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    hi this is my phan phic (lolz) that i am posting here and on gamefaqs also

    I) /-\ i^ I{ |\/| [- \/\/ I \/\/ (0) [Dark mewtwo]

    Chapter one: before Dark mewtwo
    locationast,after original mewtwo escapes(first pokemon movie)at the exact lab mewtwo was cloned from mew in.

    "Hey boss come here!"said a Team Rocket grunt
    "What is it you slacker?"replied a mysterious Rocket comander.
    "Its Mewtwos DNA!!!"said the Rocket grunt excidetly.
    "You can't be..."
    "I'm sure of it."
    "You anyalized-"
    "You know what this means don't you?!?"said the commander franticly
    "Yeah big pay from the boss to us!!!"
    "No you dingbat!We could clone it darken its soul with one of our P.S.D.M's(Poke'mon Soul Darkener Machine)
    and then take over Team Rocket..."said the commander in a harsh voice.
    "But boss!Remember what happened to the original Mewtwo?It took and evil offset and if it weren't for that Ash guy-"
    "Silence...You know we have armor that will control him."

    (sorry for taking so long had to go somewheres.)
    (btw for people who dont know this is in hoenn)

    "All of the poke'balls I need?Check!My trusty team of poke'mon?Check!Healing items?Check!Okay I think im set to go investigate this cave."
    *stares into the dark damp entrance*
    "Go Sparkey!(ruiki's Manctric)Sparkey use Flash now!"
    *cave brightens*
    After two hours and forty-five minutes his mom gives ruiki a call on his poke'nav
    *Bring Bring........
    Bring Bring..........*
    mumble mumble blah blah
    "I didn't here it me and Ruby(Blaziken)were trying to catch a Kadabra."
    yada yada bluh bluh
    "I know fighting isn't good against Psychic I was trying to weaken it to catch it."
    yell yell scream screech!
    "I'll be careful stop worrying...Bye mom."
    "Time for a rest...Go!Saphire!Ruby!Emerald!Amythest!Granite!"S parkey!
    (in order of the poke'mon you haven't heard yet,Swampert,Sceptile,Gardevoir,Aggron)
    *suddenly a mass of energy in sphere form of dark energy whizzes by ruiki's head*
    "what the-"

    Chapter 3 - Dark mewtwos wrath-a painful souls bain ballad.

    chapter 3(I renamed it )
    shadow's of souls

    "kneal human."
    "Where are you?Show yourself!If you wanna battle, don't use cheap tricks!"
    "I want far from a battle.Human speciman what's your name?"
    "First tell me your-owww!!Headache......"
    "My psychic powers shouldn't hurt that bad.Now tell me your name insolent worm."
    "Ruikii, you have disturbed me enough to be angry but not enough to destroy you.Thank you for being a good speciman but I warn you, leave now or rest with the corpses of your pathetic poke'mon."
    "Shut up I'll take you!Just show yourself!"
    *Mewtwo steps foreward from a shade portal just like Kingdom hearts movie deep dive*
    "Your a...a..."
    "Poke'mon?Yes and i'm not really speaking to you directly, i'm talking to you telepathicly."
    *Ruikii uses his poke'dex*
    "No data on this poke'mon"
    "No data?What?"said ruikii
    "Alas, I am doomed to walk this cave until the ends of time, whilest having the most knoweledge in the world, and yet my knoweledge is but a campfires light in the dim forest called the Earth."

    Chapter Four, Dark Mewtwo VS. Amythest

    Picking up from last chapter....(some people might need to go back and read)

    "I don't need your pity, human."said Mewtwo
    "Fine I've decided then."replied Ruikii
    "Decided what?You will get your annoying mouth out of my kingdom?."
    "No way! And im not that annoying...Anyways I wanna battle you!"
    "Say again? I don't listen to foolishness."
    "Me *points to self* battle *throws a couple of punches* you."*points to Mewtwo*
    "Thats what I thought." *charges a dark energy blast*
    "Go! Amythest!" *releases his Gardevoir*
    *Mewtwo fires the blast and Amythest use psychic.The two blasts cancel each other out and Mewtwo fades out of existance.*
    "Coward! Show yourself!."
    "Very well...sheild breaker!"
    *Mewtwo comes back and is surrounded by dark energy and charges Amythest head on*
    "Amythest! No...Your gonna pay for that! Amythest, get up! Use teleport when he gets close to you!"said ruikii.
    "had enough?"inquired Mewtwo.
    "Enough?This is just getting started! You just see what my Amythest can do! Amythest Psy sheild now! Ram him!"
    *Mewtwo uses his sheild breaker again, and they meet in mid air, ramming each other head on.The energy around them break like glass, and they teleport to the ground in mid air*
    "Amythest, warp beam!"
    *Mewtwo shoots a beam out of his finger and the to beams meet and struggle for power.Eventully, Mewtwo wins the struggle, but Amythest teleports right when it is about to hit*
    "Your Gardevoir is well trained.Perhaps, you are a good trainer."
    "I'll take that as a compliment."

    Chapter 5, Mewtwo's secret attack, Crystalis Cloning
    (I make up my own attacks for people who aren't following all this)

    "Amythest, teleport!"
    *Amythest teleports over to Mewtwo as Mewtwo appears to be meditating in the sky*
    "Psybeam him!"
    *The beam hits but Mewtwo starts melting into what looks like black water which is actually black matter*
    "He was that easy?Well whatever return Amythe-"
    "You really thought I would be beaten that easily?Your judgement dissapoints me.Gahhraghhh!
    *Mewtwo reapears and leans foreward as a cloud comes out of his mouth.The cloud starts taking shape, and eventually, looks like Mewtwo.*
    "This is a Crystalis Clone one of my deadly attacks.It looks like me now, but whomever it fights, is whom his new shape will be, only crystal form and he is not defeated until the one he clopied is defeated."
    *Mewtwo uses the attack again and Ruikii starts looking at his pokemon*
    ("Maybe if...")
    "Go Ruby! Go Saphire! Attack the Crystals!"
    *the Crystalis Clones take shape of the poke'mon sent after them while Mewtwo and Amythest continue their battle.*
    "Switch places Ruby and Saphire!!!"
    *Blaziken is quickly withdrawn for fear of losing to the Crystal Swampert, then Ruikii sends out Emerald and one leaf bade cuts it down to size.Saphire is having a hard time with Crystal Blaziken though, for it is giving a flurry of unavoidable kicks that must be blocked.Emerald quickly notices this and distracts the Crystal Blaziken.This isn't the best plan though, for the Crystalis Clone is now Crystal Sceptile, and giga drains Saphire.Emerald, feeling guilty in part for this, jumps on Crystal Sceptiles back and Solar beams the Crystalis Clone while on at and KO's itself with the Crystal.Ruikii takes his eyes off Mewtwo and Amythest for a moment, and notices his 2 KO'ed poke'mon in horror and remembers what Mewtwo had said:"the Crystalis Clone is not defeated until the one whom he fights is defeated."*
    "Oh no! I forgot! Blazikin has to fight Crystal Blazikin! Where did it go?!?"
    *Ruikii looks at Blazikins poke'ball to send him out when he sees that it is covered in crystal.Ruikii throws the poke'ball and Crystal Blaziken forms and Blazikin turns around and throws a flurry of punches.Crystal Blazikin mimics him perfectly, and the battle eventually ends in a fire punch that makes an explosion that KO's both of them.*
    "well at least I got these max revives..."Ruikii says as he heals his poke'mon.
    "this is just round one and you have had to heal three of your poke'mon while all I have to do is create new ones Ruikii.Face it, your out skilled, out numbered, and out brained."

    Chnapter A 1, Golden days.

    "Oh I remember those days back in the trainers school...I had the highest scores on the test and even got awarded for highest grade on the year end exams on my last year.I was the best, one roar from my lairon and they knew who was boss.But, I never will forget that day...when she came up to me and wanted to battle."
    *goes completly into flash back.*

    "hey ikii!"
    "I challenge you to a one on one poke'mon battle!"
    "Ok I accept!"
    "Go, Natu!"(Ruikii's original psychic poke'mon)
    "Go Ralts!"
    "Woah that poke'mon is rare!"alot of classmates muttered.
    *the battle raged but is not as exciting as the current one so I will give low to no detail.Natu used Psychic, Ralts used hypnosis, Natu woke up and used psychic and won.*
    "You did great.Whats your name?You must be new."
    "My name is Mindy.I was....I was originally rom Johto."
    "Really?Me too!"
    "Wow.Well im moving to Kanto next weak and I uh...kinda had a crush on you... and this Ralts was for you actually."
    "You dont have to.Take it with you to remember me by, and your kinda cute.Wanna register me inn you poke'nav?"
    "I have an idea Mindy, i'll give you my Natu and you give me your Ralts the we will remember eachoth-
    *just then ralts burst from the poke'ball glowing an Amythest color*
    "Oh yeah its name is Amythest beacause it glows like that when is sad or happy."
    "Well bye..don't forget to call."
    *flash back gone*

    "She still hasn't called..."

    Chapter A 2, My first and favorite poke'mon!

    "Losing like this reminds me of my first poke'mon."

    *flash back all the way back to when he was 7 in Johto.*

    "Mom i'm going to go get one of those poke'mon from the professor!"
    "Ok dear good luck."

    "Oh Ruikii there you are.Well their are only two poke'mon left so pick one."
    "Which are left?"
    "Cyndaquil the fire poke'mon and Totodile the water poke'mon."
    "I will take Cydaquil.Oh yeah thanks proffessor!"
    "Anytime Ruikii!"

    Back at Ruikiis house

    "I'm back mom!"
    "Come on in ruinii!"
    "Oh man Ruiniis home..."
    "Oh yeah mom I got the proffessors last poke'mon Totodile!"
    ("Great I will lose for sure to him now...")
    One year passes and in that one year Ruikii loses to Ruinii alot and his Totodile is now a Crocnaw.One day Ruikii decides to go in the woods where he gets caught in a poke'mon stampede.
    "Mom i'm going out."
    "Okay honey be safe."

    "Man oh man me and you need to tain cyndaquil."
    "Cynda cynda."
    "I wish you were stronger...
    "Hey wait attack that Spinda!!!!!!"
    *The baby Cyndaquil is so wimpy that it evolves into Quilava.*
    "wow you evolved!"
    "Quil quil!!!!Qulava!!Quila!"

    "Wow I really do miss him..."

    Chapter A 3, My First and Favorite Poke'mon part 2!

    "Alright Quilava let's find something to train on..."
    *A swarm of Beedrills come by rushing away from something.*
    "That's a good sign! Flamethrower now Quilava!"
    *Quilava has magnificent aim and gets all of them but 4 in the front.*
    "Alright buddy! Your just getting better!"
    *Suddenly, Ruikii hears alot of stomping and looks behing him.A heard of Tauros, Miltanks, and other forest Poke'mon are in a stampede running away from and angry Tyranitar and we all know how nasty those things can be.*
    "Return Quilava!"
    *Ruikii runs as fast as his 8 year old legs can carry him but gets boweled over by a fat Miltank and is knocked against a tree.The bump is so hard that Quilava is released from his poke'ball and he burns a hole into the tree and pushed Ruikii into and lights a little fire to keep him warm.Five hours pass and Ruikii is still out cold but Quilava stays by him every moment.When Ruikii finally wakes up he finds his Quilava asleep next to him.*
    "Poor guy.He must have....Hey where am I??Quilava wake up! Where are we?lead the way lil' buddy."
    *Quilaval eads Ruikii out of the strange part of the forest that he got into.The Miltank had knocked him 27 feet away from where he was standing right next to a hollow tree that was away from the outskirts of the forest.He was in the middle of it when he came to.When he got home he challenged his brother to a Poke'mon battle.Quilava evolved into Typlhosion when the match had started and used fire blast and OHKO'ed Crocnaw.*

    other chpaters on their way later

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