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    Trivia time! The rules for this trivia contest are
    1. You cant look online for the answers. This includes Serebii. Net itself! That would be cheating and less fun
    2. No copying answers. This means no editing posts if you see someone else's answers and think there's is right.
    3. Post your answers here. You must answer all the questions if you choose to participate. Ill post the results once everyone has submitted their answers.
    Here's the trivia~
    1. Who were Green’s original Pokemon in the R/B/G arc? (Name them all)
    2. How many official Dex Holders are there currently? (Excluding the BW saga)
    3. How did Gold get his PokeDex?
    4. In what volume of Adventures were the elite four first shown?
    5. Which character is considered an official Dex Holder, yet they do not have their own PokeDex.
    6. In what volume did PokeSpe change artists, and who were the names of the 2 artists?
    7. Which 5 Dex Holders were turned to stone in the FR/LG arc.
    8. In what year was the first PokeSpe book released in America?
    9. Name each Dex holder who gives nicknames to their pokemon.
    10. How old are all the Dex Holders at the end of the Emerald arc?

    Remember, not looking online for the answers! Not even serebii itself!
    Have fun~
    (Oh, and thx for the info ~Sky High~ )
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