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Thread: The Dark and Light Saga (an espeon and umbreon story) rated PG

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    Default The Dark and Light Saga (an espeon and umbreon story) rated PG

    I want to say POV stands for Point of View. This may not be a good story since its my first.
    Pm list:

    Chapter 1
    Espeon POV
    When I was just an eevee my home got attacked by a pack of black and grey wolfs. I was so scared. I heard my mom yell to my brother "Dusk Protect your sister and don't let her go. Dusk don't worry about me just go." Dusk followed orders and took me to safety. While I was hiding I heard a Yelp, it was my mothers! Dusk took command and went inside to help mom. I told him "Don't go you might get hurt." He didn't listen to me. I heard Howls, but none sounded like my brother. Eventually a mother Nidoqueen found me in her nest. She said "Are you hurt. What happened? Why were you in my nest?" I explained to her. She said "Would you like to stay here for a while?" I said "Sure. Thank you" I stayed with her until I was old enough to hunt. She taught me moves that eevees can't learn such as, Earth Power, poison jab, and ice beam. I don't know how she did it. When I went off on my journey, Nidoqueen gave me two special items, a moon stone and a sun stone. I didn't know what these were for but I gratefully took them. My quest was to find my brother and mom if she is alive. One day I was traveling when a group of Houndour started calling me baby and attacking me. Just then my sun stone started to glow. A blast of light surrounded me. I was changing form. First my fur turned pink. Then, My body was growing, and getting more powerful. I was an Espeon. I used earth power to shake the ground. The Houndour had fainted. I left my first fight with merely a bite mark or two. I wonder where my brother is. Is he alive?

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    Cool I like can't wait for next chapter
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