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Hey, if you've got Microsoft Paint or somethin' similar and time to browse the net for pictures, no reason you can't do it. I'm currently tryin' to think of ways to do demotivational posters for all the Mane 6, but so many have been done already, its a bit tought coming up with somethin' original. PM me if you've got any ideas you wanna see done.

Edit: Hey, guys, I don't know if you're into this sort of thing, but I just found a brony's dream come true. There's a pony designer on a site I'll give ya in just a sec. It lets you completely customize (I swear, the creator leaves nothing to be desired, except perhaps a changeling style and cutie marks), you own pony from the mane, tail, eyes, head shape, pose and the color of all this stuff. Check it out, it's awesome! http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art...sion-254295904

Here's two ponies I've made with it. The first is an OC, the second is a ponyzation of me.
The OC- Aurora Streak 2.0.jpg

Wait, somebody please comment so I can post my other image.
I was never good with that kind of stuff, sadly. My brother is better at handling technology than me.

And I've used General Zoi's pony creator a few times when I was bored. It's fun to play around with the designs and colors. :P
You make a sweet alicorn, btw.