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Thread: The Student Lounge Thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakansen View Post
    Haven't been posting lately, sorry guys.

    So July 5 was AP results day. I got a "4" in AP Human Geography. I was disappointed at first, since I really wanted to get a "5" but I guess it's my fault for underestimating the essay. I heard so much people from College Board say that it was an easy test, so I barely studied. Oh well, at least I learned my lesson. This year hopefully I'll get a "5" in AP World History.

    Also, how did you guys do? I'm curious to know how you did!
    How do the grades work with AP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roseheart95 View Post
    How do the grades work with AP?
    Your AP exam score ranges from 1 to 5, depending how you do. You then take your AP scores and compare them to the AP score requirements of the institution(s) you're interested in. Generally, a 3 is considered passing, but it's not always the case. For example, Rutgers Univ. (where I go) only accepts 4's and 5's. I think Princeton only excepts 5's for Calculus but don't quote me on that. If you have a score that is acceptable to whatever school you plan on going to, then you can go into that school with college credits. It's great because you have the opportunity to get your prerequisites out of the way. Some people graduate early because of all the AP credit they come into school with. And the best part is that AP credit doesn't contribute to your GPA, so as long as it's a passing score it doesn't really matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flamebeam View Post
    Did anybody else get less money from financial aid for the upcoming semester? Thank god the price of off-campus is so cheap that I'm still paying less this year.
    I got so much money from financial aid that I basically don't have to pay tuition this year.

    Anyway, fall classes:

    Public Policy Formulation & Implementation (PUBAFRS 6000)
    Public Sector Economics (PUBAFRS 6030)
    Public Affairs Statistics (PUBAFRS 6070)
    Written and Oral Communication Skills (PUBAFRS 6500)

    Scheduling information is down right now (OSU's doing some kind of server upgrade) but I definitely don't have any classes on Fridays.

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    Tomorrow is the portfolio showing. I'm feeling a bit confident I'll do fine. My demo reel's all ready to go, and I'm preparing myself to answer questions the employer critic is going to ask me. It'd probably be a bit odd that a film student's portfolio reel doesn't really consist of anything film related (like editing, cinematography, gaffer work), but I went into the program for the animation classes anyway, even though in the end I found myself preferring to draw more than I do animate, even though what I have animated I enjoyed doing. For sure I'll continue to work with Cinema 4D and I'll go into Flash so I can do animation stuff on my own time, but we'll see what happens.

    Still feels really weird I'm graduating college.
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