Sure, I'll join this. :3

Name: MechaDrago
Why are joining?: PokeSpe is my favourite thing oh my god.
Who's your favorite character: Gold. But I like Red too.

What is your favorite arc in the series?
The first R/B/G arc, it's not the best but it's definitely my favourite.

Who's your favorite character?
Gold. Or Red.

How do you like the BW Special/Adentures so far?
Honestly I haven't read more than the first chapter yet, but it looks pretty cool.

Whats one of your favorite moment in the series?
Saffron City in the Original arc, oh man. Plus, Yellow and Blaine's whole quiz thing.

How do you like the DPPt trio?
I couldn't really get into DPPt, so I'm not sure.

Favorite supporting character?
Bill. he's adorable. Plus, Professor Oak is really cool in PokeSpe.