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Thread: Leechseed in sun/moon

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    Default Leechseed in sun/moon

    Hello, I´ve never been on a forum before... and this is the first time I join one.. So.. bare with me ń_n
    I am making this thread to ask something about Sun moon. I´ve had various battles in sun and moon where I use Leechseed on a dark type, and for some reason it states that it doesnt affect the foe. I tried to use leech seed on Umbreon, Weavile, Honchkrow, etc.
    Can someone tell me if its a new mechanic? I didnt found this kind of changes in any sun/moon section of serebii.


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    It's Prankster that changed, not Leech Seed. Prankster-moves now fail against Dark types in Gen 7.

    See here:

    REGARDLESS! This wasn't the right section for this. And the question is answered. So now the thread can be closed.
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