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Thread: The Student Lounge Thread.

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    Oh my ****ing god yes. I've finally finished my work about art from the middle ages. It literally took me eleven hours to finish this. My professor is so stupid, but I'm passing his class with a near B so I'm not going to complain, especially since I have no interesting in the actual subject.

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    Being ill recently has meant I've had to rearrange my revision timetable - namely, taking out slots for German to make space for more knowledge-intensive subjects, like biology. I really hope I'll get better soon, because I feel like I haven't been working as hard as I could have been, and the exams are in less than two weeks now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebevan91 View Post
    The final in that class will save me. Since we're only allowed a limited time to take the final, he can't put a lot of every type of problem on the test, so hopefully there won't be much of the stuff that I don't understand. Plus, he takes the final exam grade and replaces your lowest test grade with it, as long as the final exam grade is higher than any of your other tests. So basically it counts twice.
    Yeah, I think that's what saved me as well, the fact that there could only be so many kinds of problem. And maybe it was just me, but I think the problems they gave me on the final were just plain easier than the ones I got on normal tests. But I was really freaked out when I went in to take it because basically if you failed the final, the highest you could get in the class was a C-, regardless of what the rest of your grades were. (Which, like you said, the lowest transferable grade is a C so, I was extra panicky for that final XD)
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    Dang, if I just had a few more days of spring break.

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    Oh my goodness, I'm so done with my General Science class.

    I should be in Biology but students like me who didn't attend my high school's "sister" middle school are supposed to take a placement test to get into the class, and I only got a day's notice of the test and most of the material was 6th grade science, much of which I don't remember (and many of which I never learned, since I attended a strict Catholic school).

    We were assigned a project yesterday where we research an energy source with assigned groups (and I'm sure many of you know what that means) and the group I'm with is barely doing ANYTHING, today we were in the library and I was doing everything!

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    Tomorrow's the last day of this term, and I'm pretty much finished with the final project I need to turn in tomorrow. Wasn't too bad of a term, though I've struggled more with 3D Modeling than Visual FX II. The chess project was fun, though, so I'm hoping I get a good grade on it. I'm expecting a "D" in the class (the final grades won't be in until Friday), honestly. There were only four projects we did, and I turned in all of them, so I won't fail the class for sure, but I hadn't been doing as well as I would've liked.

    Oh well... I'm just looking forward to the week break, honestly.

    Oh yeah, on Monday, the school started implementing the importance of our IDs--which they really should've done from the start. It's a few years too late in my opinion, but there's been a good number of burglaries of laptops to equipment (mostly at the old building where I'm at, but the newer building's not exempt), and especially with the decreasing number of students, they're just really being forward about it. This was because they actually caught someone trying to hide up in the air vent during the evening hours last week--not known if they're a student or not--though a second person got away with someone's laptop.

    Meanwhile, I don't remember if they caught the person who stole the audio equipment a couple of years ago...

    Been pretty crazy. It's no laughing matter, but I frankly can't help snickering over this.
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