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    Default Living In Shadows (PG-14)

    So, I've decided to enter the realm of Pokemon fan-fiction with a story of my own. I've rated it PG-14 because the main characters are in their late teens, so swearing and sexual content will be present - though nothing heavy - and there will also be a few scenes of violence, but likely nothing more than a bloody nose/lip in terms of gore. So, without further ado, I present to you: Living In Shadows.

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    ================================================== ========

    Chapter 1: Sowing the Seeds

    “Oi, Rodrigo! We’ve still got some jobs left; get up off your arse!” A voice bellowed, disturbing the serene atmosphere of the late evening. The boy being called was perched on a sizeable rock, his hazel eyes fixated on the sun setting over the fields. His name was Rodrigo Campos, and though he was seventeen years of age, he spent his days working a farm with his best friend, Gilbert Underwood. Gilbert was nineteen, and was starting to grow tired of the farmhand lifestyle, yearning for something more.
    There was a period of silence before a tall figure sat down next to Rodrigo, slightly hunched over as he, too, looked out over the horizon.

    “What’s on your mind, man?” Gilbert asked, keeping his gaze towards the sun. He had seen Rodrigo like this many times before; blank stare, solemn expression, hands together and incredibly still. He knew exactly what the problem was, but had always thought it best for Rodrigo to talk to him, rather than be left alone.

    “I just wish they were still here”, Rodrigo uttered softly, shifting his gaze towards the ground, before looking over to see Gilbert’s green eyes looking back at him sympathetically, half-covered by the dark brown mess that was his hair, “It was eight years ago today that they died, eight years.”

    Gilbert mustered a reassuring smile, it was hard for him to empathise with someone losing their parents, but he knew Rodrigo was only upset for one day of the year – September 4th, the day of the car collision. Rodrigo had lived with Gilbert and his family since then, so the two had developed a strong friendship, especially since Rodrigo’s older brother lived away from home. Despite this, though, he had never been good at the reassuring conversations when Rodrigo was down.

    “I know it’s hard, man, but you’ll be alright, you always are,” Gilbert said in a comforting manner, ruffling Rodrigo’s spiked, black hair, “Come on, you go and get some sleep, and I’ll finish off the last few jobs.”

    Rodrigo smiled faintly, he knew Gilbert was trying his best, and he appreciated it, but things had never been easy for him, so he had become accustomed to accepting difficulties and storing them inside him, where he’d never have to let anyone see. Rising from the rock, Rodrigo placed his hand on Gilbert’s shoulder to show his appreciation, before silently making his way back to their home, only looking back when he heard Gilbert’s exasperated cries and cusses from a Miltank using Stomp on his foot.

    As Rodrigo came down for breakfast the following morning, he saw that Gilbert was lacing his shoes, rather than putting on his work boots.
    “Are you going out somewhere?” He asked, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

    “Yeah, just into Garrison Wharf to get a few things,” Gilbert replied, before finishing his laces and jumping upright, “You want to come?”

    “Sure, I’ll just throw on some clothes and grab some toast,” he answered, turning back upstairs and into his room. He pulled on a new pair of jeans from the cupboard, as well as a black tee and his favourite green jacket, before pausing in front of the mirror to apply some wax to his hair. “Perfect,” he muttered, checking out his reflection. He was in a better mood than yesterday, which was made better still by the toasted cheese sandwich that awaited him downstairs.

    Garrison Wharf was just a short walk from the farm, and the town itself was situated on the west bank of a very large bay. It housed a large warehouse district as storage for supplies bound for the nearby Callerstrand City, as well as being the location of the headquarters for Marshall Hotels – a chain of hotels located in Callerstrand City, owned and founded by Dennis Marshall. All of this was located on the east side of town next to the docks, to provide quick unloading for ships, while the west side of town included housing and shops for the local population. To the south, there was a road leading to a lighthouse based on a rocky cape, though a dense forest prevented the road from going any farther south. Out north was a road leading through another forest towards Callerstrand City, with a tall mountain range visible over the treetops.

    “Okay then, all we need to get is some bread, toilet paper and the latest issue of the Cerulean Sisters’ magazine” Gilbert recited, while reading from the list his mother gave him, “I’ll tell you what, I would give it to Daisy. Hard.”

    “Suit yourself,” Rodrigo scoffed, “I would take Lily over Daisy any day!”

    “No way, man, Daisy’s a blonde, she wins hands down!” Gilbert retorted.

    “It’s not all about the hair you know,” fired Rodrigo, “Lily has a cuter face, and her figure is more appealing if you ask me.” The debate raged on as the boys walked down the street and into the shop, getting more intense as soon as they had the magazine in hand to compare pictures once they had left the store.

    “Look, Daisy has this long, flowing hair compared to Lily’s shorter cut,” Gilbert argued, sliding his finger down the page, “not to mention she’s got bigger boobs! Case closed.” He shut the magazine and stowed it in his bag with the other items, before anybody could see two guys reading a girly magazine in the middle of the street.

    “It’s not just appearance though, Lily seems a lot nicer and funnier from her interviews,” Rodrigo said dreamily, though his thoughts were interrupted by a police car speeding by towards the warehouse district, sirens wailing. “I wonder what’s going on,” He pondered, glancing down the street after the car, “Nothing ever happens around here, so it can’t be anything seri-” He stopped abruptly. In the sky, he saw a Salamence gliding into the warehouse district, which could only mean one thing.

    “Okay, I guess this means it’s serious,” said Gilbert, as he turned to Rodrigo, “Do you want to go check it out? It could be interesting, and anyway, it’s been a little over a year, it will be good for you to see him.”

    “Yeah, I guess it would be,” Rodrigo mumbled, lost in thought about what he was going to say upon arriving. With that, the boys started running towards the east side of town, weaving through pedestrians and the wild Snubbull and Meowth that lived on the streets. Only being a small town, it didn’t take long for them to reach the edge of the warehouse district, where they found a small congregation of police officers outside the headquarters of Marshall Hotels. As the boys stood there and surveyed the scene, a familiar figure with messy, black hair spotted them and walked briskly towards them.

    “Hey little brother, you’re looking well!” the man said warmly, embracing Rodrigo, “You’ve done a good job looking after him Gilbert!” He continued, shaking Gilbert’s hand. The man was Rodrigo’s older brother, Fernando, and at twenty-six, there was a reasonable age gap between them. It wasn’t very often that they saw each other, however, as Fernando was the champion of the Ghaicia region, meaning he had to spend a lot of time in other places, representing the Ghaicia region, attending public events, holding meetings and investigating situations such as the one that was currently unfolding. “What brings you guys here then?” He questioned, looking from Rodrigo to Gilbert.

    “Well, we were just in town buying a few things,” Gilbert explained, “when we saw a police car and your Salamence, so we wanted to come check it out.” Fernando turned to face the tall building that was Marshall Hotels’ headquarters, raising his right arm to point in its general direction.

    “Just behind the offices for MH, there are a couple of warehouses that belong specifically to them,” Fernando began, “and it seems that two of them were broken into as well as some of the offices.” He looked back at the boys with a puzzled expression, “The only problem is that there is little to no evidence, other than what’s missing. It was a clean job. They knew exactly what they were doing.” He folded his hands behind his head, clearly trying to piece things together in his mind.

    “Well, are there no suspects? Perhaps it was an inside job?” Rodrigo suggested, only for Fernando to shake his head quite certainly.

    “Alyssa has quite firm background checks on her employees, seeing as they’re dealing with all kinds of customers,” He answered, before raising his finger, “She does seem to think, however, that Hanson Resorts may have had a hand in this, seeing as they’re stiff competition for tourists.”

    “So what are you waiting for? Go check ‘em out!” Gilbert exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. A troubled frown became present on Fernando’s face, as he shook his head once again.

    “It’s not that simple Gilbert,” He explained, “There’s a distinct lack of evidence to suggest that they were involved, it’s only Alyssa’s hunch, and they’re rival companies anyway, so of course she’s going to think that. Without any evidence, we can’t point a finger at them or gain a warrant to search their property, even if it’s the best lead we have.” Fernando looked to the sky in frustration for a few moments, before looking back at the boys, his grey eyes focusing as he processed an idea. “Although...there’s nothing to stop me planting some unofficial observers,” He looked back and forth between the two boys, “What do you say?” The boys looked stunned, not totally sure how to react to such an offer.

    “Well, what would we need to do, exactly?” Rodrigo finally asked, also voicing Gilbert’s thoughts in doing so.

    “It’s quite simple really, you just need to be quiet about it is all,” Fernando said quietly, checking that nobody was listening in, “I just need you to go over there and have a look around, see if you notice anything suspicious or not quite right, though if you find the missing documents and supplies, that’s even better!” He looked over his shoulder before continuing, “I’ll let Alyssa know, so that she knows something is being done, rather than taking things into her own hands, but you can’t tell anybody else! If anything goes wrong, I can’t bail you out; you need to be extra careful. I’ll set you up with some Pokémon for protection.” The last sentence had the boys hooked. For years they had wanted to leave the farm and set off with some Pokémon, exploring the land and becoming great trainers. Rodrigo in particular had always wanted to achieve greatness. With his brother being the champion, people had always compared him to Fernando, making him feel like he was trapped in his shadow. He longed to surpass his brother and become an individual, rather than just “Fernando’s brother”.

    “We’ll do it!” Gilbert exclaimed, before lowering his tone, realising he was meant to be quiet, “When do we start?” Fernando placed his hands on the boys’ shoulders, smiling thankfully at them.

    “I knew I could count on you both,” He said, releasing his grip on the boys, “I’ll go and inform Alyssa, take you both home to pack and drop off your shopping, then we’ll go to Labranch Town to see Professor Willow about your Pokémon.”

    “What about my mum? How do you know she’ll be okay with this?” Gilbert asked, clearly worried he might not realise his dream.

    “You’re both old enough to be travelling now,” Fernando replied, “And if it’s not having enough farmhands that she’s worried about, I’m sure I can find a couple of guys who’d gladly help her out. Now wait here while I go speak to Alyssa.” With that, he turned and walked into the tall office block where the Marshall Hotels offices were situated, leaving the two boys to speculate about their new adventure with great anticipation and excitement.

    ================================================== ========

    Well, there was chapter one, and I'm hoping you enjoyed it! Obviously, criticism is welcome and expected, as long it's constructive and helpful, not just mindless bashing. I'm on my last two weeks before university at the moment, so I have the time to get this started properly before it may have to slow down a little.
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