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Thread: What makes you special?

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    Question What makes you special?

    Although it may sound cheesy, everybody has something that makes them different from the next person. Tell us about it!

    Maybe you have a talent for imitating voices or you have a mono-brow or a multicoloured beard or gills...

    I am special because I have four nipples. The two extra ones are quite tiny and are on my abdomen.

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    I have dreadlocks even though I don't listen to reggae music etc lol

    I think of myself as a creative person and always try to add more creativity to college assignments than the assignment itself already has, teachers and other students gave me compliments about my creativity.
    When I get a lot of compliments (or at least one) about my sense of humor I am very confident about my jokes and think of myself as the funniest person ever rofl

    And I'm trying my best to be known for something that I did all on my own, I have no idea what it will be yet, but I hope that it won't be just someone elses work etc

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