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    Talking The PokeSpecial/Adventures Club

    ~The Pokemon Special/Adventures Club!~

    ~Club Info~
    Hey all out there! Welcome to the PokeSpecial/Advnetures Club! This club is designed for all fans of the PokeSpecial/Adventures manga, a series that is based on the main pokemon games like pokemon Red, Blue, and Green and is full of action, drama and of coarse, Pokemon! You can basically chat about anything about the series here. Whether it be favorite characters, arcs, volumes, funny moments, best moments, favorite thing about the series: Anything PokeSpecial/Advnetures related is allowed. This is the ultimate hang out for all fans of the PokeSpecial/Advnetures manga.

    This is my second club, and couldnt resist starting this one since i just LOVE the PokeSpecial manga. My other club isnt really big, so i figured this one wouldnt be too hard to handle.
    However, there are rules to this club, and you must follow them accordingly.

    ~Club Rules~

    ~All SPPf rules apply here~
    ~Any member inactive for a month will removed from the members list. But you can rejoin after a week. (Only if you plan to be active!)~
    ~There will be no character bashing of any kind. You are allowed to express your opinions about a character or a certain arc, ect. But be civil about it. Nothing like- "WHAT YOUR DUMB THAT CHARACTER SUCKS!". Stuff like that is not acceptable.~
    ~Flamming or Spamming will NOT be tolerated.~
    ~If you are having problems with something, whether it be a certain member, or anything that causes a concern, please contact me, @MiGo.(Prefferably by PM).~
    ~Try to avoid short posts like "I like this manga." or one sentence stuff. Be a little more elaborate in posts.~
    ~Have fun! ~

    Joining this club is easy. Simply fill out this small sign up form correctly, and you will be accepted. You could also add other stuff in your post saying hi, or whatever, just make sure the form is complete.
    Why are joining?:
    Who's your favorite character:

    Yeah, that pretty much all there is on joining.

    ~Activities, and helping out the club~

    I plan to have trivia contests for the club, and other sorts of activites and games as well.
    If you are a digital artist, or can make userbars, banners, ect. or want to help co-own or manage this club with me, feel free to ask. It would be cool to have an artist to make userbars and stuff and people to help out if the club gets crowded. So dont be shy, and ask me if you wanna help out!

    ~Members List~

    -Darkness Master
    -Crimson Darkness
    -~Sky High~
    -Espeon 114x
    -Kawaii Lurve
    -Platinum fan.

    ~Special Members~
    Artist -kyogreblue3
    Trivia Champion -DexHolderBlue

    ~For your signatures~
        Spoiler:- ~For your signature~:

    Be sure to credit kyogreblue3 if you put one of these amazing userbars in your siggy. If you put the bottom one in your sig, credit Crimson Darkness.

    ~Fan Art~
    The new Fan Art section! You can submit any kind of fan art relating to PokeSpe here, be it Sprites, Drawings, skeches, anything! If you want submit one of your PokeSpe art pieces, then either give me the URL of the image and i will put it under spoiler, or give me the direct link to where your art is featured. You cannot give me the URLS or links to any piece of art that is not your own. You can only do this if you have direct permission from the original artist, and you fully credit them.
    Now to start the new section, i myself am going to submit one of my pieces of art~

        Spoiler:- ~Fan Art~:

    ~The RP Group~
    Crimson Darkness- Red/Kris
    Zerozoner- Green
    DHB- Blue/Silver
    Randomness- Yellow
    Mon- Gold
    @MiGo- Ruby/Diamond
    Kawaii-Lurve- Sapphire
    Pearlmasterking- Platina/Pearl
    Lolipiece- Black/Emerald
    Buchou- White
    This RP was approved by Sweet May

    Alrighty, thats pretty much it for the club. Any PokeSpecial/Adventures related topic is allowed! Here are some some sample ones, but please feel free to make your own too!
    What is your favorite arc in the series?

    Who's your favorite character?

    How do you like the BW Special/Adentures so far?

    Whats one of your favorite moment in the series?

    How do you like the DPPt trio?

    Favorite supporting character?
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    -Credit goes to Extroph for this awesome siggy!


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