partners and Multi Battles

    Steel types wall Vaporeon silly, so have Magnezone, Heatran or other pokemon that can handle common Steel types on hand. In multi battles, Vaporeon with Water Absorb can wall Surfs, which is quite handy, plus it can also throw its own out there.

    Countering Vaporeon

    Steel types eat Toxic, as well as all of Vapreon's non-Hidden Power attacks. A good number of bulky Grass types can stand up to it, and Taunt stops its healing efforts. Electric types naturally get a mention, as well has Starmie for it's high Speed and Thunderbolt. Vaporeon is pretty much a standard bulky water, that happens to do it's job better than most of its competition.
    Muddy Water is a good choice over surf since it offers a good chance of lowering the opponent's accuracy and makes it harder for him to be hit. You also want to watch out for other rain teams, since they have a tendency to run Zapdos, Rotom-W, and Thundurus w/ Thunder. A good Ferrothorn can switch on these Electric revenge killers and doesn't have to worry about Paralysis since it just gives Gyro Ball more juice.

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    The Annoyinater
    Item: Leftovers
    Nature: Timid(+Spd, -Atk)
    EV's: 252 Spd/252 Sp Def/ 4Def
    Mean Look
    Confuse Ray

    This set is pretty adverage but can stall for a while. On the first turns using Mean Look and surviving is pretty essential to making this set work. On the second turn use Confuse ray to buy some time. Next turn set up your Toxic. Moonlight will heal you back up to full health. This can easily go wrong against anything faster which is able to counter it (e.g Sawk)

    Happy movestting!

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    I came up with TWO sets for Vaporeon. They are.....

    Wish Staller
    EVs:252 Def, 182 Speed, 74 HP
    Classic Wish staller. That's all I need to say.
    Baton Passer
    EVs:252 Def, 40 Speed, 212 HP
    -Acid Armor
    -Baton Pass
    -Aqua Ring (?)
    Baton Passer. Another simple strategey. But I'm not sure about adding Aqua Ring. Will Aqua Ring the Baton Passed, too? I don't know. I'm a noob to competetive battling.
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