^ I just don't like what rap has become. It's all about money and nothing more. I find it ridiculous that you gotta go to old school or underground to find good stuff. If you know what "flow" is then you would understand what I'm saying. You gotta have flow to be considered a good rapper. Most radio can't flow now. Wiz Khalifa is mainstream but he doesn't "suck". I wouldn't say he's that good either but he can "flow". This Plane is a good example of flow. Or Hero "freestyle". Rakim has the best flow I've ever heard. Fat Joe has good flow cos he can switch it around, Biggie is another example of a good flow rapper, Bun B, Nas, Ice Cube, Tupac, Eminem, etc have great flow as well. Without flow it's not rap. Just because you can rhyme in a song doesn't mean it's good. You don't gotta rhyme for it to be a song. I've heard lots of good rappers make songs where they didn't rhyme really at all. Rhyming just shows the skill you possess. I'm not talking about rhymes like dog, hog, fog, fall, call, ball, flow, blow, dro, oh, etc. I'm talking about 2 or more syllabul words like. Remember, dismember, December, century, penitentiary, cemetery, miracle, spiritual, lyrical, etc. Flow is what makes it sound good and mainstream don't have that.