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Thread: The Student Lounge Thread.

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    So after worrying about Financial Aid for the last month or so I finally got some good news. My current income bracket cuts down my tuition fee to less than half of what I would have to pay normally. Now I just have to pay it off before the end of the week and I can relax. Phew.
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    After much planning to get back on track, I'm all set to start classes monday. I'm only taking two classes but I should be able to catch up with my classmates in a semester or two. I'm so far behind in credits...
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    So I went to the other college building to see what the other students made during project week.
    Pretty cool, they also study audiovisuals but they focus more on filming than editing.
    I'm the only person from my class that's here. lol

    After the presentations there will be a party.

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    Sorry for the double post.

    The party was pretty fun, there are students there who are also DJs.
    I made some new friends, some old classmates from elementary school and high school go to the same college.
    Before the party started, I hung out with the students at the mall.
    They bought booze lol
    Did you ever sit in a bus with drunk students? Hilarious!!

    The music at the party was okay, those DJs made their own remix and there were either no drops or bad drops.
    A teacher from my college was there and told me I could get extra points, or coins. Probably just coins because she introduced me to my college's Principal\Dean\Director\Boss person and he gave me a few extra coins to buy drinks.
    I barely buy drinks though, I have an entire drawer full of coins from various clubs.

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    Just got through a particularly stressful week. Had three writing assignments and an o-chem midterm. I think I did pretty well on all of them, but I'll find out for sure next week. I also have a genetics midterm on Monday, but I'm so burnt out right now, I just can't bring myself to study for it. XD

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    Decided not to go to a party last night, I get a phone call just after midnight from my friend and apparently a lot of stuff happened which is going to make monday morning interesting. I feel bad for laughing but let's just say that karma slapped some people.

    I have 3 weeks to film and edit a music video by myself for my media class, then straight after that I'm helping film a short psychological thriller for my film class oh and then there's the extra credit project that I have to plan, direct and film at some point...
    So much filming, so little time.
    Found my way back here after what seems like forever, not much has changed.

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